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Top 10 Wardrobe Essentials

I've been harping on my 10 Wardrobe Essentials Checklist since the beginning of B.Styled.

Why? Because adding these basics to a wardrobe is the biggest game changer I see with my personal styling clients. 

Here's a question for you (and yes, this is exactly what I used to do): 

How often do you have an event or occasion and immediately think, "I need something new". So you  go out and buy an "outfit", wear it once, (maybe twice) but always in the same way? 

You're not alone.

But this is how closets become filled with a random assortment of pieces that don't easily work together, and a personal style that is all over the place. 

Let's take a step back. 

Take a pause from buying “fun” clothes and all the eye-catching things.  And instead buy things like a white button down blouse and a classic blazer.  The basics. 

It's a clothing and shopping mind shift. 

Instantly your look will be more polished and you'll be able to create more looks with what you already own. .

Total game changer.

I do get it though - it's  easy to be distracted by all the fun trends,  and oftentimes basic is confused with boring or dull. 

But quality basics are the wardrobe building blocks and the  foundation for every great outfit.

They are the 20% of your wardrobe you wear 80% of the time.

Without your basics, it's really difficult to #justgetdressed

In fact, try to go a week not wearing any of  the basics. Hard, right? On the flip side, you could easily go a week wearing nothing but basics,  just adding accessories and toppers.

These items are the canvas for all your accessories and trendy add-ons. 

These are also pieces worth investing in because they stand the test of time and get worn frequently (so their cost-per-wear is actually less). 

Below is the B.Styled list of Top 10 Wardrobe Essentials along with a clickable catalog to shop for any items missing from your closet. 

Once you have your closet purged, organized and cleansed, you'll want to identify your personal Wardrobe Essentials.  Make sure each piece fits,  flatters and is current in style. 

Your exact list may differ from mine - there is no one-size-fits-all list -  but this is a great place to start: 

Need some help developing your wardrobe foundation? I'm here to help. Click here to learn more about working with me. It'll be fun and painless; I promise. 

Now, go #justgetdressed.


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  • January 14, 2020

Jewelry Essentials

Just like I talk about the importance of your 10 Wardrobe Essentials, I also think there are basic jewelry essentials that you need to have at the ready, all year 'round.  

I also recommend having your jewelry (especially the Essentials) hanging in or near your closet, so you can grab it every day with ease.  It doesn't have to be an elaborate or expensive set-up either.  I bought these S hooks  for pennies and hang my necklaces on a rod in my closet similar to the picture below.  The easier it is to grab and put on, the more likely you'll do it and follow my "necklace-every day" rule;)   

UPDATE: I have a Stella & Dot on-line trunk show running through November 1, 2019.  You can shop all the items mentioned below and more here:  Get 50% off any of these great items with a $50 order during August.  

My favs? I have the filligree pendant, the hoops (I have gold), convertible poncho, and my fav statement necklace - the fringe!  The studs are on my wish-list.

My 10 Essentials (from my closet)

Tipsy Tuesday...Showing you my 10 Essentials straight from my closet.

Click HERE for the full catalog of Essentials recommendations. 

Links from video:

1. Light Gray V-neck:
Charcoal (similar):
2. Black Top:
Short Sleeve:
Blouse: (similar, on sale)
3. White Top
Button Up:
V-Neck Pima Core:
4. Stripe Top (my JCew is sold out, this amazon gets good reviews):
5. Chambray Top:
6. Dark Wash Jeans, my Paige:
More affordable, great jeans:
7. Black Pants
Ankle Pants:
Ponte Moto Leggings:
Pencil Skirt:
8. Black Dress, budget, Amazon:
9. Black Blazer:
10. Neutral Shoe
Suede Pumps:
Snake Print Loafers:

The Most Powerful of the 10 Essentials

Tipsy Tuesday Time! What's the most POWERUL of all the Essentials? 

25 Basic Wardrobe Essentials for the College Girl

Teens get a bad rap for wearing nothing but leggings and sweatshirts — and given the college lifestyle and schedule, who can blame them for falling into a comfort-seeking rut.  But you don’t have to let lounge wear (code for pj’s) become your everyday go-to.

Instead, mix things up with other items that are just as easy to throw on, and that are comfortable, cozy and still good looking.

Keeping your wardrobe simple, classic and uncluttered will make life in the dorm easier too.

Here are my top 25 mix & match staples you need to make it easy to #justgetdressed at college.

Click HERE for shopping suggestions.

Now, go #justgetdressed.

Cheers, Beth


How to #justgetdressed in Quarantine

Hello my friends,

Today I'm coming to you today with some concrete advice on how to use clothing and #justgetdressed to help with motivation. I don't know about you, but my motivation levels started out pretty high when this began, bu there are days now where I really struggle in the motivation and productivity department.  

Study after study shows that we feel better when we can cross some things off the to-do list. And there's no doubt that routine and structure make us more motivated and productive. We've been telling our kids/teens this for years and now it's time to walk the talk ourselves.

What I choose to wear very much helps me distinguish between relaxation and work. That doesn't mean I wear anything uncomfortable (especially these days) but it does mean I choose to #justgetdressed in a casual outfit that feels a couple notches above PJs, so that I take myself, and my work seriously. Sometimes I even put on shoes (usually these)  and spend about five minutes creating a simple makeup look. And I've been asked about my favorite bralette (since real bras are so 2019) - this one is the best I've found

For me, this  #justgetdressed routine tricks my brain into thinking I'm going somewhere, even if it's to the next room. And the difference in the day I have in terms of mood and productivity, is undeniable. 


Here is a collection of my favorite go-to WFH pieces, that can all be mixed and matched, and dressed up or down, into innumerable comfortable, casual-chic, quarantine-appropriate (???) looks.  These are all basics that you will reach for over and over again IRL too.  I show a week's worth of outfit formulas, but  all the pieces mix and match, so the possible combos are many.

(Note,  below are  product suggestion, just scroll below the picture and just click the little right arrow > to scroll through them all....Also, if you click on a Peach or Stella & Dot links, thank you for selecting me as your stylist/ambassador. I appreciate your support!)

Head into your closet and experiment with these outfit formulas using whatever you have on hand. Snap a selfie and post it on Instagram or in the Private #justgetdressed VIP group, using the hashtag #justgetdressed  so I can see what you're up to! 


My favorite Quarantine Pants, hands down. You really have to experience them to believe them. If you want to try at no risk, just message me and I'll get you free shipping (returns are always free).  You'll find yourself grabbing them all the time now, and then again when we get busted loose. They are so great-looking, versatile and COMFORTABLE. 


Remember, we've committed to putting on the ol' jeans with a button and zipper AT LEAST once a week, ideally more.  If nothing else to make sure they still fit. "Pajamas will have you believe all is well in the kingdom." #truth.  

Replace the t-shirt with any top, and remember the power of color, especially if you're feeling blah. A favorite color top won't cure all, but it may just make you feel a little better. 

Swap the blazer for comfortable cardigan, and of course, socks are the new shoes. These are my favorites, and I swapped them out for all my mismatched socks when I did my Closet Cleanse.

I also encourage you to put on a 5-minute face most days. This no-brainer set is quick and easy and will help you feel like yourself again. 


A matching loungewear set is immediately more chic and cool looking... I know it sounds crazy, but it's true, and something I've learned from some of my fav fashion bloggers.  This set from Target (here and here) just arrived and is like wrapping yourself in a cloud of cozy softness. It's PJ's and loungewear that will translate to everyday life too.  I've been looking everywhere for ivory/neutral cozy slippers and found these on Amazon that I LOVE.


Hopefully you have a comfy maxi or midi dress for an easy one-and-done look that will come in handy once the sun actually comes out and the temps warm up. If you're already there with the weather, why not throw on a dress instead of stretch pants for a change? It may motivate you to shave your legs and even put on some self tanner?!  My favorite for the body is this mousse and best to use with this $7 mitt.  And be sure to exfoliate and moisturize the night before.  I also have these amazing drops to use on my face....I love them because you just mix them with your regular moisturizer or sunscreen for a natural sun-kissed look. They can be used on your body too.  So popular they sold out, but will back in July.

A fun, comfortable alternative to a dress is a wide-leg jumpsuit like this under $30 one that you will also love wearing all summer and fall. 


A striped tee is one of my favorite essentials and perfect for a casual Quarantine Wardrobe. The classic JCrew version is my favorite and it's at a great price plus an additional 30% off with code 5DAYS. Think of it as a neutral, and add color, pattern (i.e. leopard or floral) to jazz it up!


Another "Real Pants" option that will make you feel like you're cheating since they are as comfortable as yoga pants but also perfect for the office and real life when it resumes.  Add a top in a favorite color, a necklace and flats you are DRESSED.  This top is $25 and comes in the most gorgeous, vibrant colors.


Here's the matching set trick again featuring leggings and a matching top.  You'll be creating the Column of Color look I talk about a lot, and you'll be comfortable and chic...Add an accessory or two if you're so inclined...They are an instant mood lifter!

At the end of the day, it's NOT about the clothes, but since we do need to put clothes on our bodies every day (right??) we might as well like what we're wearing and enjoy the positive ripple effect it has on our mood, productivity and relationships. 

Stay well my friends! 


The Blazer: Finding your perfect fit.

I’ve talked in the past about the Power of the Fitted Blazer and how magical they are for adding structure and polish to any outfit. In fact, I ​wrote this post back in  2014 and not much of the message, if any, has changed.  Last year at this time, I also crowned the fitted jacket the MOST POWERFUL of the 10 Wardrobe Essentials. You can check that out here.

 And there's no doubt that of all the 3rd pieces I talk about, a fitted jacket or blazer is my top pick. And they are NOT just for you working girls. They finish off a casual outfit beautifully as well. 

The problem is, they can be very tricky too.

Very few women — no matter their shape or size — can find an off-the-rack blazer that fits just right. If it’s a very structured blazer, chances are you’ll have to take it to the tailor.

Best to start out with one that fits as well as possible to reduce those alteration fees. Here’s what to look for:

1. Shoulders first

Shoulder alterations are complex and expensive. Find a style that fits your shoulders and you’re already ahead of the game.

The shoulder seam of the blazer should hit right where your own shoulder ends. If it falls closer to your neck, it’s too small. If it goes past the spot where your shoulder starts to slope downward, it’s too big.  I see too-big jackets all the time...from blazers to jean jackets. Do yourself a favor and if the shoulders don’t fit...put it back on the rack! 

When trying it on, give yourself a hug while wearing the blazer. If it pulls a little, that’s fine. If it pulls a lot, it’s probably too small. Pass on it. 

2. Sleeves next

Sleeve alterations are pretty simple, though they can be expensive if the blazer is lined or has details like trim or buttons.

What to look for? First, consider the style. Blazers with three-quarter sleeves offer some handy leeway (and is a cool, on-trend look), whereas the ideal fit for full-length sleeves is very specific. A full-length blazer sleeve should always hit just above the top joint of your thumb when standing with arms at your sides. Your wrist itself should be covered. 

3. Then chest

Every woman has a unique set of challenges. Women with larger breasts may experience pulling. A small chested woman may have bunching and rippling.  A blazer that fits properly in the bust will cover about half of each breast and skim the covered area without bunching or wrinkling. In a perfect world, the blazer should fit well both buttoned and unbuttoned (but in my opinion, the look it has unbuttoned is the most important, giving it the most versatility).  

A blazer that fits properly in the shoulders, bust and torso but cannot be buttoned all the way without some pulling is not a deal-breaker — unless you’re a lawyer or professional suit-wearer and need exquisite fit both buttoned and unbuttoned. But that’s just my opinion. Mary would disagree;) 

4. Don’t forget torso

Generally speaking, the blazer should follow the natural curves of your body without pulling or sagging. You don’t want lots of extra fabric around your midsection. The idea is to provide shape and structure to your figure.   


Longer lengths are in style this year, especially with the popular “boyfriend blazer”.    Shorter cuts work well too, especially with dresses and skirts. A shorter jacket also looks great over a longer top, creating that chic and flattering layered look.  The length of your jacket will depend on your figure and your preferences, but a good rule of thumb is to have the jacket hit in the hipbone zone (same goes with the top if you’re wearing a shorter jacket over a longer top, have the top hit around the hipbone zone. Remember the golden rule - don’t put a horizontal line across your widest point.  Instead put it just above or below.  


“Stance” describes the highest point where the blazer buttons. Blazers with higher stances tend to have more buttons — at least two or three. Lower stances are frequently one-button designs.

To be honest, a high stance can look a little dated and matronly. It’s a style that was all the rage decades ago but now looks out of style.  Lower stances with fewer buttons appear more sophisticated and modern.

Bust size, however, can complicate the matter. Busty women may find that low-stance, single-button blazers open awkwardly at the chest. Meanwhile, other busty women find high-stance blazers a problem to button without uncomfortable pulling.  This is why an open blazer in a soft, stretchy, knit fabric may be best. If you have a blazer you're unsure about, snap a selfie and  post it in our private group to get advice.

Length and shape

Beware: Length and shape are the other factors that can make decades-old blazers appear dated or frumpy.  I refer to my hunter green shoulder-padded, double-breasted blazer from my job at AT&T in 1988-90's.  This is NOT what they're talking about when they refer to a slouchier, longer blazer. 

The current trend of “boyfriend”-blazers is very popular.  But today’s long-and-boxy looks are  different from the long, boxy numbers from the ’80s. A modern boyfriend or long-line blazer will typically have a hint of waist shaping and a natural shoulder line. These look best with a fitted bottom like slim pants or straight leg or skinny jeans.  The blazers we wore back in the 80’s should go, if they haven't already. They aren't coming back. 

When in doubt, a tailored, fitted blazer that hits around the hip-bone zone will give you the most bang for your buck.

My personal favorite and go-to blazer is a less structured, more comfortable but still well-fitting and tailored ponte knit blazer. It has stretch, is as comfortable as a sweater, but still has the chic, polished look of a blazer. The beauty of this year-round jacket is that it works as well in the boardroom as it does with jeans and a t-shirt. Versatility, my friends!

Can blazer fit be complicated? Definitely. Worth the effort? YUP.   My advice is to focus on buying a style that suits your hardest-to-fit area, enlist a tailor to help with the rest, and you’ll look chic, sleek and polished.  

Now, go #justgetdressed.

Fyi, here are my blazers I showed you today "in action". Currently available styles are linked. My white blazer is only still available in size large here.

Peach Ponte Blazer (and trailblazer white button-down)

Knit Blazer, several colors

Black Moto Jacket, Helmut Lang

Peach Faux Suede Moto

Boyfriend Knit Blazer

Plaid Boyfriend Blazer

Your Clothing Budget: When to Splurge, Spend, and Save

Usually when we struggle with our wardrobe, it’s not because of a lack of clothing. In fact, many of us have way too much stuff cluttering our closets, and the sheer volume of random clothing makes it difficult to focus and #justgetdressed.

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 9.54.25 AM

We’re constantly bombarded with images, special sales and can’t-pass-up deals that make it easy to acquire more and more stuff.

Heck, I go to Target to buy light bulbs and end up with a cart filled with everything from bananas to new pajamas.
Instead, what we need to do is shop with a plan,  a purpose…and a well-defined list (hint: this is just one of the features included in the  B.Styled Style Systems.

We also need to allocate our clothing budget in a way that makes sense. To help, I created this graphic showing where to spend your money, and where to save.  And see below for the live video I made on the topic:



    • Jeans: Cheap denim is tempting I know, but it also loses its shape and fades much more quickly than premium brands. I think everyone should own at least one pair of high quality, perfectly fitting jeans. When you find a brand you love, keep a look out for sales. I’ve even bought my favorite Paige jeans on eBay!
    • BRAS: Don’t skimp on the foundation. Invest in perfectly fitting bras – and get undies that show no VPL’s (visible panty lines). While only a few people will see them, their effects are obvious. 😉 I recommend going to a favorite, dependable department store’s lingerie department (Nordstrom is my top pick) and ask for their most seasoned, experienced bra-fitter. You can even make an appointement in advance. Or, if you are local to me in MA, I highly recommend the ladies of Jo-Karen in Acton.  Tell them I sent you;) they will hook you up – literally;)  
    • Jackets/Blazers: Don’t underestimate the power of a fitted blazer. It can complete a work outfit and gives shape to your casual looks, providing a polished finishing touch.
    • Shoes: Fabulous shoes can transform and upgrade a $20 dress.  On the flip side, cheap shoes can instantly downgrade an otherwise fabulous outfit. Shoes (and handbags) are an area where quality over quality rules (my apologies to you shoe collectors out there;)
    • Coat: Your coat is something you may wear every single day and it makes a statement as you enter and exit. Invest in a coat you love that has classic staying power so you can resurrect it year after year.


    • Statement Jewelry: If you know me, you know I love a funky necklace. Take your wardrobe foundations and transform them completely with the  jewelry you add. The options for fabulous, affordable jewelry are endless. The key is to find pieces that are inexpensive without looking “cheap”. After years of resisting it as being “too expensive”, I am now  a firm believer in Stella & Dot jewelry, and chose to represent them as a stylist too. I love their high-end looking designs, incredible attention to detail and quality and phenomenal customer service. I have pieces that look exactly as they did they day I bought them, several years ago.

      So, while you don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on 18k gold,  diamonds, and other expensive gemstones – quality, on-trend costume jewelry gives your wardrobe a huge bang for the buck. 

    • Occasion Items: Special Occasion = Infrequent Use. Don’t spend a fortune on glitzy bags, earrings or metallic heels when there are plenty of inexpensive options out there. Instead invest in a fabulous dress that’ll be ready for you when the invitation arrives. Or, borrow from a friend or rent those rare special occasion dresses.


    • Tee, Tanks & Knits: Premium knits made from fine, soft fibers often get holes and stains (think armpit) quicker than their bargain alternatives. It’s a good idea to have a couple of quality cashmere sweaters, but for tees and layering pieces, make sure they fit and flatter — but go for the bargains.


    • Scarves: When you see a scarf that speaks to you and it’s a good deal, grab it. Like statement jewelry, scarves are a fantastic and affordable way to add color and pattern to your wardrobe essentials….and display your individual personality.

In a nutshell:

  •   SPLURGE AND SPEND: Frequent Use • Durable • Classic  • Essentials • BRA’S & COATS  • Signature Items

  •   SAVE: Delicate • Low Use • Trendy •  Accent Pieces

Now, go #justgetdressed 😉


How to #justgetdressed when it’s HOT


Gray T-shirt Dress (many color options: (see below for pic)

Gold Choker:

Go-to Sandals:

Turq bracelet/necklace:

Embroidered Top:

All my shopping in picks:

Peach Site-Wide 20% Off including sale items. ...only happens 2x year...Black Ponte Blazer from Essentials Collection shown below:

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