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Earlier this week I wrote about the need to have a plan in place for the times when you must get dressed – for real (i.e. not your usual day-to-day looks and no jeans, yoga pants or even leggings).

These are the events that often pop up unexpectedly and can put us out of our comfort zone.  Click here to read the post if you missed it.

Today I’m talking about how having your BASICS at the ready at all times not only helps with those dressing emergencies, but with them you can easily pull together daily looks that are sharp and polished but still fun and hip.

I teach in my B.Style Style Systems ™ that before you go out and buy the latest and greatest seasonal trends –  fun colors and patterns and funky shoes (you know who you are;) – you really need to have the basics in place.

Included with the Spring Style System™ is a special bonus catalog with the Back to Basic Essentials and links to find them in various price points from various retailers.  And if you are striking out and not finding what works- members can reach out to me and get my personalized recommendations.

These are the pieces that have to be just right.  They might not be exciting but they are the closet workhorses that deserve both your attention and your budget dollars.

Today I got dressed using only basic pieces, to show how the same outfit foundation can be worn for various types of looks.  The possible combinations are limitless, but this gives you an idea:

  • a classic winter-to-spring transition look
  • a workwear look (works all year round too)
  •  a casual or weekend look.

I only changed my shoes, my “3rd Piece,” and the jewelry.

The pants and striped top stayed the same (note that my jcrew striped top is technically navy and white, but the navy is so dark I’m pretending it’s black.

Even the shoes and jackets that changed are all classic staples…nothing really trendy or exciting.  But each look stands on its own and works (at least in my opinion;)

My favorite tip is the addition of modern jewelry to help to  jazz up the outfits.

In this case, my go-to (that I always have at the ready) is a long pendant necklace – one in silver, one in gold, and hoops or simple but modern earrings, also in gold and silver.   These  necklaces both come with 2 unique chains that can be worn separately or together.  Versatile.

As you may know,  I’ve added Stella & Dot to my list of preferred vendors that I represent (see all of them here).  I know it’s not inexpensive,  but I believe the superior quality and gorgeous designs make the prices reasonable and fair  (the earrings above are $39 each).  I’m so impressed with the company, its mission and the women behind the brand.

If you’re ever interested in hosting a trunk show either in person or virtually (and earning free accessories)  just let me know.  And if you’ve ever thought about making extra money while indulging in your love of fashion and accessories…I’d love to have you join my team.  

I’m also featuring a favorite and fun bag that is uber versatile and functional.

On the left, I’m carrying it as tote, but it also expands (with a simple, easy, built-in zipper) to a large travel/weekender bag (pictured on the right).  It works perfectly as a carry-on too, and gives you extra room for your purchases during your travels.

The bag come in two sizes (mine is the larger getaway bag) and they come in several patterns and colors.  I think the black & cream stripe is the ideal neutral, while being more interesting than solid black or brown.   If I were to get a colorful version, this one totally jumps out at me, but there are more subtle patterns as well.

So, my friends, before you go hog wild buying all those fun, new and colorful spring clothes, pleeeeease make sure your BASICS are in place first.

To help you avoid going hog wild shopping, why not spend $49 on my Spring Style System™  instead — and get a list, a plan, 21+ outfit formulas, plus personalized styling support from yours truly.  And much more – click here to learn about it.

I’d love to have you join if you haven’t already!

There’s a 14 day money-back-guarantee, so if you decide it’s not for you, you can get a full refund, no questions asked.

That my friends, is what we call a NO-BRAINER.

So, the next time you’re roaming the aisles at TJMaxx (or wherever) and are tempted to add a 28th black/navy or gray top to your wardrobe….think of me;)

….And divert those hard-earned funds to learning how to make your wardrobe work for you – and #justgetdressed, with ease.

That’s it for today.  Thanks for reading and have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend.








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