Week of May 16-22, 2022

1. Tipsy Tuesday: Purging and Organizing your Accessories

For a more concise 😜 written explanation, check out Jamie’s Spring Cleaning Flirty Tip right HERE. And make sure you are receiving the FlirtyFinds weekly email for more tips, and following her on Instagram too!

Do you need some motivation, direction, and accountability to get your entire wardrobe purged, edited, and organized?

Access the no-nonsense 3-step process I use with my clients, and your closet will be looking like your own personal boutique.  Learn more below. 

2. Jump on the Summer Style System Waitlist!

Summer schedules are different (and hopefully more relaxed).  One thing we ALL still have to do each day though is #justgetdressed.

Let me help you leverage this daily habit with a list, a plan, and 21 done-for-you outfit templates —  each delivered to your inbox the night before.

Talk about easy, stress-free (and stylish) mornings!  Sign up for the Summer Style System™ opens later this month — click HERE to be notified.

Thanks for being here today.  Enjoy your day and have a wonderful week ahead.

And,  #justgetdressed.