How to #justgetdressed in Quarantine

Hello my friends,

Today I'm coming to you today with some concrete advice on how to use clothing and #justgetdressed to help with motivation. I don't know about you, but my motivation levels started out pretty high when this began, bu there are days now where I really struggle in the motivation and productivity department.  

Study after study shows that we feel better when we can cross some things off the to-do list. And there's no doubt that routine and structure make us more motivated and productive. We've been telling our kids/teens this for years and now it's time to walk the talk ourselves.

What I choose to wear very much helps me distinguish between relaxation and work. That doesn't mean I wear anything uncomfortable (especially these days) but it does mean I choose to #justgetdressed in a casual outfit that feels a couple notches above PJs, so that I take myself, and my work seriously. Sometimes I even put on shoes (usually these)  and spend about five minutes creating a simple makeup look. And I've been asked about my favorite bralette (since real bras are so 2019) - this one is the best I've found

For me, this  #justgetdressed routine tricks my brain into thinking I'm going somewhere, even if it's to the next room. And the difference in the day I have in terms of mood and productivity, is undeniable. 


Here is a collection of my favorite go-to WFH pieces, that can all be mixed and matched, and dressed up or down, into innumerable comfortable, casual-chic, quarantine-appropriate (???) looks.  These are all basics that you will reach for over and over again IRL too.  I show a week's worth of outfit formulas, but  all the pieces mix and match, so the possible combos are many.

(Note,  below are  product suggestion, just scroll below the picture and just click the little right arrow > to scroll through them all....Also, if you click on a Peach or Stella & Dot links, thank you for selecting me as your stylist/ambassador. I appreciate your support!)

Head into your closet and experiment with these outfit formulas using whatever you have on hand. Snap a selfie and post it on Instagram or in the Private #justgetdressed VIP group, using the hashtag #justgetdressed  so I can see what you're up to! 


My favorite Quarantine Pants, hands down. You really have to experience them to believe them. If you want to try at no risk, just message me and I'll get you free shipping (returns are always free).  You'll find yourself grabbing them all the time now, and then again when we get busted loose. They are so great-looking, versatile and COMFORTABLE. 


Remember, we've committed to putting on the ol' jeans with a button and zipper AT LEAST once a week, ideally more.  If nothing else to make sure they still fit. "Pajamas will have you believe all is well in the kingdom." #truth.  

Replace the t-shirt with any top, and remember the power of color, especially if you're feeling blah. A favorite color top won't cure all, but it may just make you feel a little better. 

Swap the blazer for comfortable cardigan, and of course, socks are the new shoes. These are my favorites, and I swapped them out for all my mismatched socks when I did my Closet Cleanse.

I also encourage you to put on a 5-minute face most days. This no-brainer set is quick and easy and will help you feel like yourself again. 


A matching loungewear set is immediately more chic and cool looking... I know it sounds crazy, but it's true, and something I've learned from some of my fav fashion bloggers.  This set from Target (here and here) just arrived and is like wrapping yourself in a cloud of cozy softness. It's PJ's and loungewear that will translate to everyday life too.  I've been looking everywhere for ivory/neutral cozy slippers and found these on Amazon that I LOVE.


Hopefully you have a comfy maxi or midi dress for an easy one-and-done look that will come in handy once the sun actually comes out and the temps warm up. If you're already there with the weather, why not throw on a dress instead of stretch pants for a change? It may motivate you to shave your legs and even put on some self tanner?!  My favorite for the body is this mousse and best to use with this $7 mitt.  And be sure to exfoliate and moisturize the night before.  I also have these amazing drops to use on my face....I love them because you just mix them with your regular moisturizer or sunscreen for a natural sun-kissed look. They can be used on your body too.  So popular they sold out, but will back in July.

A fun, comfortable alternative to a dress is a wide-leg jumpsuit like this under $30 one that you will also love wearing all summer and fall. 


A striped tee is one of my favorite essentials and perfect for a casual Quarantine Wardrobe. The classic JCrew version is my favorite and it's at a great price plus an additional 30% off with code 5DAYS. Think of it as a neutral, and add color, pattern (i.e. leopard or floral) to jazz it up!


Another "Real Pants" option that will make you feel like you're cheating since they are as comfortable as yoga pants but also perfect for the office and real life when it resumes.  Add a top in a favorite color, a necklace and flats you are DRESSED.  This top is $25 and comes in the most gorgeous, vibrant colors.


Here's the matching set trick again featuring leggings and a matching top.  You'll be creating the Column of Color look I talk about a lot, and you'll be comfortable and chic...Add an accessory or two if you're so inclined...They are an instant mood lifter!

At the end of the day, it's NOT about the clothes, but since we do need to put clothes on our bodies every day (right??) we might as well like what we're wearing and enjoy the positive ripple effect it has on our mood, productivity and relationships. 

Stay well my friends! 

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