Easy Summer Outfit Formulas

Today I’m sharing some easy summer outfit formulas  in case you’re finding yourself in a rut when it comes time to #justgetdressed this summer!

I know I for one am ready to put the breaks on summer shopping.  Let’s face it ladies…we really don’t need any more “stuff” for this short (but fun) season, and chances are we have plenty in our closets to wear on these hot and hazy days.

The key is to look at what you own with fresh eyes.  When you see a blogger photo of an outfit you LOVE, rather than feel like you have to buy all the pieces and copy it, head to your closet and see how you can recreate it and make it your own, using what you already have.

The same goes with these formulas.  Use them for inspiration and ideas and then see what you have that can work.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy anything new that you love (God knows I would never say that😉 but BEFORE you click Add to Cart, make sure you don’t already have something you can use in a similar way.  AND…before you buy…think of MULTIPLE ways you can wear the item too.  Limit those one-hit-wonders as much as possible!  

Here we go with some easy formulas to try this coming week:
(Click link here to shop the looks…if you must;) password: freesummer

Formula #1: Pattern Play

I tend to gravitate towards solids, so this formula is a reminder to me that patterns can be a great way to add interest and personality to an outfit.  Ground a busy pattern with neutral  shoes and accessories.  But if you are wearing a whimsical pattern top or dress, why not add a pair of funky earrings too…just keep your necklace simple.

Formula #2:  Fourth of July Chic!

You don’t have to go out and buy a “4th of July Outfit” – in fact, please don’t;)  Instead, search your closet for a top or dress in red, white OR blue and then have fun adding accents without feeling the need to go over the top — unless you want to…in which case I’m all for it;)   Whatever you do, enjoy the holiday and have FUN celebrating and getting dressed.

Formula #3: Pattern / Color on Bottom

In keeping with the pattern theme this week…here’s a formula using pattern on the bottom.  Most of us are used to pattern tops and dresses, but adding color and / or pattern in a skirt, shorts or pants is a great look too.   See what gems you may have hanging your closet!

And don’t over complicate it!  Notice how in all these retailer photos of pattern and color pants, they are shown with a simple black top.  It looks great, you probably own one, so why not copy it!  For shoes you can never go wrong with nude/neutral shoes, or black often looks great, especially with a black top.

Formula #4: Bathing Suit and Cover-Up

This weekend and next week it may be very hard to avoid wearing a bathing suit. I hear the cries, trust me, I do.  Hopefully you have at least one swimsuit you feel comfortable in, although I would argue, the true comfort comes in the COVER-UP that goes over the suit.  Keep your suit simple and flattering to your body…and then give serious thought to the dress or cover-up you put over it.  Find something you feel great in and ideally something a little more fun and flirty than a stretched out t-shirt and shorts.  Believe me, you’ll feel better putting on that bathing suit when you also have a cute dress or cover up to wear with it.

All that being said,  it’s really about time we embrace our bodies in all their glory (and all their cellulite, veins and extra lbs).  Don’t let bathing suit phobia keep you from going to the beach, pool or lake and jumping in!
ENJOY!  xoxo

Happy Independence Day!

Don’t forget to #justgetdressed 😉

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