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28 Day Shopping Detox

I'm happy to report that with 2 days until Christmas, I am feeling quite chill and relaxed. I've realized that a big part of this is having older kids and none of the pressure and expectation that comes with good ole' Santa Clause.  I miss the guy, but it does reduce the stress level, don't you think??

My guys want very little in terms of gifts (clothes and cash sums it up) and it's just fun having them home. This year I promised myself to not sweat the little-ish irritations that come with having college kids home for 6 weeks, and instead just enjoy the chaos.  So far so good. 

Talk to me on January 22nd.

 Oh, and the food situation is a problem. The grocery bill is ridiculous and "there's never any food in the house."

 But anyway, now that all the holiday gift shopping is (hopefully) behind us, and our winter wardrobes are (hopefully) in place and fabulous....guess what it's time for???

In mid-January and February, I have something really special for you....the 


Together we are going to commit to using what we OWN, saving money (and tracking the money we save) and giving up any gratuitous, unnecessary shopping.

And, of course, we're going to #justgetdressed in outfits that make us look and feel our best.

Are you in?

Click here to get on the waitlist and be notified when the Challenge launches.  

In the meantime, please enjoy this special time with your family and friends, and know how grateful I am to have you on my email list - and in my life.

Thank you for reading my emails, following me on social, and being a part of my paid programs. Your business and support means the world to me.

If you haven't already, I invite you to join my free, private 

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Ask questions, get advice, inspiration and tips!

Happy Holidays and I'll "see you" in 2020!



Summer Prep Challenge: Week One – Exercise & Arms

Hi Friends!Are you like me, and only able to start new routines or habits on Mondays? I’ve always had a mental block about this, and I don’t think I’m alone.  

Welp, guess what?It’s Monday! And if you’re reading this  on a different day, that’s just fine, because as mom always said, “there’s no time like the present.”

Unlike fad diets or crazy exercise regimes that go by the wayside quickly, let’s institute daily lifestyle HABITS that we’ll l continue forever.  Develop positive, simple habits that will become part of our lives, not something we start on Mondays and stop by the weekend.  Ok?A while back in one of my Weekend Updates, I made this book my “It’s All Good” feature.  I highly recommend you grab it on Amazon or the library if you haven’t already.   And if you have a graduate in your life…it makes a great gift! The basic idea of the book is that success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day. Success comes from doing things that are simple to do….but the catch is that these things are simple NOT TO DO as well.  The principals can be applied to every area of life, from health and wellness to finances to careers to relationships and more.   

This week, let’s focus on 3 habits that we can tweak and customize to fit our own personal goals and situation:

  1. Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water. So if you weigh 150 lbs, your goal is to drink 75 ounces of water EVERY DAY.  I set 5 daily alarms on my phone for 8am, 11am, 1pm, 4pm and 8pm and I drink my yeti tumbler when the alarm goes off.  Fellow B.Styler, Olise, shared this tip with me and it’s been a game changer.  Do what works for YOU.  But down the hatch, one way or another! 

2. Work those ARMS 3-4 days per week, doing the arm routine explained here.   And here’s a visual rundown of the exercises.  Done consistently, weight-bearing exercises like these will show real results. 

3. Let’s add 30 minutes of movement 3-4 times per week. You could walk, jog, bike, take a class…whatever works for YOU and YOUR daily routine.  Figure out what time of day you are most likely to do exercise consistently.  Everyone is different and there is no right or wrong answer.  

Prediction…If you do these three consistently,  you’ll find yourself being more productive and eating more healthfully as a  result. We’ll talk nutrition next week (with a special expert guest star)  but for now, let’s DRINK (H20;) and MOVE our bodies. 

 And as always, don’t forget to #justgetdressed ūüėČPlease share your tips, tricks, ideas for how you will- or have – established these lifelong routines in the private #justgetdressed Facebook group.  This group is filled with amazing, motivating women with so much knowledge and wisdom…please share so we can all benefit and be the BEST version of ourselves.The “Challenges” will be broken out as UNITS in the Facebook Group, so you can easily follow along and track your progress.  See you in the group! xo,Beth


The 5 Minute Challenge

Helloooo!¬† Who’s up for a little #justgetdressed challenge?


Over the next few days, I want you to time yourself each time you get dressed.

Don’t rush, don’t do anything differently.¬† Just go about your routine as usual, but keep track of how long it takes you to get dressed – from head to toe…shoes included.¬† (We’re not including hair or make-up – that’s a different challenge altogether;)

What’s the verdict?¬† On average, how long does it take you to #justgetdressed on a typical day??


I want you to imagine you have to get dressed for the following FOUR activities.  Time how long it takes for you to pull together a head-to-toe outfit from your closet for:

  • An interview for your ultimate dream job, or a major presentation in front of an import client/co-workers, etc.
  • A party or reunion where you’ll run into that ex-boyfriend from high school, college, etc. who broke your heart.¬† I’m just kidding about this one (sort of;) but you get the idea.
  • A business dinner with an important muckity-muck from your company or your significant other’s company
  • A funeral

It’s no surprise that the most common B.Styled SOS calls/texts I get revolve around these type of “special” events.

This is what I’ve found working with countless women like you, and receiving countless (and often humorous) texts and SOS calls:

The frustration of every day dressing can make us become apathetic, convincing ourselves that:

a) we don’t care how we dress¬† ¬†(If you’re honest, deep down you do care)

b)¬† it doesn’t matter how we look¬† (Newsflash: it does matter, and it impacts your career, your relationships and your mood.)

So we end up wearing the same 20% (or less) of our wardrobes day in and out.¬† Or we default to yoga pants and tee shirts, without the yoga.¬† I’ve been there, done that, and know how it feels.

What about when you HAVE TO get dressed??

On the flip side,¬† when a “special event” comes around¬† we go into panic mode, sending SOS calls to our favorite stylist (that’s me, and feel free, I’m here for you;) and making desperate, emergency purchases.

Or even worse, we end up opting out of the event and staying home.

No. More.

It can, and should, be different…and better.

What if you could get dressed everyday,  and for just about any occasion Рin 5 minutes flat?

And more importantly, what if you could feel confident, beautiful and comfortable with both the process and the outfits?

This is a skill that can be learned by anyone,¬† and my B.Styled Style System‚ĄĘ will teach you to master it.

We are going to practice, and make it a habit – so it becomes easy (and actually fun) to #justgetdressed.

When you eliminate the stress and frustration and feel confident that what you’re wearing works for you, you can forget about your clothes.¬† Then you can put your focus and energy on the important things in your life —¬† and conquer your day, dazzle your boss and¬† make that ex rue the day he dumped you.¬† Ha!

Getting dressed can become your secret weapon that helps you carry yourself with more confidence, feeling beautiful and comfortable in your own skin, and your own clothes.

“Sure Beth, sounds great, but I need to lose weight first…then I’ll start dressing better.”

Here is where my psychology degree kicks in and I start throwing around smarty pants terms like neuroplasticity and the concept of  what we focus on Рgrows.  

When people start to dress better, they immediately start to feel better…. and I would argue eat better too.. and this has a ripple effect in terms of health and wellness.¬† ¬† ¬†I joke that we’re less likely to eat that box of donuts when we’re wearing a great outfit versus when we’re in yoga pants and an old t-shirt.¬† Am I right??

When you give yourself the opportunity to be well dressed everyday – without the struggle and stress – you change that negative or apathetic¬† inner voice into¬† one that tells you “I’m worth it”,¬† “I’m polished”,¬† ” I deserve to look and feel my best.”¬† ¬†Just the way you are.¬†¬†

The idea is to spend LESS time, not more, getting dressed…

…and the B.Styled Style Systems‚ĄĘ lets you do just that.¬† ¬†You can learn all about the Spring Style System HERE.¬†

This is NOT a cookie cutter, everyone- wear- the-same-thing program.

The Style System‚ĄĘ helps you create unique outfits using what works for YOU,¬† and what you already own.

The outfit formulas leave plenty of room for individual style, taste, budget and body type -while giving you the roadmap and focus to make it easy to #justgetdressed each day in 5 minutes or less.

Learn more about the Style System HERE, or¬† better yet, go straight to the sign up HERE.¬† ūüėČ

The affordable price of the system, and¬† the 14 day money back guarantee really make it a no-brainer.¬† I hope you’ll join us!

Now go grab your timer and #justgetdressed ūüėČ



3 Steps to Get Dressed in 5 Minutes (or less)

You’re standing in your closet, ¬†staring at the jumbled mass of clothing called your wardrobe.

Running late, you grab the same old pants and top, throw them on,  and leave the house feeling less than inspired about you how you look.

Yes, technically you’re “dressed,” but words like confident, pulled together, and stylish do NOT come to mind when you think about how you’re dressed.

Let’s face it,…not the ideal way to start your day, is it?

What if you could spend 5 MINUTES in your closet, ¬†#justgetdressed, ¬†and walk out into your day looking and feeling your best. ¬†Then¬†¬†you can STOP thinking about what you’re wearing, and ¬†instead focus on the important things in your life.

Maybe you’ll be more productive? ¬†Be in ¬†a better mood? ¬†Show up with more confidence?

My goal at B.Styled is to help you build a great wardrobe that expresses YOUR style and supports YOUR life.  And when you #justgetdressed, it has a positive ripple effect on other areas of your life.

See the video below for 3 Steps to take to help you get dressed looking and feeling your personal best — in less than 5 minutes:


Thanks for reading/watching!

Now, go #justgetdressed. ūüėČ