Weekend Update 5/21/23

Hello and welcome to the Weekend Update!

Here are some of the things that went on this week. And if you aren’t already, be sure to follow me on Instagram @b.styled, Facebook, and in the free, private #justgetdressed VIP’s Facebook Group.  And, you can see the past live Tipsy Tuesday videos in the link above on my website. 

1. Tipsy Tuesday: A Go-To Formula for Those “Grown-up” Events 


Many of us have our casual wardrobes fairly well established, and even have some looks to go out with friends or date night (at least I hope – if not, this will help;)

And when it comes time to head to a wedding or special party or “event” – we can usually figure that out too — (though sometimes it’s easier than others, right?)

But what about those events that fall between these two — those dressy-casual events, or invitations with vague dress codes. Some examples I’ve heard during S.O.S calls from clients include things like a Celebration of Life at a yacht club, a luncheon at a Country Club, a meeting at a nice restaurant, meeting the future in-laws, gender reveals, work conferences, etc.

This week’s Tipsy Tuesday includes some ideas.  Click here for links, and my apologies for the poor lighting!

***I do think a fantastic jacket or blazer is the key to this particular formula.  But remember to find the hero piece or formula that works with YOUR style.

Maybe it’s a feminine dress you can accessorize based on the occasion.

For this formula stick to a simple, small floral or solid that can be easily switched up with a change of topper, shoes, and jewelry. You want something you love, but that isn’t too “memorable” so you can wear it on repeat when these occasions arise. Save “memorable” for special events like weddings, special parties, etc.  This is more of a “money in the bank” dress (to use a Mary expression).

Something that’s dependable, versatile and easy to switch up. 

I added some ideas to the catalog for this Tipsy Tuesday HERE

 2. Home Decorating & Your Wardrobe

I posted a series of before and after pics of our new home over in my free, private Facebook Group, You can head over there if you’re curious.

Like I said last week,  I’m NOT a decorator or designer, but what makes me happy about this house is that the most frequent comment I get from people when they see it is that it’s very “me”.

My message as it relates to your home is similar to my wardrobe-building tips:
→reduce visual clutter, less is more.
→have a color scheme throughout (mine is blue/white/sand with pops of green and a little fuschia pink – of course:)
→keep your basics (mostly) neutral and then add your color pops in accessories.
But above all, add YOUR PERSONALITY to your decor (I do love my COLOR — and my gulls).  (FYI, here’s a link to the artist).
Make your home (and your wardrobe) a reflection of YOU and what makes your heart sing – not what you think you “should” do. 
It can be so helpful to get help and advice from professionals or friends, but at the end of the day, do (and wear) what you love!
I’m here to help! 

3. …And Speaking of Wearing What You Love…

I had been eying this “Coastal Slouchy” outfit for weeks. It’s from Free People and sells out almost as quickly as it gets restocked. It’s one of those love it or HATE it looks…slouchy, wide leg joggers and a high neck, cap sleeve boxy sweater. Not exactly the formula for a flattering look. But for what it lacks in figure-flattering it makes up for it with comfort and a “cool factor” – at least in my opinion.  Here’s the Free People version

I researched this dupe on Amazon and even read reviews saying it was better than the set from FP. Amazon makes it far too easy to try, so I did and was pleasantly surprised.  I really love it and and it works for my lifestyle. Summer can still get chilly here, especially near the water so I see myself wearing this a lot. And it’s obviously as cozy/comfy as sweats but the sweater, the neutral colors, and the fact that it’s a set gives it a slightly elevated and cool look.  If you’re interested, here’s the Amazon link. (I “pegged” the cuff a bit to bring in the leg and make them a tad shorter – you could definitely do that if they’re too long for you. In the reviews a woman said she hiked them up a bit in the waist to shorten them too…the sweater would hide that fact).

But the message here is to not force this kind of thing – if you like it, try it, if not, pass – no matter how on-trend it seems to be. 

Afill Links:  

Sweater/Pant Set 


Cream Half Circle Cardigan

Similar Nude Sandals

Hoop earrings, gold stretch bracelets, tortoise bracelet


That’s it for this Weekend Update.  Have a great week ahead…. and remember to #justgetdressed.

xo, Beth