Free Summer Style System!

Summer = Easy

…at least in theory, right?

It’s a time to slow down and kick back.  This summer we’re going to simplify the whole “getting dressed” thing too, with quick & easy outfit formulas that will eliminate the guess work, stress, and irritation of this (fairly necessary) daily routine.

One of my clients refers to my Style Systems  as “Garanimals for Adults – but much, much better.”  

My goal is  to help you look and feel confident,  put together and pretty – without having to try too hard.

Since this is a FREE Summer System, it is scaled back a bit from my regular Style Systems.  However, it’s  Summer…and scaling back is what it’s all about, right? 

You will still get all the main components of my System, including the following:

  • The B.Styled self-paced CLOSET CLEANSE.  Get your closet purged, organized and cleansed in manageable, 15 minute chunks of time with easy-to-follow, step-by-step directions.
  •  A seasonal CAPSULE LIST  and user-friendly, on-line CLICKABLE CATALOG.  Shop your closet for the items first, then use the on-line catalog or head to your favorite stores to fill in what’s missing.  The catalog provides numerous suggestions for each item,  addressing various budgets, body-types and color schemes.  You pick what you like and what works for you.  I use my favorite retailers like Nordstrom, Loft, Target, Old Navy and more but of course you are free to shop wherever you like.  I add to the catalog (almost daily!)  throughout the challenge to address the various, specific needs of group members.
  • Each Sunday for 4 weeks (starting on June 10th) you will receive an email with   3 OUTFIT FORMULAS  that are created from the items on the capsule list.    There will be 2 “casual-chic” formulas, and 1 “business-chic” formula.  All formulas can be dressed up or down based on your lifestyle and climate.The formula is a guide and starting point to direct you, but you don’t need to copy it exactly… instead, make it work for you.  You decide which days to wear what, based on your plans.

But wait….There’s MORE!  

  • PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP:  This is where the real fun happens!  It’s an amazingly warm and supportive group of women from all over the country offering support, sharing tips, asking questions, posting pictures and having a lot of laughs.  It’s an entirely private and closed group, so with time, people feel comfortable posting pictures and asking for advice and opinions.  It’s truly my favorite part. I also hold Facebook Live sessions where members can ask even more questions and get direction, tips and ideas.


  • PRINTABLE PDF OF ALL FORMULAS.   At the end of the 4 weeks, you will receive a printable PDF of all the formulas that you can print out and keep in your closet for easy reference all summer long.

All this…100% FREE.  

My rate to work one-on-one with clients is $75/hour virtually and $100/hour in person, and my Style Systems normally cost $49.  But since Summer is a time when we all want to scale back and relax, I wanted to provide this version of the Style System to you at NO cost.

With this FREE program you get what you need to develop a current, on-trend (not trendy), affordable and great-looking summer wardrobe, starting with what you ALREADY OWN while eliminating (or drastically reducing;) those senseless impulse purchase.

My hope is that you’ll get a taste of how much easier and fun getting dressed can be, and you’ll decide to join us for the FALL 2018 Style System when the real magic happens.  See, there’s method to my madness;)

I really look forward to helping you look and feel your best this summer.  Here are some examples of the issues I’ll l be tackling throughout this program:

  • My easy summer dressing philosophy
  • Age appropriate (hate that term) bathing suits and cover-ups
  • Finding a strapless bra that feels good and does its JOB.
  • What to wear when it’s HOT and but you don’t feel like exposing too much skin.
  • How to strategically dress those body parts that give us the most angst…i.e. mid-section, upper arms, and my personal  favorite – veiny legs.

I’m here if you have any questions at all… just hit reply to this email and fire away.    And of course, feel free to forward this email to every single person you know 😉

Thanks for reading and now,  go #justgetdressed.


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