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Style System Concierge  Service

Work With Me

Taking the Style System to the Next Level 

Create a functional and fabulous wardrobe, (starting with what you own) that reflects and enhances your own signature style. 

We will follow my proven 1:1  approach, starting with what you own, then filling in what’s missing, choosing items that are tailored to your shape, and your personality. 

Together we will create a capsule wardrobe that works for you and the way you live your life today.  

You’ll always look and feel confident and pulled together...whether lounging at home, working in the office, on a zoom, or anywhere in-between.   

And I’ll make personalized recommendations based on your budget that eliminate the guesswork and willy-nilly shopping.  This works whether you shop at Target or Saks.

This  1:1 transformational program is based on my step-by-step process, broken into bite-sized, manageable pieces...with NO overwhelm. And no need to leave home. 

You’ll change the way you see yourself, the way you carry yourself, and the way you #justgetdressed.  And you’ll have fun in the process, I promise.

The 4-Step Process

step 1

Learning your Style and Your Style Goals

  • You'll fill out a questionnaire with details about your lifestyle, body shape, taste, challenges, budget, favorite brands and specific needs/wants. 
  • We'll determine your 3 Personal Style Words that will guide us throughout the entire process.
step 2

The Season Capsule Wardrobe Collection

  • You’ll receive the Style System Capsule and Checklist for the season. This is a curated collection of mix and match pieces. Some pieces are seasonal, some are year-round, all are appropriate for the season you are in currently
  • You’ll receive a link to your own, private Virtual Closet, organized based on the Style System Checklist and customized for your needs. It has 3 sections: FINDS (items I find for you) CLOSET (items you own) and LOOKS (outfits using the items) Here's an example of the Virtual Closet.
step 3

Building Your Personal Capsule

Next, I'll provide you will instructions for going through your closet and finding and evaluating the items in the capsule wardrobe.

  • You'll take quick pictures of the items and add them to your Virtual Closet so I can see them and comment on them.  Adding the photos is very easy and I'll show you how. This step comes in handy later when we make outfits. 
  • I'll create a personalized catalog of recommendations for you based on what's missing from your closet. I'll include items that work with your budget, flatter your shape and fill the gaps in your wardrobe. When you receive an item and it works for you, it's one click to send it to your CLOSET. Easy! 

Outfit Creation and Nailing Your Signature Style

We'll spend 30-60 minutes together via FB messenger or phone text where you will try things on, send me a picture, ask questions, and get advice on what to wear with what.  I have found that this way of interacting is SO efficient and productive for my clients...even more so than a live call would be.  

  • I'll create 5 outfits from the pieces in your FINDS and CLOSET, and show you how to accessorize and pull looks together. You'll see these outfits in your own Virtual Closet. The looks will reflect YOU and your signature style. You can access the looks from your computer or phone anytime. You'll also have all 21 Outfit Formulas that come with Style System program. 
  • But this is just a jumping-off point, as the entire capsule is designed to mix, match, and coordinate beautifully. 
  • Going forward, you're welcome to add items to your CLOSET as you buy them. That way you have a true Wardrobe Management Tool. And down the road should you need my help, I can see what you have and help you easily and efficiently through my 1:1 hourly consulting, or through future seasonal Style System Concierge Service. 
  • My goal, other than seeing you completely thrilled with your transformed wardrobe and style, is for you to become an educated consumer. Going forward you'll have a better idea of what to look for, what to pass on, and how to have more style with less stuff, and #justgetdressed. 


Your Virtual Closet includes 3 sections that work together as a  Wardrobe Management Tool.


This is where I will put specific-to-you product recommendations, taking into account your needs and requests.


This is where you'll put photos of items you already own so I can see them and help you work them into the capsule.


This is where I create complete LOOKS (outfits)  using items from the FINDS as well as items you own from your CLOSET. I can also include photos of you in outfits here for easy reference! 

Ready to Get Started?

Click here to access my Client Questionnaire that will get you set up with the Virtual Closet too. We can chat over email to answer any questions you have as well.

The cost for this service is $274 and includes the current seasonal Style System™️. 

I'll invoice you 50% before we start and the remaining when we are finished. 

I have limited slots available for this service so click here to get started ASAP. 

I look forward to helping you create a fabulous and functional wardrobe that makes you feel like the absolute best version of YOU


xo, Beth 

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