To kick off my favorite season, I did a round-up of summer basics I think we all need to have at the ready this time of year. Make sure your versions of these 7 essentials are modern, hip and cool and that they reflect you and your style.  See below for the corresponding Tipsy Tuesday LIVE video.   

My Top 7 Summer Must-Haves


1. Strapless/Convertible Bra and a Strappy Sports Bra

One of my pet peeves is visible bras and bra straps, so in the summer a nude, strapless/convertible bra is a must have. For those well-endowed ladies, THIS ONE is the best, hands down. For those of you who are less blessed-in-the-chest 🙋‍♀️ I like this wire-free one. Both are high quality, have “staying power” and create a smooth, supportive silhouette.

For more casual tops I like to wear this strappy sports bra and it’s ok if the straps show intentionally.


2. Exfoliate, Moisturize and Sunless Tan

If you like to uses sunless tanner to give yourself some flattering color without damaging rays, don’t skip the EXFOLIATION step first. I discovered this body EXFOLIATING PEEL  that I use on dry skin, before showering, and before MOISTURIZING and applying then GRADUAL SUNLESS TANNERHere are the drops I use on my FACE.


3. Throw-on and Go, One-and-Done SUMMER DRESSES

Even if you’re not a “dress girl” during other seasons, SUMMER is the time to embrace the dress! Find styles and silhouettes that suit you, and have a few at the ready….especially if you live in a hot, sticky climate.

For several years now my favorite summer dresses have come from Peach and Amazon (here’s my Amazon Storefront Picks).

I provide a lot of help in the Summer Style System – giving members tips and suggestions for the best summer dresses (and bathing suits, etc.) for their unique needs.  It’s not too late to join either…the $47 program runs through August and new members can use code newbie for $10 off.


4. Modern Sunglasses

Is it time to update your sunglasses? My best recommendation is to go to a trusted optometrist and ask if they have someone on staff who helps pick the best frames for your face. I did this (and if you’re in Northern NJ, I highly recommend visiting James Tracey Eye Care –  tell them I sent you;). I love the glasses they picked out for me! My husband also had a good experience using Warby Parker.

5. Colorful Jewelry/Accessories

This is my favorite way to summer-ify my basics and neutrals. Never underestimate the power of colorful, whimsical and chic jewelry and accessories to add a punch to your summer looks. FlirtyFinds and Stella & Dot are my go-to sources, but keep an eye out when on vacation and maybe pick up something fun as a memento of your trip!

***Jamie, my bff and owner of FlirtyFinds, is offering my readers/followers early access to her July 4th sale…take 20% off with code july4 this week! 

6. Straight-Leg Ankle Jeans in White and/or Light/Medium Wash Denim

The jeans you wear are one of the easiest ways to look more modern and on-trend. Consider trading in the skinny jeans and even the long bootcuts, for a pair of straight-leg ankle jeans that hit about 1-2 inches above your ankle bone for a modern, hip, and cool summer look.  You can also find straight-leg ankle pants in linen and cotton.

My favorite straight-leg jeans are from JCrew.

7. Neutral Everyday Sandals

If you’ve been around B.Styled, you know I harp all the time on the necessity of neutral, nude-to-you, simple sandals/shoes….And this is most important in the summer months when we’re wearing shorts, dresses and baring our legs more.

Trust me when I tell you that a simple sandal in a neutral color close to your skin tone will make all your summer outfits look even better. They will lengthen and flatter your legs too…and best of all because they “go” with everything – you don’t need as many shoes. So invest in a pair that works best for your feet. It’s worth the time and effort to find them. I also think it’s helpful to have both a flat, walking sandal as well as a block heel or wedge. Again, we go into great detail on this topic in the Summer Style System program.

My go-to sandal that I’ve been wearing literally every day, all day, this season are THESE…and you can’t beat the price – plus the cushioned footbed is so comfortable. 

So, do you have all these things ready to go for the season? If so, you have the basics covered which is a great start!

Just remember, during the summer it’s easy to get into a style rut and skip the whole #justgetdressed thing some days.

I get it, and I do it too! There’s nothing better than a summer day hanging out in athleisure or a bathing suit and cover-up.

But I do recommend making an effort to put on “real” clothes several times each week (whether you have to or not).

It will keep you on track, help your psyche and mood, and keep you looking and feeling your best.

You deserve that!

Helping women like you develop and stick to this habit is what I LOVE to do, so I am here to help – and to make getting dressed fun and easy

I love hearing from you, so drop me a note if you have any questions or comments!

Cheers to you and HAPPY SUMMER! 


Use code newbie to give it a try for $10 off