The internet is loaded with  tips and tricks to make us looking instantly 10 years younger, 10 inches taller or 10 pounds lighter.  I’m not a fan of empty promises, but I do think there are things we can do – easily – to make us look better when we #justgetdressed.

Today I’m showing you an easy, age-old  trick that will create the illusion of increased height, along with a definite slimming effect.   Got your attention? 

It’s not rocket science (nothing I do is).  It is easy and logical though.

It’s the Column of Color.

The column comes from the head-to-toe use of one color as the foundation of your outfit.

This style of dressing is obviously nothing new.  I like it  because of its ease, and the sleek, simple  and streamlined look  it creates.

It can get boring though too – especially  if it’s overused, or monotonous.

I’m all about FORMULAS for dressing, but you don’t want to look FORMULAIC by always wearing black pants  + black top +  colored jacket or cardigan.  

To give you some easy ways to incorporate this “trick” using items hanging in your closet,  let’s look at some Columns of Colors that I’ve worn over the past couple weeks when I went to #justgetdressed: 

1. Simple Black Column

Nothing very exciting here, but a black column is chic, sophisticated – and easy.  These looks could also be jazzed up with different jewelry and by adding some pattern with a scarf. 


2.  Athleisure to Dressed-up, In One Gray Column

I love a jumpsuit, so when peach came out with my beloved Modern Boho pants in charcoal gray, I added a top in the same color and  created my own 2- piece “jumpsuit” — perfect for fall and winter — dressed up and down.  

3. Column of Denim

While I still say no (personally) to a denim jacket with denim jeans (can’t shake the “cowboy tuxedo” connotation), JCrew has made chambray shirts with denim jeans a very cool and on-trend look.  The leopard belt technically breaks up the column but I love the look.  

I also tried some pattern mixing by adding the plaid scarf.   (Tip: if you get swallowed up by huge blanket scarves,  you can find them for short money on amazon and cut it in HALF…so you are left with  2 triangles.  Give one to a friend…and have an easier time tying it).

This entire look, was inspired by one of the fabulous members of my Style System group. Can you believe this beauty is a grandmother to 8, yes EIGHT, lucky grandkids???

4. The Outside Column

You can also create a column with the consistent color on the outside,  with the contrast on the inside, like I did here.  And notice how the heeled booties in the same black as the pants add additional elongating power to the look.  To make this work, make sure the outer layer (i.e. my blazer) is longer than the inner layer (my wine-color top).  Make sense?  And with all the solids, it’s fun (though not necessary) to add a contrasting accessory like a bag, clutch, scarf or cool necklace.  

Last but not least I wanted to share this gorgeous photo of Beth from Style at a Certain Age. She beautifully demonstrates the chic power of column dressing wearing a dark dress, matching tights and boots –  and then a killer gorgeous statement jacket.  And I have to say the bold lip and sunnies are the icing on the cake.  Wow. Just wow.  

You may have been using the Column of Color without even thinking about it, or maybe it’s a new concept. Either way, add it to your arsenal of outfit ideas, get thee to you closet, and #justgetdressed.  😉

Thanks for reading!

xo, Beth