March 2019 #justgetdressed Challenge

I firmly believe that the routine and (relatively) necessary act of getting dressed each day has an enormous impact on our mood,   our productivity and even our relationships.

And no, this not about getting "dressed UP" or being vain,  or focusing on superficial, external fluff.  And it's also not about buying more and more clothes.  

It is about putting our best self forward and taking the extra minute or two (tops) to #justgetdressed - with intention. 

And it's about  recognizing  (or coming to grips with) the reality that our outward appearance does in fact have an impact on how we are viewed and treated by others.  

But more important than how others view us, is the simple fact that when we look good, we feel good.  And when we feel good, it has a spillover effect on everything we do. 

One of my last Weekend Update emails talked about how I tend to get in a rut this time of year.  I'm so done with winter and the short, dark, cold days, and I can get crabby and unmotivated.   And then comes the month of March....oye.

I have an issue with March.  I just don't like it.  But since a vacation is not happening (which would definitely change my opinion), I had to come up with something else to help.

Introducing the MARCH #justgetdressed CHALLENGE that begins officially on March 4th. Click HERE for all the info and to sign up.  I hope you'll join us!

Even if the weather is beautiful where you are, we can all use a little motivation and accountability to #justgetdressed each day in a way that makes us feel confident, pulled-together ...and comfortable.  This Challenge will do just that, and my hope is that we'll have a better March because of it!

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