Week of July 17th

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1. Quickie Style Tip: Summer Column of Color

2. Hot Trend Alert: Coastal Grandmother Style

Have you heard of this hot new trend? Don’t let the name deceive you…The term was actually coined by a Gen Z tiktoker (go figure!) And lucky for me, you don’t have to be a grandmother to jump on board!

Here’s a quote from a Today Show article that captures the essence of the aesthetic: “I would describe it as very neutral, classic staples in light shades … it’s very crisp, very clean,” said New York City-based personal stylist Samantha Brown. “It’s sort of like a nod to this timeless, moneyed — but not flashy — coastal grandma.”

 Here’s an article with more details if you’re interested,..and trust me, now you’re going to see references to it everywhere. 

Sunday’s Outfit Prompt from the Summer Style System was right in line with this style.

Here’s my take on it (along with the tortoise readers mentioned in the article). 🤓

Summer schedules are different (and hopefully more relaxed).  One thing we ALL still have to do each day though is #justgetdressed.

Let me help you leverage this daily habit with a list, a plan, and 21 done-for-you outfit templates —  each delivered to your inbox the night before.

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Thanks for being here today.  Enjoy your day and have a wonderful week ahead.

And,  #justgetdressed.