Tipsy Tuesday: How to #justgetdressed when it’s HOT


Gray T-shirt Dress (many color options: (see below for pic)

Gold Choker:

Go-to Sandals:

Turq bracelet/necklace:

Embroidered Top:

All my shopping in picks:

Peach Site-Wide 20% Off including sale items. ...only happens 2x year...Black Ponte Blazer from Essentials Collection shown below:

Look and Feel COOL this SUMMER and #justgetdressed

While summer generally calls for a more relaxed, laid-back approach to dressing,  that doesn't mean you don't need to #justgetdressed;)  And you definitely don't have to sacrifice style. 

To help, I'm rolling out the Summer Style System at a discounted, very affordable rate.  The reason it is about half the price of my Seasonal Style Systems is because it uses the SPRING Style System capsule and adapts it for summer. 

*NOTE:  If you were a member of the Spring 2019 Style System, you should have received an email from me with instructions for accessing the Summer program at a discounted rate.  If you didn't receive that email, drop me a note and I'll get you the special link.

It's no  coincidence that I am launching this Challenge and Style System at the same time that the Nordstrom Sale and all the associated hysteria and hype hits.

It's quite tempting to sit around in our summer equivalent of pj's or yoga pants and shop all the so called "MUST HAVE" Fall items.  And yes, I did place a healthy order so I'm not immune. If you'd like to see a curated catalog of my #NSale picks, click here

HOWEVER, I  encourage us all to live in the present (i.e. SUMMER --- the season many of us love most) and actually get dressed each day (or most;)  using the spring and summer clothes we already own.

To make it easy to #justgetdressed this summer - and look  (and feel) cool in the process -  I invite you to join the B.Styled Summer 2019 Style System where you will get a daily email for 21 days with an outfit formula that you can make work with what you own, where you live, and what you do.  Click here to learn more or just go HERE to sign up!

I hope you'll join us!

Thanks for reading and for your support of my means more to me than you know.

Now, get back to the weekend!  

Cheers, Beth 


Tipsy Tuesday: Jewelry Essentials

Just like I talk about the importance of your 10 Wardrobe Essentials, I also think there are basic jewelry essentials that you need to have at the ready, all year 'round.  

I also recommend having your jewelry (especially the Essentials) hanging in or near your closet, so you can grab it every day with ease.  It doesn't have to be an elaborate or expensive set-up either.  I bought these S hooks  for pennies and hang my necklaces on a rod in my closet similar to the picture below.  The easier it is to grab and put on, the more likely you'll do it and follow my "necklace-every day" rule;)   

Now go #justgetdressed.  xo, Beth

The Problem with Most Men’s Wardrobes

This morning dilemma is not limited to just us women: 

He wakes up and needs to get ready for work.  He  jumps in the shower, then heads to the bedroom and opens the closet.

It’s full of clothes. There are  wire, wooden and plastic hangers tangled together. Shirts are mixed in-between jackets. Pants are folded on shelves, hung on hanger and/or strewn on the floor.

He grabs the same shirt and pants as every other day, looks "meh", and is out the door feeling less than inspired by his appearance.

“You  need new clothes.” you tell him -  or he tells himself. 

He heads to the mall. Maybe you go with him.

It's annoying.  You argue and are on each other's nerves. He decides on a couple of shirts so he can get out of there.

The next day, he wakes up to the same cramped closet of clothes he hates.

It's deja vu  all over again.  

Two things are at work here: 

  1. There’s a good reason why we can stare at a closet full of clothes and not find anything to wear. It’s called the paradox of choice. That is, the more options we have, the less likely we are to make a choice. You know how when you go to a  restaurant with a huge menu and it took you forever to decide what to eat? That’s the paradox of choice working against you.
  2. Shopping for clothes out of frustration is a huge mistake. I talk about it all the time and refer to it as  “Panic Mode Shopping”. When you shop out of frustration, you’re going to make some poor choices. When you’re starving and have nothing to eat at home, what do you do? Are you heading over to Whole Foods and buying some salmon or lean chicken breasts and kale? No, chances are you're grabbing fast food junk. And a pint of Ben and Jerry's please.

So if he's heading out and just buying more bad clothes, he's making the Paradox of Choice problem even worse. 


When I work with my 1-on-1 clients, the first thing I  do is help them purge their closets in order to rebuild it.

It’s like a nutritionist going through your fridge and pantry and tossing out all the junk food.

We want to make room for the RIGHT stuff. And just like proper nutrition, there are certain guidelines to a great wardrobe: 

  • Versatility Pieces will need to do double or triple duty. We can’t have many of those one-hit-wonders in a functional wardrobe.
  • Solid, neutral colors  I've talked about this often.  The foundation of an amazing wardrobe is the basic ESSENTIALS. This is the case with a man's wardrobe too.  Think solid neutral colors like black, navy, white, and khaki. No graphics, no logos, limit the  crazy patterns. 
  • Appropriateness His wardrobe needs to be appropriate for his lifestyle. He can't decide to only wear jeans and  t-shirts if his job requires a blazer.
  • Quality When you're building a functional wardrobe, it pays to invest more in higher quality clothes, especially items that you’ll be wearing back-to-back like jackets and shoes.

Depending on his lifestyle and needs,  his wardrobe might lean more casual or more formal. Whatever the case, my Men's Spring/Summer Business Casual Style System will help him have a closet that’s 10x more stylish with 10x fewer clothes.   

Best of all,  it will help him #justgetdressed and out the door feeling much more confident and polished - and we all know the ripple effect that has on the rest of his life, and even his career.

So treat the guy in your life with this easy-to-follow guide, and know that I'm here to help him (and you) find specific things as well. 

For example, a member wrote to me asking for a good weekender bag for her son who travels a lot and needs something a bit more polished now than his old college duffle bag.  I added suggestions to the program's clickable catalog so that all members can benefit from the question.

When you order the program for your guy,  you'll receive a link and password to the entire program immediately.  You'll also get a printable PDF you can give him as an affordable, clever, unique and thoughtful gift.  

This will be much more fun  - and less expensive - than that annoying, directionless trip the mall.  

Any questions? Drop me a note!



Summer Prep Challenge: Week Three – Skincare!

This week, the topic of our Summer Prep Challenge is SKIN!

The name of the game for summer skin is hydration, moisturizing and sun protection. 

 Chances are these are things you are already doing, so let's just make an effort to be more consistent and intentional about these healthy skin habits, ok?

1.  Drink your water!  This first habit we started  with a few weeks ago is so important for your skin too, so keep it - down the hatch!

2.  Exfoliate! Exfoliation is the removal of dry/dead skin cells on the surface of the skin and is one of the most important aspects of your  skincare routine. Exfoliation not only helps many skin problems, it also increases blood circulation, which in turn helps you to achieve healthy and glowing skin. 

I use this body wash and this exfoliating wash cloth that I love (it's inexpensive, washable and makes it easy to reach your back and shoulders.) For a budget body wash, this Oil of Olay Age Defying Body Wash comes highly recommended too. 

3. Moisturize!  I learned about this moisturizer with 12% Glycolic AHA from Angie at Hot & Flashy (my favorite over 50 YouTuber) when researching what to use to help with crepy skin, especially on my legs.  I use it all over my body now and find it is really helping.  The key is to apply it right after you get out of the shower to lock in the moisture.  During the summer  months when I'm showing more skin, I mix in a few drops of this oil for added moisture and a healthy glow.   

4.  I think we've all (hopefully) gotten really vigilant about using a quality sunscreen on our faces (I use this sunscreen under this  SPF make-up, and carry this stick with me everywhere.  I also occasionally touch up with this powder suncreen).

I confess though, in the past I have been less diligent about protecting my skin on my body.  I have fairly dark skin that doesn't burn easily but that is no excuse for being lazy or negligent with regard to sun protection.

I just ordered this tinted sunscreen:  the innovative formulations match a wider range of skin tones—and also help camouflage imperfections and even skin tone.  Formulated with non-nano zinc oxide, these mists sit on top of the skin and bounce the sun’s rays away from the skin. (Plus, they’re air-powered—no aerosol!)

So as summer approaches,  along with the showing of more skin....let's work to protect and take better care of the skin we're in!  

And #justgetdressed!



Tipsy Tuesday: Mixing Your Metals

Break the rules, mix the metals and have fun when you #justgetdressed;)

This week's Tipsy Tuesday will show you how!


Riad 3 for 1 necklace; $79
Essential Fringe: $59
Engraved Disk Necklace $69
Amour Long Charm Pendant:
Lariat Necklace in Hematite: $99
Hoop earrings: $39
Stackable Rings: $39

Amazon T-Shirt Dress: $23.80

Summer Picks from Peach!

The Peach Summer '19 Collection has dropped, and boy is it a goodie!

"Blue Crush" features shades of blue and white (my personal fav summer combo) and both classic and on-trend styles, you'll want to check it out.  

Keep in mind that  Peach creates seasonal collections, and while the Essentials are available year 'round, the seasonal collections tend to sell out quickly...especially particularly hot items.  

It's always hard to tell for sure what the hottest items will be, but my personal picks and pictures of each are below:

1. All 3 dresses:  Isla (my fav), Loreto (gorgeous v-neck and  figure-flattering styling), as well as a beautiful  navy maxi dress. 

2. Chic Layers in Navy or WhiteCoastal Cardigan and Rosa Pullover. I wore the pullover to the gym Friday and the ladies were swooning over the fabric and its simple, chic and versatile styling.  I'll be living in Rosa...

3. Summer Cropped Joggers:  "Sweatpants" that are so chic, on-trend and cool - in fabric you won't want to take off your body.  And I did the see-thru test in my white pair and there was NO sign of anything showing through. In the white, I'll still always wear these undies just to be safe.  In fact I wear these (or the hipster version) anytime I wear white. #bettersafethansorry.

4. Mayra Mock-Neck Tank: This is such a sharp look for work, but looks just as great with the skort and joggers.  I saw a Peach home office employee wearing it in navy with the white Santiago culottes and nude wedge sandals...and WOW.  Such a crisp, fabulous look.  Add a blazer, jean jacket or the Coastal Cardigan for a layered look.  And don't forget a long pendant necklace😉   

Below are pictures of my favorite picks:   Message me for help with sizing, personal recommendations and any questions!  

Click here to shop the collection!  

Isla Dress in Blue!

Loreto and Isla Dresses, Coastal Cardigan

Reya Cropped Joggers, Mayra Mock Neck Tank (very Hepburn-esque, and versatile - work/play) and the Cruz tank from the Spring Collection

Cabo Skort and Rosa Pullover (both available in navy too).

Cheers!  xo, Beth

The Third Piece: Warm Weather Edition

This week's Tipsy Tuesday is the easiest way to use the Rule of Three or Power of the Third Piece - in warm weather.  


Black Tee:

Camo Pants (similar):

Necklaces: fringe statementLong PendantDelicate Short

Hoop Earrings:

Amazon Earrings:

Blue "Isla" Dress:

Cream Kimono:

Blue Sandals:

Thanks for watching and reading, and now go #justgetdressed.

Cheers! Beth

Summer Prep Challenge: Week Two – Nutrition

Welcome to week TWO of the 6 Week Summer Prep Challenge!

Each week we will build upon and add to the habits we started the prior week.  

Last week we started moving our bodies and working our arm muscles 3-4 times per week.   Click here for recap of the Week One Challenge.

How have you been doing with those habits?  

There was a great discussion about exercise over in my free private #justgetdressed Facebook group.  I encourage you to go check out this thread and feel to chime in, get support, find kindred spirits, and share experiences. 

This week we're focusing on NUTRITION and fueling our bodies in a way that supports our health and beauty goals.  

As I've said before, we are NOT talking about crash diets, or really any diets at all. 

Instead, the goal is to implement THREE simple (not easy, but simple) daily habits that are sustainable and reasonable, and that when done consistently, will lead to a healthier (and more beautiful) lifestyle.    

Are you in??  

You: "Yes Beth, I'm totally in." 

  1. Pay Attention to Portions:  Learn portion sizes. It's shocking what is often served vs. what a reasonable portion really is. 
  2. Mindful Eating: Don't do other things while eating, and no willy nilly snacking. (This is a biggee for me, and I'm committed to working on it, every day, all day.)
  3. Maintain healthy eating habits on the Weekends:  Don't go off the rails on weekends or vacations. (Another doozy for me.  I'm not saying to not have fun - God knows I would never say that - but weekends and holidays can wreak havoc on our otherwise healthy habits, so plan ahead -  and remember, everything in moderation;)

Later this week (hopefully Friday at 1:30pm EST),  I'll be going LIVE on Facebook with close friend, new neighbor, and nutrition coach to the stars;) - Robin Curley!  Make sure you like the page and get notificatons when I go live.  Here's the link:

Robin is a Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition and Personal Trainer with a B.A. from Tufts University and Master’s from Columbia University. Founder of SmartShred Nutrition, Robin has helped dozens of clients  (including many of my friends and clients) reach and maintain their weight loss and body composition goals, achieve personal fitness records, and discover a new sense of confidence that comes with defining one’s best self.

In a nutshell, Robin is a rockstar, an inspiration, smart as all heck, and an all-around great friend.  You won't want to miss this one.  So if you can't catch our chat on Friday afternoon, be sure to watch the replay.

But, in the meantime, let's focus on our THREE habits that we will implement RIGHT NOW.  

Not tomorrow, not later today --- but right now.  So put down the bag of popcorn (I see you;) and let's do this.  

And don't forget to keep up your 30 minutes of movement and arm exercises 3-4 times per week, right?

Yes, you still need to do that.  Click here for a refresher on those habits. 

Also.... don't forget to #justgetdressed.  Why? 

Because it's MUCH more likely for us to eat nutritiously and mindfully  when we feel good in what we're wearing.  It's a proven fact.  Trust me. 😉 



P.S. Also, remember to join my free private Facebook group where we share tips and ideas regarding this challenge as well as personal style.  Click here to access the free #justgetdressed group.  

Spring and Summer Shoe Tips

Tipsy Tuesday this week is all about spring and summer shoes.  As I mentioned in the video, I'm not telling you to go out and buy all new shoes!  Far from it!  I show you all MY Spring/Summer shoes  (only 3 pairs are newish) and the rest are at least a year or two old.  Here's the video, and below I  provide links to the shoes I mentioned IF you need to shop.  

And here's a catalog of COMFORTABLE and good-looking sandals to help in your search. Click here to access it.  

UPDATE 7/12:  In the video I mention my beloved Havianna flip flops...Well, I'm proud to let you know that I'v grown up and retired them (they broke;) and replaced them with these similarly styled but podiatrist-loved fit flops:  And I also mention the new athletic sneakers I was getting to replace my black.  I got these in blush and love them:  And last but not least, after trying a ton of "every day" neutral sandals, I ended up getting these platform sandals and I've worn them walking and biking all over Newport this summer with no foot issues. Yay!

Head over to the free private #justgetdressed Facebook group to share your shoe woes and we will help; I promise!  

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