About Beth

Helping You #justgetdressed™️

My Background

I'm a 50(ish) year old wife,  and mother to 3 teenage /college-age sons and 2 nutty dogs, living in the  'burbs of Boston.  

I wake up thinking about coffee, and end the day thinking about wine. ☕️ 🍷😉.

In between, there's a lot of testosterone around here and it can get pretty crazy/loud/smelly at times.  Lucky for all of us, my 95 (yes, 95!) year-old mom, Mary, lives with us as well. She's my best friend and original style icon - and she inspires me (and everyone who meets her) with her faith, her unconditional love and her glass half-full 🍷attitude. 

My background includes several years in corporate sales and marketing for Tiffany & Co. and co-founding FlirtyFinds, a fashion accessory business.

My real passion, though, is working with women like you, helping you leverage fashion and style - because when we look good, we feel good, and when we feel good, we thrive.   

Many (many;) years ago, after being a stay-at-home mom for several years, I found myself in the common rut of wearing the same black yoga pants and dansko clogs every day (it was the early 2000’s;)  I felt like I had let motherhood and caring for others make me lose touch with myself - and as a result, I had lost any sense of personal style or self-care. 

In 2008  I decided it was time to do something for myself. I founded an on-line accessories business,( FlirtyFinds.com) with my college best friend. I loved seeing the transformation in women’s lives that happened when they started to take simple steps to look and feel their best. 

Our mantra was that you don’t need a lot of clothes, but you do need great basics, and from there you can switch things up and use well-placed accessories to reflect your personality.  

5 years ago I realized my true purpose was taking a consultative approach to help women figure out their personal style and guide them on what to buy and how to combine it to look and feel fabulous. This is how B.Styled was born, and from there my on-line programs emerged based on the needs I see in my clients.  

My signature program, the Style System Planner was developed because I realized that many women want direction...they want to know what to buy and how to combine it. They aren’t fashionistas, and they aren’t looking to chase every fad or trend, but they want to look and feel beautiful and pulled together without spending a fortune or putting too much time or effort into it.  The Style System Planner gives them a list, a plan, and puts an end to willy-nilly shopping. 

And I look forward to sharing this valuable tool with you too! 

What does #justgetdressed™️ mean anyway??

First, let me tell you what #justgetdressed does NOT mean:

  • Getting dressed UP.
  • Spending hours of time, loads of money, and too much energy, on your appearance.
  • Crafting elaborate, complicated  "outfits" every day.
  • Uncomfortable shoes or stiff, high-maintenance clothes.
What #justgetdressed DOES mean is using clothes to your advantage.   What you put on your body each morning has a huge impact on your day. You can (and should) start the day with confidence and love the way you look. 

It may sound cliche, but without a doubt, when we like the way we look, we’re happier. 

We have more fun. We're more open to new experiences and new people. We're more confident. We're better wives, mothers, and friends.  Believe it or not, I also think we eat more healthfully and take better care of our bodies.

My Style

My lifestyle is a casual one, but I do like to feel put together and confident in what I'm wearing...even if I'm working from home with no one seeing me but the dogs and the UPS man. It helps my productivity and mood when I #justgetdressed, and I try to inspire you to do the same.

I'd call my style casual chic and I tend to gravitate to simple outfits featuring basic pieces, accented with a few modern, well-placed accessories.  I'm all about versatility and like to be able to wear an item at least 3-4 different ways, something I harp on with my followers and clients too.  

I'm also the consummate bargain-hunter, though at times I have no problem splurging on the occasional pair of designer jeans, boots or cashmere sweater.  

I'm a big fan of mixing high and low,  and my favorite retailer is Nordstrom (because of their selection, quality, variety of price points, and insanely easy on-line shopping and returns). However, I do get a natural high scouring places like Target and Old Navy for great finds.  

Where You Can Find Me

I know a lot of us have a love-hate relationship with social media, but my business has enabled me to develop an amazing community of like-minded women on Facebook and Instagram.  It's my favorite part of my job -- interacting with and giving advice to this awesome group of women. We've managed to develop some amazing friendships too which I value immensely.  

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