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Easy Tips for Fall Transitional Dressing

“How do I #justgetdressed when it’s well into September but the weather is still hot, sticky, rainy, and basically unpredictable???”

This is a common question I get this time of year, and today I'm sharing  4 tips to help you  to get dressed and look great when the weather is changing and unpredictable:

  1. White jeans are a definite DO: Let's say it together, “YES, we can indeed wear white jeans after labor day.”   Put away linen or light cotton white pants, but your thick white denim can be worn all year round.
  2. It’s all about BALANCE:.  Just like in all forms of dressing, balance is the key. For example, when you wear white jeansbalance them with your choice of shoes and tops.  Skip the flip flops or summery sandals and instead opt for suede sandals, or  booties — especially in tan, taupe or cognac.

    Go ahead and wear a sleeveless top or summer tee if the temps are high, but opt for more fall-ish or neutral colors to balance out the white on the bottom.
white jeans for fall

3.  Combine short with long, or long with short:  
For example, If you’re wearing shorts or a shorter skirt,  go with a long sleeve top.   If you want to wear a sleeveless top, go with pants or a midi- skirt.

Summer dresses transition well into fall by adding a cardigan or jacket and booties or flats in a skin-tone shade or neutral leopard print. 

Long with Short
Fall Transition Dress
    4. The Power of Layering: When the weather is unpredictable and ever-changing, layering just makes sense.  Make sure you have a neutral cardigan, a denim and/or twill jacket, and a versatile blazer and/or moto jacket.  Any of these layers can be added to just about any outfit and not only finish it off, but also provide practical warmth and coverage.  
Fall Layering
Fall Moto Layer

Make getting dressed this fall both easy and fun, with an outfit formula delivered to you each day, drawn from a mix & match capsule wardrobe. Join the Fall 2020 Style System before the doors close on September 30th. A list, a plan and no willy-nilly shopping....Learn more and sign up here.

Any questions at all for me? I love hearing from you! Just click here.

xo, Beth

Fall Style System

More Ways Dressing and Making Dinner are Similar

Today I'm continuing to run with the analogy of how getting dressed (love it) and making dinner (hate it) are similar. If you missed the first post about this, check it out here. 

As part of my committment to improve my Time Management skills (learn more about that struggle and solution here) I'm also trying to work on my meal prep and dinner-making skills (or lack-there-of).   It occured to me that I can use the same concepts that I use with getting dressed (a skill I have nailed down) to making dinner. 

Just to review, the first similarity that I discussed last week was that without a list and a plan, we're in big trouble. Make sure you read that one - it's important.

Today, let's talk about 4 more ways these two seemingly disparate activities are actually quite similar, and how to avoid the pitfalls involved in both.

Similarity #2: Desperation or Rushing Rarely Results in Success

I can’t tell you how many women I talk to who have closets filled with great clothes that they rarely actually wear.  Instead, they're rushing around, caring for everyone and everything else and defaulting to the same old same old clothes.

What’s interesting is that some of these same women are excellent cooks and meal planners.  Each week, they sit down, make a list and decide what will be for dinner every night of the week. They scan pinterest and cookbooks for recipes and even write down the menus for the week.  I am in awe of you women and hope to be like you when I grow up. 

And then there’s me. When 5pm rolls around I’m left scrambling for ideas and at a loss throw together the same old same old - ususually something like pasta, jar sauce, and a salad.

There’s other stuff I COULD make, but in the moment, at 5pm especially, I can’t be creative.  

This is also why you have cute clothes you don’t wear.  You have the clothes, and you COULD put a great outfit  together, but you’re running late, nothing special is going on, or you're feeling uninspired, so you put on the proverbial pasta and sauce.

Here's an altenative: Quickly plan an outfit  the night before, including  accessories and the shoes. This isn’t an original or revolutionary idea, but besides saving you time in the morning, you can give it some thought and use some creativity because you aren’t up against a time crunch.  

You do that, and I'll do meal planning;) 

Similarity #3: Buying a little at a time is a bad idea

The weeks that I’m good about meal planning, making a list, and putting in an instacart order or going out for a “big shop” we eat pretty well (better).  The weeks I don’t plan, or the weeks that the big shop doesn’t happen, I’m sending someone to the store for this or that....and we end spending more money on last minute take-out, or having dull, boring meals.

The same thing happens with clothes shopping. 

Think of the time you spend down the rabbit hole of on-line shopping - or at the mall, TJMaxx or even Target.  It's easy to get lost in the moment and realize an hour or two later that you're coming out of the haze of clicking, shopping and browsing.

Remember the Recreational Shopping we discussed last week? Yea, that. It rarely results in a cohesive, workable wardrobe. 

Or a balanced, delicious dinner. 

Second, adding a few items to your wardrobe "here and there" usually results in more spending.  Just like with grocery shopping, $20 here, $40 there may not seem significant, but we all know it adds up.

On the other hand, when you’re doing a big grocery order,  you have an idea of how much you’re spending, and you can control it in when you look at the overflowing cart (or see the amount add up on instacart). Those things you don’t really need or that can wait, are put back to keep the final bill in check.

The same happens with clothing shopping. When you do a big wardrobe shop, you can see exactly what you’re spending, and prioritize if you're going too hog wild. 

Also, when you’re doing a bigger wardrobe shop, you’re less likely to buy what I call "one hit wonders" that can only be worn one way.

You can see how pieces  all work together

I can wear this with that, I can put that top with that skirt. I wear this dressed up or casually. You know the drill... The items aren’t separate and removed from each other and they're versatile (my favorite adjective for clothing).


If you’re stuck in a pattern of Recreational Shopping or buying random things here and there, I encourage you to go on a 30 to 60 day shopping freeze, and then do a strategic, list-and-plan shop in the Fall. I promise, you can get by until then, and your Fall wardrobe will thank you. And of course I'm here to help. 

Similarity #4: Without the right ingredients, you're sunk

Imagine if your wardrobe consisted of just jeans and t-shirts. No patterns, no accessories, no interesting details or completer pieces. It'd be pretty hard to #justgetdressed and love the way you look, wouldn't it?

The same holds true in your kitchen. If you don't have the ingredients to make delicious, interesting meals,  you end up with pasta and sauce from a jar for dinner.

I realized that what I need is a Pantry Staples List as a starting point, so that my kitchen is equipped to make as many interesting - and easy - meals as possible. Of course there would be items on the list that I wouldn't buy - because I just don't like it - and that's ok. But maybe there's something on it as simple as cans of black beans, that if I have on hand all the time, I could to add to a lot of things.  #duh

But it's so true... you need certain ingredients in your wardrobe too. If you only buy the basics that you wear day in and out, you’ll never have anything different to mix up your outfits, and you’ll be bored with your wardrobe and feel fumpy and uninspired to #justgetdressed.  

On the flip side, if you only buy the bright and shiny objects - whether it be unique spices at the grocery store or statement tops at the mall - and you don't have the basics to cook or wear with them - that's no bueno either. 

My Fall Style Transformation Program will focus on this balance and getting it right, and will include a new 50+ piece Wardrobe Basics List, similar to the Pantry Basics List I need to go find. (Have a good one? Send it to me, please?!)

But the key to these kinds of lists is to tailor them for YOU and your taste, your aesthetic and your lifestyle.

If you hate curry powder, don't buy it, even if it's on the pantry list. If a crisp white button down doesn't work fo you,  don't buy it just because it appears on an Essentials List. 

Makes sense, doesn't it? 

Similarity #5 - Both cooking and dressing skills can be learned, and require practice

How often do I hear women say, "Beth, I  was born without a sense of style. I have no idea what to wear and I'm just not good at it."

And how often do I personally say, "I'm just not a cooker. I have no idea what to make for dinner, and I'm lousy at it."

Great cooks aren’t born that way.  Granted, many had family members who were, and that helps. But I'd say that usually they have an interest in cooking and a desire to get really good at it. Then they learn, they practice, they watch YouTube videos and  acquire new skills. They try new things, learn from their mistakes and have fun cooking.

It's the same with style.   There's a common myth that women are born with an innate sense of style and the ability to dress themselves.

This is simply not true. And the real problem is that it makes some women give up on style or think “why bother” because they weren't born with the special "style gene".

Nope. Not true.

If you want better style, you can have it. It’s a skill you can learn and develop.

If you want to.  

I guarantee you, every single woman you look at and think, "oh she's just so stylish", has worked at it. She makes an effort, tries new things, and has honed her skills so it appears effortless.  And she has the knowlege, the tools (and the wardrobe) to make it pretty easy.   

Of course there are also different degrees of "good cook" and "stylish".  My idea of stylish may be complete frump salad to a young NYC fashionista. Just like my idea of a delicious meal would be eh, at best to a gourmet chef.  

And that's ok! 


A Challenge for you!

Now that you know all the ways getting dressed and making dinner are similar, here's a challenge for you (and I'm going to do the same in the dinner-making department): 

Try picking out out your outfits the night before for 5 days in a row. All of it too...including shoes and accessories.

Notice if you feel any different. 

Do you wear more of what you own?

Do you look more "put together"? More polished?

Do you feel better? Have a more productive, happier day?

Are your mornings easier? Less stressful?

I guarantee you  can learn what it takes to #justgetdressed and love the way you look. 

And my purpose is to help you get there and to use your personal style to help you live your best life. 

Share with us how it goes over in my free B.Styled #justgetdressed Facebook Group. And I'll share how my dinner-making went as well;) 

Now, go #justgetdressed.


What Making Dinner and Getting Dressed Have in Common

I love a good analogy and today I’m sharing how making dinner (one of my least favorite activities) is similar to one of my most favorite activities - getting dressed. 

Believe it or not, there are many ways these two seamingly mundane daily activities are alike, and I'm going to hash them out for you over the course of the next few blog posts. 

And to be clear, by “making dinner” I mean things like meal planning, grocery shopping and actually cooking dinner. 

And by "getting dressed", I mean all things clothing and style related, like  your wardrobe, shopping, and putting clothes on your body. 

Are you still with me? Stick’ll make sense, I promise.

Here we go...

Similarity #1: Without a list and a plan, you’re in big trouble. 

I’m famous for going to the store out of desperation because “they” (my sons)  tell me “there’s nothing to eat in the house”.  I go, buy random things and then am somehow shocked when I come home with bags of groceries and not a clue what’s for dinner.  

But this is how many of us  shop for clothes too.  Click on that cute blogger recommendation, buy that tee on sale in 3 colors, oh and that jacket is just so cute.  Wait, why can’t I get dressed?

It's Called Recreational Shopping....

There's a popular term for this kind of willy nilly clicking and buying: Recreational Shopping...and it's the opposite of list-and-plan shopping (or strategic shopping) .

Think about it--- no one goes recreational shopping at the grocery store and buys chicken breasts or ground beef or salmon filets -- items that can actually be easily transformed into innumerable meals. 

When we recreationally grocery shop we buy things like artichoke dip and cookie butter. 😳

In the same way,  no one goes recreationally shopping for clothing and buys the perfect black pants that may be expensive but make your butt look great and work with pretty much every top you own.  Instead we buy one-hit-wonder pieces that catch our eye, or our 100th pair of shoes (you know who you are;)

Strategic Shopping is Goal Oriented....and involves a list and a plan. 

On the other hand, when you make a list of what you need, the basics tend to take priority. 

The basics - in both food and clothing - are those foundational items that make it easy to cook dinner, and effortless to get dressed.  

You add the fun stuff after the basics are covered.  When you do that, making meals - and making outfits - is so much easier.

I’m working on my new program for Fall: Get Back to Basics and Transform your Style because I feel so strongly about this.  

What I’ve learned from working with hundreds of women over the years is that there's really no one-size-fits all list of Basics or Essentials.  Your collection of Basics need to be personalized for YOU. But the categories within the Basics remains pretty consistent.  

For example, a white shirt could be considered an Essential Basic. But maybe you have a big chest and hate button down shirts. Or maybe your coloring is such that you never wear stark white. 

Buying a crisp white button down because it appears on 99% of all Essentials lists just doesn't make sense for you. Maybe instead, you get a flowy, woven blouse in ivory or cream that serves the same purpose, but works for YOU - your coloring, your esthetic and your beautiful bod. 


Below is a collection of timeless Fall Basics ….all from Nordstrom (many on sale) and the foundation for innumerable chic, modern, looks to get you thinking about what may be on YOUR list.   

This list is like the chicken breasts, pasta and romaine lettuce of your wardrobe...  There’s no artichoke dip or cookie butter here.

But a wardrobe of all basics would boring and dull, and not let you express your personality...which is such an important part of #justgetdressed.  

You'll learn in the Transform Your Style Program how to add accents and personality pieces to make fabulous looks that YOU love and that fit YOUR personal style. 

Just like we all enjoy different meals, we also have different style aesthetics (and bodies)  and I’m going to help you find, and develop your signature style  so you can #justgetdressed and love the way you look.

Next week, we'll talk about 4 more ways getting dressed and making dinner are similar...including how desperation and last minute rushing, rarely ends well - in either activity.  Stay tuned! 

In the meantime, the sales are coming fast and furiously (including the famous Nordstrom Anniversary Sale).

My recommendation is to focus on filling in your basics if you need to....or better yet, take a hard pass from shopping during August. Use this time to wear the summer clothing you already own, enjoy some downtime, and save your money for what your wardrobe really needs.  And I'll be here to help you.

Until then, go #justgetdressed....and maybe make dinner too??😜

Timeless Fall Basic Essentials

Thanks for reading and drop me a note if you have any questions. I love hearing from my ladies! 

And if you haven't already, remember to join my free, private Facebook of the most postitive places on the internet. Post your questions, make connections with other like-minded women, and use the #justgetdressed mantra to live your best day! 

8 Simple Steps to a Better Day: My Morning Routine

The concept of a Morning Routine has been around for years. I remember desperately trying to hammer a morning routine into my sons as they were growing up. Sadly,  the only one that truly stuck was brushing their teeth, but hopefully as they get older and mature, they’ll catch on to some of the others.  Make your bed? Put away your #$% stuff ??  One can dream....

But today I’m talking to mature, respectable, grown-up women (i.e. you;) so I’m thinking you can relate and are more interested in the topic than my sons were/are.  🙃

I’m a firm believer in the power of routine and positive habits, and during the Covid-19 lockdown I’ve made even more of an effort to create and stick to a morning routine.  I thought I’d  share mine with you today because I realized how truly helpful it is for me. 

The way I found out how important my routine is to me was by skipping it. 

 For a couple days last week, I went off the rails of my previously solid morning routine, and man did  it take a toll on my mood and productivity.  There is a clear and direct correlation between doing my morning routine and having a better day. No doubt about it.

Don’t worry….I’m not  going to tell you that you have to get up at 5am.  In fact, I’m not going to tell you have to do anything in order to have an effective Morning Routine. The key is to develop one that works with your life, your sleep patterns and your personality. This is what works for me..take it for what it’s worth and design your own. 

My 8 Step Morning Routine to a Better Day

Let me start by crediting Hal Elrod’s book The Miracle Morning for inspiring me to develop a morning routine in the first place. And thank you friend and B.Styler Carol Perlman for her recommendation of the book. It changed her life, and it's changed mine as well. That said, I don’t do the exact steps Hal lays out, but the point is, I developed my own Miracle Morning Routine that works for me.  Here it goes:

1. Get up One Hour Earlier than Usual

😉And by "get up" I mean actually wake up and get out of bed and vertical;) 

Notice I didn't say get up at 5am. But, if you normally get up at 7, try getting up at 6. And if you’re like my son and normally get up at 11am, get up at 10am instead;)  The reason for this is simple. You want time by yourself before the other humans in your world get up and start to annoy or interrupt you. Seriously though, even if you live alone,  this uninterrupted time will become sacred and beloved - trust me. 

And even if you love your sleep, I’m willing to bet you a cup of coffee that you’ll start loving this time even more than that extra hour of sleep (most of the time at least).  It may take some time, and you may have to go to bed a little earlier, but it’s so worth it. 

Here’s an aside for the night owls out there who are saying, no way jose' to early mornings. I guess you could do these things late at night if that works better for you. The point is to have dedicated, uninterrupted, private time whenever you can get it and make a daily routine. That said, I still think the way you start your day determines your day, so keep that in mind. #tryityou'lllikeit 😉

2. Drink 16 Ounces of Water, Right Away (before coffee!)

I fill my 16 ounce bottle before bed and put it on my bedside table. When I wake up, I have a game with myself where I can’t drink any coffee until I’ve downed the whole bottle. I take my vitamins and meds while I make my coffee and chug chug chug the water. It’s so important to rehydrate after a night’s sleep. I drink 3-4 more bottles during the day. 

3. Head to My Morning Routine Hideaway

Next, coffee in hand, I head to the little loveseat in my office/living room. For me it was helpful to dedicate a particular room for this next part. It’s a spot in the house that I’ve associated with my morning routine and it’s quiet, cozy and free from distractions. I recommend designating a particular place in your  house - it doesn’t have to be a private room...just a spot for you to be alone and comfortable and (hopefully) undisturbed. Be creative and make it pretty! 

I start with my daily devotional, reading the designated page from this book. There's a page for each day of the year. It takes about a minute or two to read each day and I find it so powerful. I’m a Catholic, and if you are Christian and interested in having a daily devotional routine I highly recommend this book (it was a gift from a dear friend - thank you SB!) The key is to do what works for you, so take it or leave it or adapt it to fit your own beliefs and interests. 

4.  5 Minute Meditation/Prayer

Next I meditate and/or pray for about 5 minutes. For beginner meditators, I love the 10 Percent Happier app by Dan Harris of ABC News (who was a very relunctant meditator like me). I also recently started to use the free Insight Timer App as it has prayer-based, guided meditations as well as every other meditation type you can imagine. I’m still a novice ...I can’t say I’m a huge fan yet, but I’m determined to use it to become more mindful, less anxious and more focused...all benefits of meditation.

5. Write Something! 

Next I take 5 minutes to write in a free-style journal. I’ve tried many types of journals but for me a book of blank, unlined pages works best and I literally just scribble thoughts, stories from the prior day and things I’m grateful for. It’s very much  “stream of consciousness” prompts or structure. This works for me but if you want more direction, the 6 Minute Diary looks really good. I actually plan to leave my journals behind for my kids to read someday, so that is always in the back of my mind as I’m writing. Maybe I should have a separate book for my deep, dark secrets. I’ll have to consider that;) 

6. Read Something!

So at this point I’m about 15-20 minutes into my morning - tops. Next,  I spend time reading. Usually about 10 minutes but sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on the day. During this time I read a non-fiction book on personal development or something related to business and entrepreneurship. Some of my favorites that I’ve read (or re-read) recently include: 

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

The Happiness Equation

The One Thing

Atomic Habits

Next up is Stories that Stick

Have you noticed that so far I haven’t mentioned things like “check email”, “read texts” “scroll through social media”? That’s because my goal here is to AVOID doing any of those things during this Morning Routine. I know that the minute I “check my phone”, the wheels can easily go off the proverbial bus and I head straight into the time-wasting vortex.  Am I perfect about this? No. But I am aware of the temptation and make a conscious decision to avoid it.

7. Move!

Next, I exercise for at least 30 minutes. Ever since  the world came crashing down in March I started doing on-line workouts almost every day. I miss my gym friends SO much but I have to say the time and money I save has been significant. I never thought I was motivated enough to work out at home, alone - but given no other option,  it’s just part of my routine. In particular I’ve gotten hooked on at-home yoga and am slowly getting better at it. I have a long way to go, but the beauty of doing it at home is that I can’t compare OR embarrass myself with others. In addition to yoga (which I aim to do everyday), I try to mix in some HIIT workouts, and I also love barre classes and go on walks/jogs a few times per week. YouTube is filled classes; it’s a matter of finding the ones that you like. It’s such a personal thing. Here are a few that I've been doing: 

Yoga with Adriene

Action Jacqueline (Yoga, Barre, HIIT)

30 Minute Strength Training Bootcamp (HIIT, weights - note the modifications!)

Speaking of exercise --- Here’s another little routine I started during quarantine...I read about habit stacking in the Atomic Habits book...and challenged myself to do 5 pushups every time I go to the bathroom. STRANGE, I know. But since I’m home all day, it’s an easy way to work them in and get stronger arms in the process. You could do standing countertop push-ups to start, and work up to real ones. You could also habit stack with something else (instead of the bathroom which may seem weird to you).  Maybe everytime you fill your water bottle or enter your kitchen, or open the fridge, etc. you do 5 pushups. Or maybe alternate squats with push-ups for variety. Just think of creative ways to sneak those powerhouse moves into your day. Can’t do push-ups yet? Here’s a great guide for how to start and work your way up. 

8. Last but not least...You guessed it -  #justgetdressed

I’d love to be able to tell you that I’m dressed to the shoes by 9am everyday, but that would be a big fat lie, especially these days. This new never-leave-the-house routine has definitely impacted my fashion choices;) 

That said, I so passionately believe in the power of clothes (and especially accessories) that I do consciously #justgetdressed (almost) every single day. And I find the earlier I get around to it, the better my day is.  

I’m not making this stuff up matters, it's impactful and it does NOT have to be hard. 

Actually I think it  can and should be  one of the most enjoyable things you do each day. That, my dear friends, is the missoin of B.Styled: 

 To help women like you leverage the power of personal style to create a better life.

So there you have it,  my morning routine. Do I miss days occasionally? Yes. Weekends can be especially hard. But my goal is progress not perfection. And I find the more I do it consistently, the more it just happens on autopilot.  And that’s the goal of routines and habits, right? 

I’m guessing many of you already have morning routines firmly in place. I love talking about this stuff, so I’ll be starting a thread over in the private #justgetdressed facebook group where we can talk about it. See you over there! 

Until then, drink your water, move your body and #justgetdressed. 

How to Wear Wide-Leg Pants

Wide-leg, lightweight pants are a great-looking and comfortable option in the summer. They are also a cool alternative to shorts and a more stylish option than traditional "capris".  (See more Casual, Cool Alternatives to Shorts here.)

And best of all, they'll take you into the fall as well, and can be worn casually, dressed up and to the office. 

BUT, they are one of the trickiest bottoms to pull off because the success of the look is entirely dependent on balancing proportions and wearing the right top, not to mention the shoes and accessories.  

So let's  break down how to wear wide-leg pants, with several outfits that can take you pretty much anywhere this summer and well into the fall too. 

How to Wear Wide Leg Pants

 Shirt, $49 |  Blazer | Chambray Shirt, $78 |  Budget Option,  $39.50 | Tan Sandals, $48 

Loafers, $48  | Straw Crossbody Bag, $29  | Straw Earrings (lightweight!), $10 

Coin Pre-layered Necklace, $52  | Cognac Bag, $199 | Wrap Bracelet  | Stretch Bracelet

We're all used to full length wide-leg pants, but the crop style is another story. And I hear some of you saying, "no way, Beth - it's not happening." If you're dead set against the style, you can substitute slim ankle pants like these and still create the looks below.  But remember, a style that seems crazy to you at first will start to look normal the more it's around, and this one seems to have staying power. I included some more pictures of them on various shaped and sizes at the bottom of post. 

First, let’s talk about what you should look for in the pants. The pair I'm wearing above is from Peach but no longer available.( I show lots of similar options at the bottom of the post.)  

I was able to find some great-looking navy crepe trousers from Nordstrom. They're on sale for $59 in sizes XXS – XXL in navy and white, and black for $30 here

Looking for plus size? This option from Lane Bryant in a similar crepe are great looking.

Another alternative is this pair from Lands End, also in crepe, pull-on with less fabric. Available in regular, plus and petite sizing. If you're afraid that the others will be too much fabric or add bulk to your frame, these are a great alternative. 

Like many wide-leg pants, the pair in the examples below is high-waisted. In general, the high-waist gives the illusion of longer legs and is most flattering when worn with a shorter or tucked /half-tucked top.

👉If you're short-waisted you'll want to look at pants with more of a mid-rise. Or wear your top untucked and slightly longer (to add length to to your torso).  Click here for Dressing Tips for Short Waist Figures. 

With regard to pant length, you have options. Because it's summer, I'm featuring a crop pant. If you want full length instead, the wide-leg pants need to be hemmed perfectly for your height, meaning that when you’re in a shoe, they need to be just about a half inch off the ground.  

Here's a pair of wide-leg, full length trousers from Banana Republic that come in petite, regular and several colors (including navy).  Long, wide-leg pants like these can make your legs look longer and they look best with a heel, even a low one.  If you get yours hemmed, make sure you do it to suit the heel height you'll be wearing. They'll look best with a heel that is either pointy or shows your toes.  

In the summer especially,  I love the look of wide-leg crop pants.  Generally, the area around the top of your ankle to the bottom of your calf is the ideal length. Once you start cutting through the middle of your calf, you enter capri territory, and you know I'm not a fan of capris. 

👉 don't want to put a horizontal line across the widest part of your calf - and this what the traditional capris of yester-year do. 

Depending on your frame, the width of the pant may be overwhelming. If that's the case, you can have these easily altered. If  they fit in the waist and hips/rear but are too voluminous in the legs, you can have them hemmed to your most flattering length and ask to have a little bit of fullness taken out. It’s an easy fix and well worth it. 

👉Tip for Petites: Instead of opting for a true wide leg with a leg opening between 22-26.5″, go for a pant with a leg opening of 17-20″

The outfits below are ideal for the office, a date, or a small get-together. As always, you can shop this post full of practical recommendations OR go to your closet and plug in similar pieces....keeping in mind proportions! 

Clean and Simple: Navy & White

Wide Leg Pants, $60  |  Shirt, $49 |  Sandals, $120  |  Bag, $34  |  Earrings, $42  | Sunglasses, $15

Short Necklace, $42  |  Long Pendant,  $84

This is one of my favorite looks because it’s elegant yet casual and cool at the same time.  It's the perfect use for a quality white tee that looks especially great knotted on the side or half tucked.  The outfts I'm wearing above were insprired by this look. 

👉TIP:  I use a clear rubber band like these to easily tie a knot without stretching out the top.

This slub scoop neck tee has a great structure which is important.  Because the pants are so full, you need a top that will help create balance.  If you wear a full, flowy top with wide leg pants, you will just look wide everywhere like a square....not a good look unless your name is Bob (i.e. Sponge Bob... Get it?? 😉 

The key to the top is that it be shorter or tucked/half-tucked or fitted and somewhat structured. It DOES NOT have to be skin tight (although a bodysuit would look amazing with these pants) but it also shouldn't be voluminous.

👉Remember, loose and flowy on the bottom means fitted on top.  And loose and flowy on top (a tunic top for example) means fitted on the bottom (i.e. slim fitting pants, skinny jeans, etc). 

The statement earrings add a splash of color and I like that they are a contrasting shade of blue, adding interest rather than "matching".  A long, simple pendant necklace works with the earrings without being too much and provides a visual vertical line down the middle that is always flattering.

You could also wear nude shoes, wedges, flats (especially if you're tall) or block heels. Stay away from kitten heels or very dainty sandals, as the wide leg of the pants would overwhelm them. Again, proprotion is key! 

Fresh Floral

Wide Leg Pants, $60  |  Blouse, $49 |  Sandals, $59  |  Bag, $29  |  Earrings, $42  | 

Double Necklace, $64 |  Cuff Bracelet, $52

Next, this patterned sleeveless top (from Banana Republic) is another pretty option and works well with the wide leg pants because it gathers at the waist, creating a beautiful shape. It's a pretty top for summer but could also be worn under a jacket this fall, or in the AC this summer.  If you don't like sleeveless, I saw this navy floral blouse....the Banana Republic tops  come in regular and petite up to  XXL, and are on sale.  

I just ordered the Cole Haan sandals shown. They are so comfortable and the heel is moderate in height so still flattering but easy to walk in.   And don't forget your jewlery makes the outfit... the finishing touch.  See how I show mixed metals above? Have fun and play around with accessories.

Monochromatic Chic

Wide Leg Pants, $60 |  Peplum Top, $40  | Blush Sandals, $48  |  Chain Link Necklace, $42

Cognac Bag, $199 (sale)  |  Leather Wrap Bracelet, $64

Last but not least...a gorgeous navy monochromatic look - always a winner for looking taller and slimmer. I added accents of blush and tan, and accessories with texture to keep it from looking flat. The blouse has some texture and adds interest with the buttons and sleeve details...the key to monochromatic dressing. And the peplum waist provides shape and structure too. 

That's it! I hope you found this informative and maybe you're willing to give wide-leg pants a try. They are yet another option if you don't like wearing shorts or leg-baring skirts....And, they still let you stay cool and stylish....and are so much better-looking than dated capris! (Here's another post with more ideas for alternatives to shorts).

Below are some more shopping options for them - and the sales going on these days are crazy!  Let us know in the comments if this is a style you'll try and go #justgetdressed. 😉

I'm Here for You....My Readers! 

My clients and followers inspire all of my content, and this post is not sponsored or paid for by brands or retailers. 

Recommendations are based on my experience as a personal stylist and wardrobe consultant.  My goal is to wade through the ocean of retail confusion for you,  and currate ideas to help you simplify fashion and look and feel your best so you can  #justgetdressed.  

I work with real women with real bodies and smart budgets who want to look chic and feel confident, but can be confused and overwelmed by what retailers and the fashion industry put out there.  

Some links are affiliate links, which means if you purchase via my site, I receive a small commission, but the prices you pay are no different at all.  I am aslo a brand ambassador for Peach, Stella & Dot and Beautycounter, so I'm available to provide personalized attention and help with those brands  - drop me a note any time with questions. .  

If you enjoy my content and would like to help me grow, please consider following b.styled Instagram and join my Private Facebook Group to access more advice and exclusive in-depth conversations with other like-minded women.

Thank you! 


How to Switch to Beautycounter on a Budget

Since joining Beautycounter about two years ago,  I’ve talked to a lot of people who want to make the switch from their products that are potentially harmful, but also want the most bang for their buck. I totally get it!

Beautycounter products are not cheap. They are comparable to department store prices, not Target. 

But you don’t need to spend a fortune and overhaul all your products at once. It’s a process, and I want to share some ways you can make the switch without breaking the bank..

When I first tried Beautycounter, I had a mish-mash of beauty products and didn't pay attention to ingredients at all.  

I was primarily concerned with anti-aging, so I had tried a bunch of  high-end moisturizers (that didn’t work),  but with the rest of my products, the cheaper the better. 

Then I met Meredith..(my Beautycounter mentor) at a time when a close family member was suffering with cancer. I started to educate myself more on ingredients and quality of the products I put on my skin. 

At that time, the Overnight Resurfacing Peel was getting a lot of great press and reviews so I decided to give it a try, although  with skepticism. 

Well, I was blown away and still use it religiously today.  The results were noticeable in just a few days. It has definitely reduced the size of my pores and improved the texture and brightness of my skin...with no dryness or irritation. 

Finally a product that actually showed results - quickly.  And because it worked so well, I was okay spending money on it. 

The fact that I knew it was safe and clean was an added and important bonus.  

I figured a quality nighttime moisturizer is a heavy-hitter too, so I added that to my regimen as well.

And you know I'm a lipstick girl and could totally buy into the importance of that being clean too. Now I'm a Beautycounter lipstick collector;) See my favorites here.

So maybe pick the area most important to you and zero in on products that address that - and start with one or two.  Beautycounter has a money-back guarantee too and returns are free and easy...even if you used the product. 

More Tips for Switching to Clean Beauty Products on a Budget


If you research the ingredients on your products (the Never List is a great resource for this) and realize a lot need to go, don’t panic. Start by switching out one or two products for safer alternatives. If you need help with this, let me know. A good rule of thumb is to either start with the product you can’t live without or the product you’re running out of. 


Beautycounter has collections for all categories, and they can be a great way to save money. When buying the collection over individual products, you’ll save anywhere from 10-20%. Beautycounter created a skincare quiz that will recommend 4 skincare products plus 2 additional products that meet your specific needs. When you buy the 4 skincare products through the quiz, you save 10%.

Some other sets worth noting:

  1. Flawless in Five – Complete everyday makeup set that only takes 5 minutes to do
  2. Get the Look – Four safer, high-performing products that take your every day look to the next level
  3. Countercontrol Regimen – My teen son was dealing with acne and we switched him over as well. What a difference! Acne creams and washes can be loaded with lots bad stuff, and his skin is so much better since making the switch. 

Consider signing up for a Band of Beauty Membership. It’s $29 for the year, and you get free shipping on orders $100+,  and 10% product credit for every dollar you spend.

*That means if you spend $100 on product purchases, you will get $10 towards your next purchase!

Plus, you'll receive a Hydrating Body Lotion in Citrus Mimosa ($25 USD value) as their gift to you when you become a member and spend $50+ in product purchases.

There’s no auto-ship to manage, just money-saving benefits that more than cover the fee. You can learn more about the membership and add it to your order here.

The best saving in my mind is to join  Beautycounter and become an advocate (that’s really what consultants are). As a consultant, you save 25% on products and earn 25-35% of what you sell. Plus, you’re helping bring about change in the beauty industry.

It can be as easy as sharing the information with your friends and family and helping them make the switch too. The cost is only $50 and entitles you to over 40% discounts on products when you join.  And I will be here to help you along the way (along with my mentor Meredith who has been with the company since the beginning and is so wonderful and supportive). 

As always, if you have any questions about Beautycounter products/ingredients, how to find safer products, or anything else, leave a comment or email me!

That's all for now... Remember -  keep in clean, and #justgetdressed;)

My Top 10 Go-To Beauty Products

Today we're talking all things beauty products!

When it comes to beauty products are you in a committed relationship, or do you tend to play the field?

I generally fall into the "jump around and play the field camp" (in the beauty product department that is;)  

I'm not loyal to just one brand, and I'm always on the lookout for new products. I also love learning from people like Angie from HotandFlashy about anti-aging skincare, but I try to balance that by trying to simplify things and get decent results with the fewest products. 

So while I am constantly changing things ups and experimenting there are a handful of products  I find myself repurchasing over and over. 

Today I'm sharing those top 10 go-to's...and many (5 out of the 10) are from Beautycounter, a favorite clean beauty brand that I represent.

 Currently they are having a 15% off Friends and Family sale too! 

My Top 5 Beautycounter Go-To's

I always (naively) assumed that  "someone" was insuring that the stuff in the products our family puts on their skin and in their mouths were tested for safety. However, the amount of chemicals in some of the products  we use daily is shocking. Since learning more, I have made an effort to move my family over to  more safe products, especially the things I use on my skin daily.

Like many premium, high-quality brands, Beautycounter is not "discount-happy", meaning the price is the price, and the value is there, and you won't see a lot of crazy promotions. They do occasionally have sales - like right now - so it's a great time to stock up or try the brand.  

Here are my favorites picks that I use religiously: 

This peel is a game changer.  You put it on before you head to bed and it helps bring your dull skin back to life and shows almost immediate results (unusual, I know, but true).  You will feel this peel when you put it on; I use it at least 3 to 4 times a week.  I wait 5 minutes after applying before adding my ​nighttime  moisturizer.

 If I HAD to pick one item to get - this product would be it, hands down.  I'm using the sale to get more.


I've been all over the map with cleansers but have settled on this on as my favorite. The creamy foam gets your skin squeaky clean without , removes every trace of eye and face make-up and leaves your skin soft and smooth, not dry and tight.  And since I hit my 50's, I have really sensitive eyes, and this one does not bother them one bit. 

Countermatch Cleanser

I use this day cream, Countermatch Adaptive Moisturizer every morning after the cleanser and after my  serums (numbers 6 &7 below) - and before my sunscreen (which I also love and get on amazon through subscribe & save). 

I use this night cream, Countertime Tetrapeptide Supreme Cream every night before bed. I even use it under my eyes in lieu of a separate eye product. It's deeply hydrating,  supports elasticity, and visibly firms while minimizing the look of fine lines and wrinkles. 


  • Retinatural Complex: We took two of the most powerhouse plant-derived ingredients available and created a scientific breakthrough. Bakuchiol has been shown to provide skin-care results that are comparable to retinol—without harmful side effects such as skin irritation and increased sun sensitivity—and Swiss Alpine rose boosts the skin’s antioxidant defense.
  • Tetrapeptide: Helps increase skin elasticity, minimize the appearance of lines, boost visible firmness, and smooth skin surface.
  • Fermented Sugars (Biosaccharide Gum-1): This blend of fermented sugars helps soothe skin while helping slow the visible effects of aging by optimizing hydration for renewed skin.
BC day cream


My eye-makeup collection is pretty minimal.  I a I use these three Beautycounter products:

  1. This is the only eyeshadow palette I own because the colors are so pretty, neutral and easy to use for a novice.  There are 4 options for palettes, so choose the one that suits you. And check out the Beautycounter tutorials here
  2. If I use an eye pencil (which I don't always do) I use this one in brown.
  3. I love this brow gel and use it to color, fill and shape my brows. (It's out of stock right now unfortunately,  but you can be notified when it's back. It's worth the wait!) 
beautycounter eyeshadow

5. Lippies! 

I absolutely LOVE Beautycounter lipsticks.  The fact that something going so close to my mouth is safe is obviously important, and I also love the way they glide on, how they taste and smell, and the colors!   If I could only have one type of make-up, I'd pick lipstick.  I feel naked and washed out without it (and can use it as blush in a pinch;)

I use the lip gloss (love dahlia)) The Sheer Lipstick is what I have in my pocket and in my car at all times (usually in Rose), but I'm a lipstick fanatic so I have several shades.

For a more intense color, I just got this one  -  I love the design on the tube - and the color is a vibrant pink, great for summer (I have B.Fearless, neutral pink). I also love the lip gloss (I use dahlia).


More Products I Buy on Repeat

I use this serum each morning after cleanser - all over my face, and then down my neck, chest and back of hands.  I've been using it since March and notice an improvement in my skin. I use it daily and liberally, so this brand has been a big money saver too. I found out about it from Angie and it's formulated with the same exact ingredients as SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic but with 20% pure L-Ascorbic acid making it more a small fraction of the price.

Vitamin C Serum

Next to the Beautycounter Overnight Resurfacing Peel,  this serum is my other favorite heavy-hitter, result-producing product. There are so many serums and potions that Angie recommends layering on, but I like to use  this one for me is a single product with powerful ingredients and I've seen great results.  The EVER  line of beauty products is from our friends at Stella & Dot and recently they combined under the same umbrella, so it's another collection I can personally help you with. So far this is my favorite product I've tried - and it's a best-seller with proven results.  I've been using for 45 days and plan to re-order! You can save 10% by getting on auto-delivery too.   

I use it in the morning after the Vitamin C and before my moisturizer. I use it in the pm on the nights I don't use the peel, before I moisturize with the Beautycounter Supreme Cream

Youthful Serum

I've been using this foundation or the CC cream for years and keep going back to it. I use the oil-free bye-bye foundation when I want more coverage, and the illuminating CC cream on most other days.  You can buy it at Ulta, Sephora, etc...or QVC also has the CC cream  with a great brush and free shipping. 

9. Honest Beauty Extreme Length Mascara + Primer 

I forget who turned me on to this 2 in 1, clean mascara (from the company founded by Jessica Alba), but whoever you are - thank you! It's affordable, clean and it WORKS. I get it on amazon with subsubscribe and save so I don't forget to replace it. 

honest mascara

I DO know who turned me on to this secret weapon (thank you Carol Kolster)! This pencil in Stella is my "I got 9 hours of sleep" tool. She taught me to put it in the inner corner of my eye and on my brow bone. I even run it along my lower water line. The brightening effect is magical! 

There you have it - my top 10 beauty products I use on repeat.

Now, do tell! What products to you repurchase over and over? We'd love to hear what's working for you! Share below, or over in the private B.Styled Facebook Group!

Thanks for reading and remember to #justgetdressed;)

Your Summer Wardrobe Checklist


How about a simple checklist or roadmap to help you build a summer wardrobe that makes it easy (and fun) to #justgetdressed. Sounds good, right?

Well, almost every woman I’ve ever worked with starts out with this same or similar issue: 

“I have a mish-mash of clothes, a closet that’s bursting at the seams, and most days I end up feeling frustrated and completely uninspired by what I finally put on my body.”

When I ask her what she’d like to achieve with our time together, her answer is usually some variation on this theme: 

“A stylish, mix and match wardrobe  that makes it easy and painless  to get dressed each day feeling stylish, comfortable and confident."

The key is that despite what you may think,  you don’t need more clothes. But you do need the right clothes. 

And that’s what the B.Styled Summer Wardrobe Checklist does for you.  I’ve put together a checklist of items that all work together to create innumerable chic, modern and comfortable looks. EASILY.

Remember the goal here: Less stuff, more style, smarter shopping. 

24 Pieces to a Stylish, Fun and Easy Summer


Now that you have the list, let's go through the step-by-step process of making it work for you.  And scroll down to see how I can help you personally if you wish.

Into Your Closet You Go....

First, head to your closet with the checklist and look for the pieces you already own.  

But ladies, let's do this with a critical eye. For example, If the pants you're checking off are 3-5 years old, there is a good chance they're dated. I know it sounds harsh, but I’m here to give you the straight talk. Like it or not, styles change - especially when it comes to pieces like pants and shoes.  It’s probably a big conspiracy by the retailers and fashion-designers, but it’s reality. And if you want to look and feel current and modern, you need to update key pieces every few years.

That said, if you’ve been following me and taking my advice over the years, chances are many of the items on the list are pieces you bought in prior seasons - and guess what? They probably still work (if they are in good shape and they fit and flatter you - today).  


We need to get out of the habit of feeling like we’re “starting over” each season.  Did you get white jeans last spring or summer that you LOVE? That's a major coup... Check them off the list.  Do you have khaki capris with pockets on the legs from 5 years ago? Give them away.  And please don’t send me hate mail;)

Identify What's Missing

The next step is to circle  the items you're missing on the list - that you actually LIKE. 

If you hate florals though, you are NOT to circle the floral dress or top.

No one is saying that you have to wear florals just because I put it on the list or a trend blog says it’s a “must have”.  

But be open-minded...If you like the idea of floral patterns but feel like you “can’t” wear them because of some arbitrary rule you’ve imposed on yourself - that's no bueno. 

But maybe you just don’t like florals, or you don’t like the ones I picture. NO worries!  

Maybe you’re more of a geometric pattern girl like me….Look to add interest and pattern to your wardrobe that way instead.  You do you!  (And my shopping recommendations include alternatives as well). 

Consider Adding Some Seasonal Trends

Next, pick a few seasonal trends that you’ve been eying and want to introduce. Maybe you only want to add one, none, or all of them....Or maybe you have "trends" from this spring that you love and look forward to wearing.  Check them off!

Build Your Outfits

Finally...the fun part.  It's time to #justgetdressed. 

WEAR your clothes, don’t save them. Have fun with them, mix and match, and accessorize. Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing the outfits I’m wearing based on this checklist.  

Visit the free #justgetdressed Facebook group and share your looks, get advice and shopping tips.

 Play along with me and #justgetdressed  - and love the way you look (and feel) this summer - and beyond. 

Here are a few looks from life over the past weeks built from the checklist:


Affiliate Links: 

Blue Top (lots of colors)   •    ponte blazer (white, black, navy)   •    tan leather sandals   •     White Joggers (new full-length version)   •   black ponte ankle pants  •   White Jeans

  Nude low heel sandals   •    Colorful Bracelets   •    Snake Print Flats   •    White Strappy Bra   •    Pendant Necklace   •    Straw Crossbody Bag   •   Black Athletic Sneakers


Affiliate Links: 

Pattern Top (many options)  
   New Straight Leg Jeans   •   White Sandals

White Dress   • Fun Earrings   •   Colorful Bracelets   

Solid Color Top (many options)   •   White Strappy Bra (may colors, looks great showing under tops)   • delicate gold hoops and necklace (beautiful solo or layered) 


Affiliate Links: 


Maybe you've reached the end and still feel confused and overwhelmed. Fear not! If you want some personal help assembling your summer wardrobe, I've got you. 

I’m introducing a bite-sized, virtual,  1:1, personal shopping service at a special rate:  30 minutes  for $30. We'll decide based on your needs how many 30 minute slots it will take.  

I'll provide recommendations for the items you’re missing based on your unique body, taste, style and budget.  Email me with questions and click here to sign up and get the process started:


Here's my last lecture words of advice/encouragement:

Summer is an easy time to let getting dressed slip - and being in the midst of a pandemic and social distancing certainly doesn't help.

But remember, #justgetdressed is more than just an alternative to nudity;) 

Spending a few minutes each day to put yourself together will pay dividends in terms of your mood, productivity and even relationships. So get to it ladies! 


Best White Jeans for Grown-ups

It's Memorial Day weekend... so if you're a follower of the "no white jeans before Memorial Day" rule - it's time to break them out. But, if you're like me, you never put them away. During quarantine,  I haven't worn my white jeans even once. Then again,  I've barely worn denim jeans much either. Now that we are slowly getting out a bit more, so will the white jeans.  They are my favorite summer "going out" pants...and it's so worth it when you find the right-for-you pair. 

I know they are hard to get right though!  I also know it's impossible to diagnosis everyone's jean predicament in a blog post. But I've done A LOT of white jeans research (so you don't have to) and here's a rundown of my top 8 picks in various cuts and budgets. 

But wait...before we begin, let's all make sure we have the right undies on, shall we? Nude color (not white) with no VPL's (google it;) is the only way to go. Find the pair/style that you like.  FYI I personally wear these:  incognito hipster and simply soft thongs... and the boyshorts in the summer with dresses. 

Don't forget to check the rear view! 

Now, for my Top 8 White Jean Picks....The key to on-line shopping for jeans is to pay close attention to the rise and inseam (use your measuring tape)and read the reviews like a pro. Ideally, find a reviewer with a similar shape as you.  And use the B.Styled #justgetdressed Facebook Group to ask questions and get advice. 

Ok, here we go! 

1. NYDJ Curves 360:  Comes in regular, petite, plus and petite plus. Straight leg, ankle.  Ideal for curvy hourglass and pear shapes.   10" front rise; 15" back rise, 27” inseam

2. NYDJ Marilyn Straight Leg, high rise. Great alternative to skinny jeans and you can cuff them to get an ankle length, or wear them long with heels. Good choice for larger legs and calves.   10" front rise; 15" back rise, 32” inseam

3. Wit and Wisdom Ab Solution, regular and petite. Tummy slimming inner panel and high rise -- a fan favorite!   10 1/4" front rise; 27” inseam, 25” petite inseam

4. Paige Skyline Skinny: crop, raw hem, mid-rise. I've had Skyline skinnies for years and they are great for straighter figures who don't like high rise. This crop pair is great for petites. On sale! 9 1/4" front rise; 25” inseam

5. AG Prima Ankle Cigarette Jean:  Another mid-rise favorite of many. Very high quality, just enough stretch and they hold their shape. 9 1/4" front rise, 28” inseam

6. AG Farrah Skinny Ankle, High-Rise, Crop: Top pick for high rise skinny.  Very high quality, stretchy, light weight denim, not see-thru.  Sewn/faux front pocket gives a nice smooth appearance.  Slim fit but not too tight in the knees.  These are high-rise, but not super high. 9.75" rise, 27" inseam.

7. Good Legs by Good American High Rise Crop Skinny:  Reg and Plus. Curve hugging, highly rated.  Great for curvy hourglasses and pears.   10" front rise 27” inseam

8. Scoop Raw Hem Kick Crop Flares: I love this brand, and you’ll never guess the retailer. I ordered these after reading about them and haven’t received them yet so the jury is out,  but I thought they looked so fun - and you can’t beat the price for a trendier pair of jeans. 

Do you have a pair of white jeans you love? Help your friends out and post about them in the B.Styled #justgetdressed Facebook group.  We’d love to hear and you’ll be helping out other white jean shoppers! 

Happy weekend, friends! 

Spring and Summer Shoe Tips

This is an update from a post from a year ago. Things  sure are different this May 2020 aren't they? #understatement. 

But in reality, the shoe info I shared last May holds true again this year. So rather than do a new video, I'm updating this post. That way you don't have to see my gray, spray- painted roots. Sound good? 

 I've also updated the links to some new shoe suggestions. 

If I had to pick ONE shoe that we all "need", especially during this time, it would be hip white sneakers. They are a no-brainer because they are obviously comfortable and practical, but also cool, hip and youthful. Whether you are 20 or 95,  you can wear these and look great. I give lots of suggestions below. 

Here are ideas or sneakers, flats and heels. Yes they are neutral, and yes they are basic. AND if you have all three of these bases covered, yay for you...You are welcome to graduate to a statement shoe if you wish;) But, if you're looking for great-looking, comfortable shoes that will work with most spring/summer casual you go! 

Scroll below the collage to see shopping links and  click the tiny >arrow on the right and left of the picture to scroll through to see sneakers, flats and heels. 

You can also click HERE to see all my Spring/ Summer Shoe Picks - and I will be updating and adding to the collection all season.

I truly hope this helps! 

Head over to the free private #justgetdressed Facebook group to share your shoe woes and we will help; I promise!  

xo, Beth

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