Fight the Frump: Shoulders!

Ladies! This week I'm sharing an important but easily overlooked fit and style tip. We are focusing on the often-overlooked shoulder zone! Exciting?  No? Critical? Very.

With very few exceptions, the shoulder seam of the garment should sit on the outside edge of your shoulder.

If it extends down your arm, you'll start to look both slouchy and schlumpy.  No bueno, right??

What's important is to notice where the shoulder seam hits on your body. That's how you determine if the top fits you.  It may feel like it fits, but there is more to this than feelings;)

If you have a larger frame (and/or bust) and relatively narrow shoulders, you'll have to go up in size on the top to fit your largest part, and then tailor the garment to fit your shoulders. 

Yes it's a pain, but it's so very worth it when you get it right.

Now, what if you have proportionally large or broad shoulders? Here are some tips to balance things out:

  • Don't choose very fitted blazers and jackets that only add to the definition of your shoulders.
  • Avoid cinching the waist of your dresses and skirts--it'll draw attention to the inverted triangle shape you're trying to avoid.
  • Skip spaghetti straps and go for wider straps in you tanks, dresses, etc.
  • Wearing scoop neck and V-neck tops that show some skin will break up the expanse of your chest area.
  • Wide-leg pants are hot now, and can work to balance out your broadness up top.
  • Same goes with full skirts, which also help give the appearance of a more even proportion.
  • Look for jackets and blazers that are a little longer and hit at the magic hip-bone zone instead of the waist.

The BEST advice related to shoulders though it what mom always told us.  Stand up straight, shoulders back and carry yourself with confidence. 

Now, go #justgetdressed. 

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