4 Tips to Fight the Funk

This has been one of those weeks.  I feel like I was in a funk most of the week; not sleeping well, feeling tired, and just all around bleh.  Nothing really “bad” (knock on wood) but you know the feeling. And God knows the awful weather hasn’t helped.

Anyway, yesterday when I woke up to snow flakes the size of golf balls falling from the sky, I said enough is enough already.  I was tempted to hide under the covers with my coffee until it was time for wine, but instead, I got up and got dressed.  And I made a video.

I shared my 4 free, fool-proof and fast ways to get out of funk.

In a nutshell, these are the 4 things I do, and I swear it helps.  Try it and let me know if they works for you too.

  1.  Actually #justgetdressed.  Get out of your jammies and “work out wear” and put on real clothes.  Or if you are already getting dressed because you have to leave the house, put on something different than your usual go-to’s.  Maybe throw on a fun, cheery pattern blouse that you’ve been saving.  You may not feel fun and cheery, but wearing the top may turn the tide.
  2. Wear real pants.  I love a great pair of joggers or leggings and know how they can be part of a fantastic look. But I also know that “real pants” will be more helpful in fighting a funky mood and will make you feel more put together.
  3. Wear some make-up. Even if you aren’t a make-up person, I recommend putting on some mascara, blush and lip gloss at the very least.  I LOVE this no-smudge mascara, and just got this awesome product that works as a cheek AND lip stain in one handy dandy applicator.  Genius. Easy.
  4. Put on a necklace.  Earrings are great too (I always were either studs or hoops every day, no matter what), but there is POWER IN A NECKLACE.  Don’t underestimate this!  Throw a cool necklace on and I guarantee you will look and feel better, more pulled together and less “bleh”.Easy, right?  And notice there was no mention of wine, spa visits or vats of chocolate.

    These things WILL make you feel  better.  I guarantee it.  Try it, and let me know.Now go #justgetdressed and have a FUNK-less weekend!

    Cheers!  Beth

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