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Beth helped me overcome overwhelm.     Beth makes getting dressed every day fun and easy! She has an easy formula that even I can follow. I love her style and her ability it to adapt it for all ages and body types. I also really appreciate her links for accessories and clothing. She does all of the work of culling through the overwhelming number of websites to find the very best clothing/ accessory choices at reasonable prices. Finally…I can just click and shop! AND so can my husband. For once, his gifts are right on the mark!!.

April H. 


Beth created chic from chaos for my city-to-safari adventure.

I had 2 weeks to prepare for a last-minute invitation on a 12-day Cape Town-to-safari-to-Amsterdam trip. I had a jumble of functional items that would see me through different seasons, time zones, temperatures, and vibes…but I was already bored with my wardrobe and I hadn’t even left home! So, I asked Beth from B.Styled if she could just help me add a pop of color.


In under two hours, she gave me a lot more than color. Beth transformed my choices (and me!). It might have been the martini, but... She saw outfits and combinations that I never would. She added fashion to my function. I’m amazed that I can use the same foundational pieces for my city wear and the safari…and, with different accessories, shoes, and layers I’ll be chic in the cities and blend in in the bush. Now I’m packed in a carry-on with half the heft and twice the trend. 

Julie M.


Love the way you look when you #justgetdressed.

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