An important time to #justgetdressed

Well, what can I say? We certainly didn't think we'd be sitting here a month ago, did we?

Topics like spring shopping, fun outfit formulas, and cute sandals seem like a bad joke right now, don't they?

But is NOT the time to wallow, throw in the towel and fall into bad habits.

Does it mean it's time to sit at home and shop online for a bunch of new stuff that will make us feel better? NO. It's not.

I'm suggesting it's time to pivot in our Spring Style System and use this time to motivate each other to #justgetdressed - even though we're isolated at home.

It's a time to take steps that will make us feel better, give us control over some areas of our out-of-control lives, and connect with one another.

So, what does this mean for the Style System membership?

First of all, love or hate Facebook - our private Group is going to be GOLD at this time. If you are a Facebook holdout, (I bow to you -- you have saved yourself years of wasted time;) I would encourage you to give this group a try. No pressure to do so, but I think you may enjoy it, especially at this time of social distancing. It's where all the group interaction and coaching go on since it's hard to do that via email.  And it's fun. And the women are amazing.  And it's free (included in your membership).  And it's private - no one outside the group sees anything. 

If you don't have a Facebook account (you are my hero) and need help creating one, just let me know. You can hit reply to this email.

Another feature of the Facebook group that will be of value is that members are identifying their body types and challenges and sharing the cuts and styles that work best for them. This will be a great way to learn and visualize outfits on real women with various shapes.

As far as the formulas go, I'm pivoting there and will be creating outfits that make sense for this unusual (understatement) spring we are ALL experiencing.

I will also be focusing on using what I already own, and I encourage you to do the same. I had purchased a bunch of things to use in the formulas, but have decided to return some of them and am only keeping items I know I will wear now, this summer, and into the fall. I will share my keepers with you over in the Facebook group.

If shopping makes you feel good, I say go for it, but be intentional and smart.  And maybe consider shopping at a local boutique. Many of them, like Wish Boutique,  are offering online options and shipping. Wish has a new Facebook Group, Wish Tribe,  where they are doing live videos of their awesome, affordable products. But remember, a list and a plan, right? Use the Style System list for direction.

As always though, I am here to serve you and your needs. So please post any requests in the private Corona Spring group. I am open to your ideas and my goal is to provide the content that will help you most.

I've included a lot of  information about body types. Remember, these are general guidelines and not hard and fast rules. Use them to help guide you, and when in doubt, sound off in the private Facebook group. Every shape and size are represented and this group is so happy to share and help one another.

Outfit formulas will start next week, but that doesn't mean you can't start making your own now. Feel free to get creative, use what you have, and share with the group so we can inspire each other.  And there will be no judging for living in cozy clothes these days. But let's make an effort to still look and feel great. Little things like lipstick and a necklace can do a world of good to our psyches.

We have many people in the group who have brought friends in and I am so appreciative of your support. Please feel free to share this sign up link with friends. It's not too late to join and benefit from this special program. 

I hope to see you in the Corona Spring Group so we can support and inspire one another during this unprecedented time....and of course, #justgetdressed.

xo, Beth

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