A Case for the Chambray Shirt

Google "Fall Wardrobe Essentials"  and chances are the  Chambray Shirt will appear on most lists.  I have my own catalog of B.Styled Essentials, and yes, the chambray shirt is on it.  The reason it makes the cut is that, like denim jeans, chambray is incredibly versatile and works with so many colors and fabrics.  I also think the light blue denim color (which I prefer over the darker versions) is flattering to most people. Finally, I'm a fan (as you'll see below) of the 'collar pop' that works so well with this shirt.

That said, I was having a conversation with a member of my Fall Style System Program and she was saying that she never really got on board the Chambray Shirt Train.  Some  find these shirts too masculine or bulky. And those with larger chests can have a hard time with button up shirts in general.  

And that's ok --  If it doesn't work for you, skip it!  Don't get too caught up with "must-haves" (unless it's neutral booties...those ARE a must have.  This pair is my personal pick...and bonus: they're waterproof!)

If you love the look of a chambray shirt, there are many ways to style it and it can be one of the most versatile items in your closet.

I  decided to make yesterday's outfit formula for the Fall Style System feature a chambray shirt and I took several outfit pictures to show various ways to style the classic JCrew version (currently 40% off with free ship from Nordstrom).  In my Essentials Catalog, I've included various styles including a more feminine pop-over version.  

What do you think?  Do you have a chambray shirt and consider it a must-have or are you skipping it? No judging here!  

These are some examples of Chambray Shirt  looks you can create from your closet. Don't feel like you need to "copy" the looks exactly!  Use your building blocks and basic essentials and have fun mixing and matching.  See below for shopping links, but chances are these wardrobe essentials, or something similar, are already in your closet! 

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White Jeans  •  Navy Blazer  •  Taupe Booties   •  Leopard Belt (back in stock and under $20) • Taupe Booties (my #1 must-have shoe)  Layered, Adjustable Two-Tone Necklace

Black Ponte Leggings (shown throughout, this one pair is replacing all my other leggings...never going back...these are almost pants too - not what the high school girls wear;)  • Cognac Tote (an investment but worth every single penny)  •  Cream Pullover (similar) 

Floral Scarf  (on sale) •  Olive Jacket  (on sale) •  Suede Boots (same brand, same color)

Blush Poncho Top   •  Favorite Pendant Necklace  • Heeled Booties (similar)

Poncho Wrap (see above for white jeans, booties and leopard belt)

Slip-on Sneakers  or Budget Slip-on Sneakers  •   Color Cardi (magenta is really hard to find...I did find this highly rated cardi that comes in several colors on amazon prime wardrobe.  I'm trying it and will keep you posted!  Make sure you follow me on facebook so you can see my review). 

Thanks for reading...now go #justgetdressed 😉 

xo, Beth

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