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Today I want to focus (pardon the pun;) on Step #2 — probably the most important accessory you can wear….Your eyewear.

When it comes to glasses, there’s no doubt fashion is important, but that doesn’t mean it should trump functionality.  You know I believe in the power of a funky necklace or gorgeous handbag to elevate your look, but there’s no way either comes close to  providing the benefits of eyeglasses…right???

The eyewear you select can have an important impact on your vision health and wellness—- from proper fit and safety, to protecting your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun.

As you look for the right eyewear, consider the following tips provided by my dear college friend and co-owner of Vision Optics in Wellesley Center, Dalita Keumurian:

Much like a killer bag, power tie, or a stunning piece of jewelry, the eyewear you choose makes a statement and is a critical part of your image. We ensure that the frames you choose complement your unique facial features but also that they are tailored for comfort and best fit.

We begin by getting to know your preferences and lifestyle as well as taking your prescription into account in order to focus on the best frame choices. The shape of your face does factor in our choices and the “rule of thumb” – to pick an opposite shape to add contrast and complement the shape of your face, whether its round, oval, square or heart shaped –  is a great starting point. However, we have found that it doesn’t always hold true. It’s not an absolute.

We want you to LOVE the frames you get from us and sometimes that take a bit of trial and error. In fact, we allow you to take frames home to try them out for a day and get feedback from family and friends. Our main goal is to make sure you look and feel great wearing your new frames!

If you’re local to the Wellesley, MA area, please join me and  Dalita along with the knowledgeable staff of  Vision Optics for a special in-store event next Thursday, July 12th, 4-6pm.  Swing by and share a cocktail with us!   I will have an exclusive collection of favorite necklaces available for purchase at 20-30% off as well!

I’d love to see you in person on Thursday!  Contact me at with any questions.

Now, go #justgetdressed.

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