Our Finest Hour

If only reality looked like this. 👆🤪

To say this has been a surreal time, is a gross understatement.  I find myself waking up each morning  thinking -  is this really happening? 

The two college sons are home indefinitely, spring break trips cancelled, and my high school junior son is out of school for at least three weeks. I know most of you are in a similar or worse boat. There are so many stories, and none of them very happy. 

It's amazing to think how much has changed in just the past days, and I'm trying not to get too anxious worrying about what the next days and weeks may hold. 

As some of you know, my husband Bill had a kidney transplant (10 years ago on April 12th). Fortunately, he is very healthy (thanks to his amazing donor Eddie) but we do worry, as he has a suppressed immune system.  Mary is 95 and fairly healthy, and we are obviously concerned for her too. But we feel so very fortunate that she is able to be at home with us. 

We're practicing Social Distancing as much as possible, washing our hands like maniacs, and trying to enjoy simple things like walks outside with the nutty dogs  (they've never had it so good).

The boys are pretty much living in the basement to keep some distance from Bill and Mary. Maybe I'll call it  Alpha Corona Roy....I don't go down there much, but I'm sure glad we have it - as are they.  Seriously, they are really lucky to have each other...I feel really sorry for only children or those with sibs not living at home.  

All 5 of us are "working from home" (boys with on-line classes).  It will be a test of everyone's patience ---and we'll see how it  goes...one day at a time. 

After a rough start with some really unhappy young adults, we're getting into a groove.  I'm working on developing some new muscles -- namely patience, flexibility, and battle-picking. It's definitely a work out. 💪🏼🤪  

As scary, inconvenient, and difficult this time is gong to be for all of us, I also think it can be our finest hour. 

This is an excerpt from an article on Grown and Flown. It's a powerful message for all of us, but especially for the teenagers and young adults -  who may not be as physically effected by the virus, but can have a huge impact - positive or negative - on how it unfolds:

"Imagine if we could make our response to this crisis our finest hour. 

Imagine if a year or two from now we looked back on this and told the stories of how we came together as a team in our community, in our state, in our nation and across the world....

Your contribution to the finest hour may seem small, invisible, inconsequential—but every small act of ‘not doing’ what you were going to do, and ‘doing’ an act of kindness or support will add up exponentially. These acts can and will save lives....

It can only be our finest hour if we work together. You are all on the team. And we need all of you to shine in whatever way you can.

Gretchen Schmelzer

Grown &   Flown

On a lighter  note...I think that we all have a decision to make right now about how we're going to handle the day-to-day in the next weeks. 

For those of us who are not on the front lines, who will be at confined at home, it may be easy to justify over-eating, over-drinking, not exercising, watching too much news and Netflix, and choosing NOT to #justgetdressed.  

I'm being flexible and trying to enjoy the down-time (??), but also trying to  wake up by 6:30 (ish) and keep to my morning routine. I'm trying  to exercise daily and  spending time outside every day too.  And I'm biting my tongue.  A lot.

But hey,  I'm even cooking dinner. Every night.  Imagine that??

And you know what else? I'm working to #justgetdressed each day ---and occasionally I'm even wearing pants with a button;) 

I propose we all commit to using the #justgetdressed metaphor and mantra to help get through this time.

It's NOT about vanity, or spending time on frivolous matters. It's about taking care of ourselves and controlling what we can in fact control. 

Head over to my free, private Facebook group: B.Styled justgetdressed VIP's, where we'll support and help one another, and provide a diversion, and even some entertainment while we're cooped up. 

And if you want to take things a step further,  work on getting your closet cleansed, purged and organized, and get direction on putting together outfits to feel good in today AND when life gets back to normal, I invite you to join my Spring membership. 

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Thank you for your friendship and support of my business—I am truly grateful.

Be well.

xo, Beth

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