Guys, it's time to  #justgetdresed

Who am I, and why am I telling you what to wear?

I'm Beth Roy, owner and creator of B.Styled Personal Style Consulting. Think of me as your personal trainer for your wardrobe.  I'm here to make getting dressed and out the door painless and easy so you can focus on more important things.  

Yes, it matters what you wear to work.

It used to be so easy.  Put on a suit and tie, and a pair of polished shoes and you were out the door.

Then things changed. Dress codes became vague, and  "Business Casual" became the norm.  And then the job market became flooded with young kids wearing skinny jeans,  jogger khakis (??) and weird shoes.

No, you are NOT going to go down any of those roads (unless you really want to).  But yes, it is important to look polished, professional and current when you #justgetdressed. 

In order to nail the business casual look you have to adapt to your specific company culture.   

To further complicate things, you need to take into account your age and seniority and level within the company.  As a general rule,  the older you are, and the more seniority you have,  the more formal your business casual outfits should be.

I'm giving you a list and a plan for your business casual dressing, and daily outfit formulas that you can use and adapt to your individual needs.  

Let's simplify the process of getting dressed for work so you look and feel confident  and polished in your clothing.  Then you can  focus on the truly important aspects of your day. 

What You'll Get: 

Business Casual Spring/Summer Wardrobe List 

We'll create your seasonal wardrobe, using my specific list of 25 recommended items. You'll receive a checklist  as well as a clickable catalog with specific suggestions for items that aren't already in your closet.  

16 Daily, Done-For-You Outfits 

Once you have the 25 pieces in place (many of which you may already own),  you'll be able to create innumerable mix and match outfit combinations.  You'll receive a printable PDF with 16 classic, fail-safe outfits that you can use and adjust to meet your daily needs.

Bonus Packing Guide!

Also included is a simple packing guide that uses 10 of the items and gives you 7 outfits drawn from the items..  You can easily adapt and adjust the packing list to meet the needs of your business trip.

 Finally...I can get dressed each day feeling confident that what I'm wearing "works". 

Beth makes getting dressed every day so much easier and  so much less frustrating. She has an easy approach that even I can follow. I love her style and her ability it to adapt it for all ages and body types. I also really appreciate her links and shopping suggestions. She does all of the work of culling through the overwhelming number of websites and products to find the very best  choices at reasonable prices. And unlike lots of other on-line services, she's  available to answer questions and tailor her advice to member's individual needs.   A.H. Pennsylvania

What more will you get?

Figure out your personal style:  In using this capsule wardrobe guide, you'll discover a style that looks current, polished and professional - and functional.  Once you have the basics nailed down from this program,  you can get more creative (if you want to). 

Increase confidence:   When the clothing you're wearing is appropriate and you look great,  you'll have more confidence.  It's not about superficiality or vanity.  There's no doubt that when you feel confident in your clothes,  there's a positive ripple effect to other areas of your life and career.  It's that simple.

Clutter-free closet:  When you have a capsule wardrobe with versatile pieces, your closet will be neat and organized.  This in turn allows you to have fewer clothes and less visual clutter in your closet.

#justgetdressed in Less Time:   Because you'll have the outfits already created for you, you'll  be able to  get dressed in half the time and with none of the frustration or confusion.

Less shopping = Savings:   By only replacing essential items when they are worn or don’t fit anymore, you buy only what you need.   Having a list and a plan eliminates willy nilly shopping and unwise spending.

Want to B.Styled but not sure where to start? 

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