“Cancel Cancel”

Years ago, my husband Bill went to a corporate sales/ motivational /psychology session.  I remember he came home rolling his eyes a bit about the entire experience  (he’s not exactly the most open to pop psychology;)  But he did relay something to me that he learned  and it totally stuck with me and we use it on each other all the time now.

When you catch yourself engaging in “self bashing”, either in your head or out loud, instead say – out loud – “cancel cancel”. To this day, if I put myself down or say something like ‘I’m such a disaster” (i.e. when I can’t find my keys or think I’ve lost my phone despite the fact that I’m talking on it) he says “cancel cancel.”

So how does this little story relate to you, to personal style and to what I do in my business?  Hang in there with me, because it totally does.  Every day I speak to women – be they clients or friends, and I constantly hear  things like:

I hate my thighs.  I hate my arms.  I hate my butt.  I hate my tummy rolls. My boobs are too big (huh? really?)  I hate my wrinkles.

You get the idea.  And chances are you do the same thing; we all do.  But I want our little world of women to try our best to replace those negative self thoughts with positive ones.  And at the very least, when the negative thoughts creep in, instead say “cancel cancel”.   Try it, and use it on your friends and family as well.  It’s a great lesson to teach our kids too.

We are half way through my B.Styled 10 Day #justgetdressed Challenge.  Saturday 6/18 is Day 6 and the challenge is:


Find something about your body that you love and embrace it and highlight it.  It could be your shoulders, your strong legs, you beautiful eyes or gorgeous hair.  Heck, it could be a great pedicure or manicure that you show off with sandals or a statement ring.  Find something positive and run with it!

And the next time the words….I hate my ______ come out of your mouth, immediately replace them with “cancel cancel.”

And click here to join the challenge and the amazing party we are having on the private Facebook group.  If you’re curious what the other challenges have been so far, scroll through them below  maybe try them yourself!

Now, go have a great weekend and #justgetdressed.

Cheers!  Beth

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