How to Wear Culottes (for Grown-ups)

Happy  SPRING, people!  It's  chilly here in New England,  there's still snow on the ground, and the forecast for the weekend is meh...but at least it's not January, right?

Spring is my favorite season to #justgetdressed.  I love the colors, lighter fabrics and by April I'm ready to  put away my beloved boots in favor of pedicures and sandals. 

 I also enjoy checking out new spring trends, but I try to be selective about which ones I'll actually invest in.    I try to stick to my classic pieces and only add a select few accessories or spring additions to breathe fresh life into those classics.   

What do I mean by classics? For spring, I'm referring to my white jeans, flirty dresses and versatile jackets.  I also like to introduce a new, on-trend pant silhouette or maybe something in a fun color or pattern, but that's about it. 

At first I was skeptical when I saw that my friends at Peach were introducing a culotte for spring. 

 I remember as a young girl in the 70's-80's having a pair of dark brown culottes (or we called them gauchos) that I was OBSESSED with.  And they were dorky.  Very dorky. 

Happily though, the culottes of Spring 2019 are much, much better.  I gave them a try and love them.  And like all my Peach favorites, they check the boxes:

  • They are incredibly comfortable and easy to wear, and can be dressed up or down (i.e. my Peach ponte blazer, or the Hemmingway Jacket or the sporty Trinidad Jacket. 
  • They are versatile and can be worn several different ways.  They even have a slit along the outer grosgrain-covered seam featuring snaps to open or close as desired, changing the look from casual- cool to totally chic.
  • They are easy to pack* and perfect for travel.  I'd wear them with sneaks on the airplane and then with heels once I got where I was going. (*Speaking of packing - I'm working on a Beach Vacation Packing List and Capsule Wardrobe- it will be ready in a few days so stay tuned!)

Today I paired them with my favorite color for spring: mojito (what a perfect name for this fabulous color, right?)  Then in true Peach style, I mixed and matched in several different pieces to transform the look.  

And what about this gorgeous scarf in the on-trend bandana size?? I played with it wearing it around my neck, my handbag, my wrist, and even my pony tail! 


I'm offering 10% off  to the first 10 people who reach out to me to place an order today through Sunday March 24th. Just email me at and I'll adjust your order before you hit complete.

Now, here are some tips for wearing culottes:

1. Be wary of pleated culottes or anything that adds bulk around your middle.   These black culottes are slimming because they have a flat front, a wide flat waistband and no pleats or vertical zipper up the middle.

2.  Remember that the top you choose needs to have less volume than the culottes. This is the only way to avoid looking like you have no waist, and are drowning in fabric.

To make culottes look more sophisticated,  pair them with a slim, refined top, like a silky blouse or an elevated t-shirt like the one below.

3. If you're petite or want to visually lengthen you legs, go for a heel or a pointy toe flat. Also, look for a culotte like this pair below that isn't too voluminous in the leg - otherwise they can overwhelm your petite frame.  

With my ponte blazer

With the crop flyaway cardigan

...or around your wrist! 

Try a scarf in your ponytail! 

With the Trinidad Jacket 

...or a pop of color around your bag handle. 

With my Modern Bohos in the new moss green color with the Hemingway Jacket

Thanks for reading...I appreciate you more than you know!  Have a great weekend, and  remember to #justgetdressed 😉

xo, Beth

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Rebecca - March 22, 2019 Reply

I love them! I’m ordering as soon as I figure out my Peach log-in. 🙂 Thank so much for the great tips!

    bethwp - March 23, 2019 Reply

    Awesome! Let me know if you need any help! B

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