The Fabulous Mary Turns 93

As many of you know, I am blessed to have my wonderful mom, Mary, living in our home with us for the past 5 years.  Some of you have even had the pleasure of meeting her in person.  You can catch her first video interview here.   She is an internet sensation 😉

Today she turns 93, and despite being almost completely blind, and very hard of hearing, she is still the most upbeat, positive, loving and glass-half-full person I’ve ever known.

She has been such a blessing to our family, and especially to our boys as I hope much of her attitude and outlook has rubbed off on them.   If only her cleanliness and lack of clutter would rub off.  Instead she shares a bathroom with the animals which is just unfortunate — but she never complains.

Since this is a style blog, I wanted to share some fun pics of Mary through the years.  She is my first and favorite style icon and proves to this day that classic style is timeless and that less is more.    But her style also shows that clothing and “just getting dressed” should be celebrated and fun and is great way to express yourself.

Click on the picture to enlarge and see caption.

Here’s to Mary…Happy Birthday!  xoxox

Now ladies…Keep it simple, have FUN with clothes — and go #justgetdressed.

xo, Beth

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Karin - June 1, 2018 Reply

Happy Birthday Mary!!! She is, and based on the photos always has been, one stylish woman! xoxo

    B.Styled - June 1, 2018 Reply

    😉 She loves you too!

Jean - June 1, 2018 Reply

What a beautiful tribute to your Mother! Thank you for sharing!

    B.Styled - June 1, 2018 Reply

    Thanks Jean! xo

annie della pietra - June 1, 2018 Reply

Love these, Beth! SO stylish and classy! Your mom and my mom seem very similar in that they dressed in a similar fashion and both had later-in-life babies that kept them younger. My mom is 88 and I was her late in life baby! This is a beautiful tribute to your mom that I’m sure you will always treasure. xo

    B.Styled - June 1, 2018 Reply

    Thanks Annie! Too bad they can’t hang out! xo

Karen Collins - June 1, 2018 Reply

What a beautiful toast to your mom! These pictures fill my heart…they just ooze with love and happiness. Wishing Mary the happiest of days, a clean-ish bathroom, and a wine glass that is always half full. xoxo

Barbara Cauchon - June 1, 2018 Reply

Happy, Happy Birthday! After checking out the pics…I can see where you get your sense of style! Thanks so much for sharing…and hope Mary has a wonderful day!

Becky Ward - June 1, 2018 Reply

Happy birthday Mary!
It was fun seeing all these photos of you.
I love your smile.

Stacey @ Poofing the Pillows - June 1, 2018 Reply

Happy Birthday to beautiful Mary!

Beth, just the way you speak of her warms my heart. She is blessed and I know you are too.

susan fusch - June 1, 2018 Reply

warms my heart to see those pics of such a stylin’ lady! you learned fashion, grace, and a bright spirit from the best!

Linda - June 1, 2018 Reply

! She is as beautiful as all of you may guess, inside and out! I love seeing the pictures of the very young Mary and John…what a couple and inspiration to me my entire life!
Love you Aunt Mary!

Suzanne - June 1, 2018 Reply

This is so beautiful! Mary ( and her lovely daughter) is an inspiration to all of us. The epitome of class and warmth. You are so lucky to have each other. Happy Birthday Mary!!! May we all walk in your footsteps.

Joelle - June 2, 2018 Reply

What a beautiful post! Happy Birthday to Mary! <3

Carol - June 2, 2018 Reply

Thanks for sharing. It’s great to see our lives unfold and celebrate all our stages. Wishing your mom the happiest birthday.
PS. Ask her when she decided to go gray. Stunning with either hair color.

Sue Miller - June 2, 2018 Reply

What great pictures! Loved those ones of your mom and dad especially! Thanks for sharing and happy birthday Mary!

Elisabeth - June 2, 2018 Reply

We love Mary💖 She’s inspiring to all us girls. Always beautifully dressed with her killer smile. Mary is a beautiful person both inside and out! Happy birthday Mary🎉

Anne Thompson - June 5, 2018 Reply

Happy Birthday to Mary! I’m so glad you can enjoy every day in spite of the failings of the body. I wish you many more birthdays. We should all be so lucky to look as beautiful as you do! Cheers!

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