My Top 10 Spring Favorites

Last Week on Tipsy Tuesday, I gave an assignment:  

Go to your closet and find your 10 FAVORITE items for spring.  Click here to see the video and the rationale for this exercise.

This week, I'm giving a rundown of my personal Top 10 for Spring.  Some items are new, most are old, but hopefully this gives you some ideas when you look at your own spring wardrobe. 

And get ready for a the new and improved Spring Style System, coming your way soon.  Click here to be notified when it launches! 

Here's a run down of my Top 10.  Some items are linked here, the rest can be found with images below.  What's YOUR top 10? I'd love to hear over in the private B.Styled #justgetdressd Facebook Group.

  1. White Jeans (see below for options)
  2. Navy Jumpsuit (see below for options)
  3. Favorite Color Cardigan: saw it on a cute blogger, now only $5!!
  4. Mojito Tee - comes as a tank or tee
  5.  Sweater Blazer (comes in several great colors; perfect for office or casually.)
  6. Black Ponte Wide Leg Pants
  7. Fun, flirty pattern clutch (see below for options)
  8. Pink Gingham Shirt (mine is old, see below, or this one on Amazon).
  9. Color Shoe (see below for options from Ann Taylor and budget Target ideas)
  10. Black Hemingway stretch woven jacket (also in moss green) Selling out quickly!
  11. I had to add my beloved Jean Jacket (see below), or for budget option, check out this one from Costco for $16 - and you don't have to be a member! 
  12. Bonus!  My no make-up magic weapon...Boom Stick by Cindy Joseph

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