Look good, feel good & thrive.

Style simplified… so you can #justgetdressed and get on with your day.

Hi, I’m Beth.

I’m the (non-judgemental) girlfriend who gets in your head and helps you find, maintain, and enhance your personal style. 

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Create modern, pulled-together looks each day using the clothes in your closet.

The seasonal Style System Planner hands you simple styling tools –  like specific closet check lists, daily outfit templates, and personal styling advice – so you can #justgetdressed for the life you live…from work to home, to play.

What the Style System Planner Can Do For You

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More B.Styled Products & Services

Closet Edit Bootcamp

My proven 3-step system to get your closet edited and organized and transformed it into your own personal style boutique. Plus the daily habit that will keep it that way. 

Men’s Fall/Winter Wardrobe Plan

Now he can #justgetdressed with ease too.  Build polished, modern, mix & match business-casual and casual wardrobe starting with what he owns. Includes packing guide and 28 done-for-you outfits created from the planner checklist. Download the guide immediately upon purchase!

Peach: Gym. Work. Play.

Shop the Peach collection of elevated athleisure and wardrobe-essentials.  Peach is a local, Massachusetts-based, female-led company with ethically source and produced products that are comfortable, on-trend and versatile.


From skin-care to make-up, clean and effective products you can feel confident using. Message me at beth@bstyledbybeth.com for color-matching and individual recommendations. Because beauty should be safe. 



Stella & Dot Accessories

It’s not enough to have a beautiful product if you can’t be proud of where it came from or what it’s made of. Stella & Dot use only quality, ethically made materials and the designs are effortlessly chic and always on trend. A perfect gift source too with gorgeous packing and presentation.

FlirtyFinds by Jamie Marks

Jamie is my best friends and founder of FlirtyFinds. Shop the FlirtyFinds collection of fun, affordable and always on-trend jewelry, bags and accessories. New products featured all the time, shipping is free, and products arrive beautifully packaged for easy gift-giving.

About Beth Roy & B.Styled

YEARS and years (and years) ago, when I left my corporate job to be an at-home mom, I found myself with zero personal style and low self-confidence. I was tired of eating the crusts off my boys’ plates and wearing black bootcut yoga pants and Dansko’s every.single.day.


To get out of the house, I made a hobby of taking my girlfriends to the local TJMaxx and helping them clear through the clutter (that is TJX;) and creating outfits for them. It was a fun diversion and I found I was really good at it. This was the start of B.Styled, and I had found my passion (and something worthwhile to do during those blessed babysitter times).


I learned there were simple but powerful steps and tips that helped women go from feeling frumpy and lousy- to getting dressed (easily) every day — and using that habit to find a lost sense of confidence.

I studied, I researched and I worked with hundreds of women. I started putting systems and templates together so I could share this magic with women, no matter where they lived. My goal is not to be a blogger or influencer (though I do admire and follow many of them). Instead, my passion is helping women use personal style as a tool and showing them how to use those tools to improve their life.

So I compiled everything I found worked well for my 1:1 clients and put them together to create the Style System Planner – a seasonal system to make it easy (and fun) – and affordable – to #justgetdresseed.

And to make it an even easier no-brainer, I included my done-for-you daily outfit templates so that anyone can get dressed in modern, comfortable, and great-looking outfits in minutes…using what they own along with targeted, smart shopping suggestions.

Because personal style is not “effortless”, but it sure is nice when it looks like it is.

I have LOVED the specific suggestions on everyone’s outfits! It’s so helpful to know why something doesn’t work or how it can be improved. I feel like we’ve had our own personal stylist who is not just there to affirm us but to really help us look our best!

K.S., Alabama

Are you considering signing up for one of Beth’s programs such as the Style System? Short answer: do it. Longer answer: I discovered Beth when I was doom scrolling on Instagram just after New Years’ this year. I needed a mid-winter pick me up–especially this year. Bleh. What struck me was the before and after photos: women over 40 who looked transformed not by make-up or weight loss or haute couture but by choosing stylish, flattering clothes and combining them with a good eye. Beth has a good eye and she helps you develop one, too. She and the group of women she gathers are kind and supportive (and funny) but honest. She’ll tell you that you really do look good in purple and that, no, you really don’t need another pair of suede booties– if it’s true. She makes specific shopping suggestions and offers special discount codes. And here’s the most profound thing she offers: a change in attitude. When you become part of Beth’s wonderful community you will WANT to get dressed to do errands or just to hang around the house because, as she’ll show you, this simple and intentional act is mind-blowing and life-changing.​

S.K. Massachussetts

It sounds like hyperbole, but I truly credit Beth with transforming my entire look. I was at a complete loss for how to dress, was in a total rut and had no sense of confidence when I got dressed. I’ve been working with Beth for years now…before she even started this business and she has helped me so much. She finds me the best stuff at great prices that I would never have the time or inclination to find. My new look has greatly improved both my professional life and my personal life…and my overall sense of confidence and happiness.

S.B., Massachusetts