How to Switch to Beautycounter on a Budget

Since joining Beautycounter about two years ago,  I’ve talked to a lot of people who want to make the switch from their products that are potentially harmful, but also want the most bang for their buck. I totally get it!

Beautycounter products are not cheap. They are comparable to department store prices, not Target. 

But you don’t need to spend a fortune and overhaul all your products at once. It’s a process, and I want to share some ways you can make the switch without breaking the bank..

When I first tried Beautycounter, I had a mish-mash of beauty products and didn't pay attention to ingredients at all.  

I was primarily concerned with anti-aging, so I had tried a bunch of  high-end moisturizers (that didn’t work),  but with the rest of my products, the cheaper the better. 

Then I met Meredith..(my Beautycounter mentor) at a time when a close family member was suffering with cancer. I started to educate myself more on ingredients and quality of the products I put on my skin. 

At that time, the Overnight Resurfacing Peel was getting a lot of great press and reviews so I decided to give it a try, although  with skepticism. 

Well, I was blown away and still use it religiously today.  The results were noticeable in just a few days. It has definitely reduced the size of my pores and improved the texture and brightness of my skin...with no dryness or irritation. 

Finally a product that actually showed results - quickly.  And because it worked so well, I was okay spending money on it. 

The fact that I knew it was safe and clean was an added and important bonus.  

I figured a quality nighttime moisturizer is a heavy-hitter too, so I added that to my regimen as well.

And you know I'm a lipstick girl and could totally buy into the importance of that being clean too. Now I'm a Beautycounter lipstick collector;) See my favorites here.

So maybe pick the area most important to you and zero in on products that address that - and start with one or two.  Beautycounter has a money-back guarantee too and returns are free and easy...even if you used the product. 

More Tips for Switching to Clean Beauty Products on a Budget


If you research the ingredients on your products (the Never List is a great resource for this) and realize a lot need to go, don’t panic. Start by switching out one or two products for safer alternatives. If you need help with this, let me know. A good rule of thumb is to either start with the product you can’t live without or the product you’re running out of. 


Beautycounter has collections for all categories, and they can be a great way to save money. When buying the collection over individual products, you’ll save anywhere from 10-20%. Beautycounter created a skincare quiz that will recommend 4 skincare products plus 2 additional products that meet your specific needs. When you buy the 4 skincare products through the quiz, you save 10%.

Some other sets worth noting:

  1. Flawless in Five – Complete everyday makeup set that only takes 5 minutes to do
  2. Get the Look – Four safer, high-performing products that take your every day look to the next level
  3. Countercontrol Regimen – My teen son was dealing with acne and we switched him over as well. What a difference! Acne creams and washes can be loaded with lots bad stuff, and his skin is so much better since making the switch. 

Consider signing up for a Band of Beauty Membership. It’s $29 for the year, and you get free shipping on orders $100+,  and 10% product credit for every dollar you spend.

*That means if you spend $100 on product purchases, you will get $10 towards your next purchase!

Plus, you'll receive a Hydrating Body Lotion in Citrus Mimosa ($25 USD value) as their gift to you when you become a member and spend $50+ in product purchases.

There’s no auto-ship to manage, just money-saving benefits that more than cover the fee. You can learn more about the membership and add it to your order here.

The best saving in my mind is to join  Beautycounter and become an advocate (that’s really what consultants are). As a consultant, you save 25% on products and earn 25-35% of what you sell. Plus, you’re helping bring about change in the beauty industry.

It can be as easy as sharing the information with your friends and family and helping them make the switch too. The cost is only $50 and entitles you to over 40% discounts on products when you join.  And I will be here to help you along the way (along with my mentor Meredith who has been with the company since the beginning and is so wonderful and supportive). 

As always, if you have any questions about Beautycounter products/ingredients, how to find safer products, or anything else, leave a comment or email me!

That's all for now... Remember -  keep in clean, and #justgetdressed;)

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Gina - June 23, 2020 Reply

Good tips Beth! Had you ever used a retinol product before? I was using a prescription one daily and switched to the Overnight Resurfacing Peel. I do like it and the fact that it’s cleaner than a retinol product but I don’t see the miraculous results so many people talk about. I really like the Supreme Cream too!

    bethwp - June 23, 2020 Reply

    Hi Gina…I know retinol is controversial…I use Curology retinol based on Angie from HotandFlashy’s rec…I alternate between the peel and that – one night one, then the other. I don’t have any skin sensitivity so it’s worked for me. That said, I do like the way my skin looks and feels on my peel days more so than the curology days but I’m hoping the combo is good..The curology prescriber knows that I’m using the peel as well.

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