Ladies… you know I’m all about using style (and #justgetdressed) to enhance your life – so I want to share 3 things I did in the past (and still have to keep in check) that completely wasted my time (and money).

My hope is to help us be aware of this cycle and these habits so we can still have fun with style and fashion, but keep our wits about us at the same time.😜

So here’s what I used to do..can you relate?

1) Back when my kids were younger, I used to kill time waiting to pick them up from practices, etc. by walking the aisles of TJ Maxx, Target, etc., picking up $19.99 tops and other “stuff” that caught my eye.

I thought I was getting “great deals” and adding fun items to my wardrobe.

In reality, I was just spending money (that adds up quickly) on things I didn’t need and didn’t love.

2) I’d commit to purging my closet, but always ended up keeping things “just in case” or because the item was “totally fine”.

I told myself I spent good money on that item, and the thought of purging it made me feel guilty and wasteful.

3) I’d keeping accumulating and storing items until my closet was bursting at the seams – and I’d still put on the same few items day in and out.

It was routine – a habit really – that I wasn’t truly aware of until I started helping other women with their wardrobes. I was accumulating more and more, without a strategy or plan – or a real love for what was coming into my closet.

Is this a cycle you can relate to? Do you have any habits surrounding style or shopping that you want to break?

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