Learn to Love Your Style, NOW.

Ha! Can you relate?

If you’re like most women I talk to who struggle with what to wear, and how to wear it, you may feel like getting dressed is an annoying (yet necessary) nuisance.   

A lot of us are shoppers who buy and buy, trying to chase that illusive "perfect wardrobe."  But we end with more and more stuff and still no idea what to wear. 

I talk to women every day who say getting dressed can be confusing, irritating, and even demoralizing. It's tempting to just opt out and say we don't care. The fact is, like it or not, how we dress does matter, and it effects how we are perceived by others. But more importantly, it impacts how we feel about ourselves.

But it can be hard to get to place where clothes are our friends. Maybe it's difficult to find pants (not to mention shoes) that fit, are comfortable - and in-style?  Or perhaps you're confused trying to figure out how to combine what you own into outfits that work ... so you default to the same old, same old.

And social media makes it even harder with all the confusing choices, rules, images -  and clothing made more for your daughter/ niece and her body - than yours. 

And speaking of bodies...What's with all these changes going on? Things that used to fit and feel good no longer do, and your own body has become a stranger. The extra weight hangs on no matter what you do, and it's easy to fall into the trap of "I'll wear clothes I love when I lose x pounds."  

I would argue that we often wait to #justgetdressed.

We wait for the weather to get better.

We wait until we can fit into size ____.

We wait for an "occasion".

We wait for a special meeting, interview or opportunity.

We wait for the kids (or grandkids) to grow up.

We wait until we meet Mr. Right.

We wait until we're having a good hair day.  

You get the point. 

But waiting is robbing us of the power clothing can give us.

It's a fact...When we like what we're wearing, we feel better. I would argue we're happier. We're nicer. We're more patient. We're more productive. And we're more likely to treat our bodies better too. 

Which is exactly why I created the Seasonal Style System™ — my signature on-line group coaching program that hands you my personal styling blue print, so you can #justgetdressed, feel confident and comfortable, and love the way you look.  Today.  

That's the goal -- not to be vain or fashion-obsessed, but to leverage clothing and style to improve your life.

After working with hundreds of real women with real bodies and getting to know the struggles, questions and issues they experience, I developed  an easy to follow resource that cover it all.  

From specific shopping lists, to done-for-you outfit formulas, to direction for dressing your body shape (today), to accessorizing, and shoe choice  - it's all there! And I'm there too...coaching you along the way, addressing your individual questions and needs.  

Members tell me all the time that the $49 price tag is a steal given all the resources, attention and impact the program delivers. And the new platform I'm using allows you to access everything in one place, quickly and easily - forever.

Add up all the purchases hanging in your closet that you regret, and $49 is pretty easy to justify.   

Click here to learn more about the Spring Style System™ -- and to encourage you to give it a try, I'm offering a $10 off coupon code: TRYIT10.

It’s time to stop feeling frustrated, calling your body mean names, and turning down opportunities because you have "nothing to wear."  Let's stop waiting, let's simplify style and make getting dressed in looks you love - easy. 

Try it, you'll like it!

I hope to see you inside the program, and help you #justgetdressed this Spring! 

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