March 2019 #justgetdressed Challenge

I firmly believe that the routine and (relatively) necessary act of getting dressed each day has an enormous impact on our mood,   our productivity and even our relationships.

And no, this not about getting "dressed UP" or being vain,  or focusing on superficial, external fluff.  And it's also not about buying more and more clothes.  

It is about putting our best self forward and taking the extra minute or two (tops) to #justgetdressed - with intention. 

And it's about  recognizing  (or coming to grips with) the reality that our outward appearance does in fact have an impact on how we are viewed and treated by others.  

But more important than how others view us, is the simple fact that when we look good, we feel good.  And when we feel good, it has a spillover effect on everything we do. 

One of my last Weekend Update emails talked about how I tend to get in a rut this time of year.  I'm so done with winter and the short, dark, cold days, and I can get crabby and unmotivated.   And then comes the month of March....oye.

I have an issue with March.  I just don't like it.  But since a vacation is not happening (which would definitely change my opinion), I had to come up with something else to help.

Introducing the MARCH #justgetdressed CHALLENGE that begins officially on March 4th. Click HERE for all the info and to sign up.  I hope you'll join us!

Even if the weather is beautiful where you are, we can all use a little motivation and accountability to #justgetdressed each day in a way that makes us feel confident, pulled-together ...and comfortable.  This Challenge will do just that, and my hope is that we'll have a better March because of it!

Tipsy Tuesday: My 10 Essentials from my closet

Tipsy Tuesday...Showing you my 10 Essentials straight from my closet.


1. Light Gray V-neck:
Charcoal (similar):
2. Black Top:
Short Sleeve:
Blouse: (similar, on sale)
3. White Top
Button Up:
V-Neck Pima Core:
4. Stripe Top (my JCew is sold out, this amazon gets good reviews):
5. Chambray Top:
6. Dark Wash Jeans, my Paige:
More affordable, great jeans:
7. Black Pants
Ankle Pants:
Ponte Moto Leggings:
Pencil Skirt:
8. Black Dress, budget, Amazon:
9. Black Blazer:
10. Neutral Shoe
Suede Pumps:
Snake Print Loafers:

Tipsy Tuesday: The Most Powerful of the 10 Essentials

Tipsy Tuesday Time! What's the most POWERUL of all the Essentials? 

My Amazon Picks and Advice

My elevated Peach sweatshirt is still available - limited quantities though.

Click HERE to join my free #justgetdressed Facebook group and get tips and advice.

Now that you've heard my Amazon shopping lecture and tips, here's a preview of  some of my favorite finds that I've either read about and researched, or own myself.  

Click HERE to access the entire catalog of picks,  and bookmark it as I will update it frequently.

There are  five questions I recommend we  ask ourselves  before items from the Amazon box get put into our closet (or better yet, before we click "buy now":)

1. Do you LOVE it....I mean does it really resonate with you, or to quote Marie Kondo,, "does it spark joy?"

2. Do you have at a minimum of 3-4 ways to wear/style the item?  Think outside the box...dress it up, dress it down. 

3.  Are you sure you don't have anything just like this or similar in your closet?

4.  Would you really want to buy this item even before knowing the Amazon price on it? This is an important questions to ask...and it's the one I forgot in the video.  How often do we click "buy now" just because the price is so good...without enough thought??

5.  When you try it on, take a mirror selfie (I swear it's a better way to evaluate than just looking in the mirror).  Do you LOVE the way it makes you look and feel?

There you have it!  Just remember to buy with thought and  a plan, and eliminate the impulsive "buy now" clicking.  

And one last piece of advice...Take it from me, do not drink and Amazon shop. They do not mix 😉   


xo, Beth

Jeans and a White Top

Ever since the early days of FlirtyFinds and B.Styled, my mantra has been, keep the foundation simple and then change it up with accessories and the Magic Third Piece.  It’s so simple, and I say it so much, but that’s because it’s SO true.  One of my first ever blog posts as B.Styled was when I went an entire week wearing jeans and a white top – every day.  No one noticed my xeroxed outfit and it was so easy to make it look completely different each day.  The hardest part was keeping the white top clean;)

So the next time you’re at loss for what to wear and are tempted to stay in your yoga pants, grab these pieces that you “should” have in your closet already:

Perfect for you Jeans + White Top + Leopard Belt (optional) + Interesting Necklace + Neutral Booties (in the spring/summer you can sub neutral sandals).

You could call it day at that point, but to add interest and warmth, and change the look, just add any of your Third Pieces:  cardigans, jackets, wraps, scarves, vests.  

Easy, right?   Here are 10 looks I came up with just grabbing things from my closet.  You can do the same!  Shop your closet first, but there are shopping links below as well.  

Now, my dearies…go #justgetdressed 😉 

The Versatile, Lux Ruana

Peach just introduced a special new product and it's a winner  -- .both as a gift for just about any woman on your list...and as an outfit maker for YOU.  You know I'm all about versatility and this one definitely checks that box.

I'll wear this little number with jeans or moto leggings and boots as cozy and chic alternative to a sweater.  I'll wear it dressed up as a wrap over over a little black dress or jumpsuit.  And I'll wear it on the beach over a sundress.   It's a light-weight knit, so you warm-weather gals can enjoy it too.  

With 10% cashmere and 90% wool, it's soft and elegant, not at all scratchy, and has a flattering asymmetrical drape that fits and flatters.  And one-size-fits-all makes it the perfect gift for your sister, mother, daughter and girlfriend.  

Gray Knit Ruana, Dressed Down and Up

Ruana •  Boots  •  Moto Pants •  Jumpsuit  • Heels  •  Pendant Necklace  •  Statement Earrings

Black Knit Ruana, Dressed Down and Up

If you you'd like help placing an order with peach, I am here to help.  Just message me and I can assist with sizing and selection - and anything else you may need!

Join me next month for a free challenge:  The 12 Days of #JUSTGETDRESSED.  I'll be helping with winter dressing questions, providing outfit formulas and tips to get you out of any wintertime ruts,  and into easy,  comfortable, and great-looking outfits!  Click here to sign up!

Thanks for reading,  friends!  Now go #justgetdressed 😉 


Outift Formula: Blush and Olive/ Camo

Not too long ago, the idea of camo pants would have been a Nay for me.  But since hitting 50,  I’ve grown to really love the look (go figure).

I like them best with black, gray and white.  But blush and fuschia are great options too and add a feminine touch to the otherwise masculine pattern.

This same formula can be dressed up with heeled booties and a blazer or dressed down with slip-on sneaks or mules and a denim jacket.  No camo? No worries.  Olive pants can be worn the same way.

Today I wore my, go-to silver jewelry: long pendant necklace choker, knot hoops, and these two-tone bracelets:  Rhett cuff and Renegade Stretch Bracelet. 

What do you think of camo?  One of my clients from Alabama told me they have a lot of hunters near her who wear camo “for real” so she just can’t jump on this style.  Ha!  What do you think? Yea or nay?

Thanks for reading.  Now go #justgetdressed 😉

xo, Beth