Easy Tips for Fall Transitional Dressing

In the fashion world, “Fall Transitional Dressing” is a buzz word, and you can find lots of blogs and articles about how to make this transition in style.

I’m here to boil it down to some simple, easy to remember rules of thumb.

First of all, just to be clear, “Fall Transitional Dressing” (FTD;)  is basically a fancy way of saying:

“How do I #justgetdressed when it’s deep into September but the weather is still hot, sticky, rainy, and basically unpredictable???”

Here are some easy tips to keep in mind:

1.  It’s all about BALANCE:  Wear long with short, and short with long.  Make sense?

If you’re wearing shorts or a skirt,  go with a long sleeve top.   If you want to wear a sleeveless top, go with pants or a longer skirt.

2.  Next, let’s all say it together, “YES, we can indeed wear white jeans after labor day.”   Put away linen or light cotton pants, but your thick white denim can be worn all year round.

Remember, It’s all about BALANCE.  Just like in all forms of dressing, balance is the key, and white jeans are a great way to illustrate this concept:

When you wear your white jeans, balance them out with your choice of shoes and tops.  Skip the flip flops or summery sandals and instead opt for suede sandals or mules, open toe booties — or regular boots/booties, especially in tan, taupe or cognac.


Go ahead and wear a sleeveless top if the temps are high, but opt for more fall-ish or neutral colors to balance out the white on the bottom.

3.  The Magical Power of Layering.  Magical may be an overstatement, but when the weather is so changeable, layering just makes sense.  At the very minimum, make sure you have a neutral cardigan, a denim or twill jacketscarf, and a fabulous blazer.  Any of these layers can be added to just about any outfit and not only finish it off, but also provide practical warmth and coverage.

Now, how about that favorite summer one-and-done dress (that I wore 2x per week minimum all summer long).  I’m not ready to retire this dress yet since it feels like a nighty, has a built in bra, (!!!)  is great- looking and cool, and requires no shaving.  So here’s how I transition it:

Everything here is “old” from my closet….except for this fabulous suede moto jacket.  You won’t believe where it’s from or the price tag on it!

Be creative and use items in your closet in new and different ways so you can stretch your wardrobe, create new looks and get out of the “I wear the same 5 things every day” rut.

I’m here to help you do just that, and it’s the rationale behind my signature program – The B.Styled Style System.  It’s not too late to join for the fall, and I’d love to have you.  Click HERE to learn more and sign up!

Any questions at all…send me a note!  I love hearing from you.

Now go #justgetdressed.



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