A Case for the Chambray Shirt

Google "Fall Wardrobe Essentials"  and chances are the  Chambray Shirt will appear on most lists.  I have my own catalog of B.Styled Essentials, and yes, the chambray shirt is on it.  The reason it makes the cut is that, like denim jeans, chambray is incredibly versatile and works with so many colors and fabrics.  I also think the light blue denim color (which I prefer over the darker versions) is flattering to most people. Finally, I'm a fan (as you'll see below) of the 'collar pop' that works so well with this shirt.

That said, I was having a conversation with a member of my Fall Style System Program and she was saying that she never really got on board the Chambray Shirt Train.  Some  find these shirts too masculine or bulky. And those with larger chests can have a hard time with button up shirts in general.  

And that's ok --  If it doesn't work for you, skip it!  Don't get too caught up with "must-haves" (unless it's neutral booties...those ARE a must have.  This pair is my personal pick...and bonus: they're waterproof!)

If you love the look of a chambray shirt, there are many ways to style it and it can be one of the most versatile items in your closet.

I  decided to make yesterday's outfit formula for the Fall Style System feature a chambray shirt and I took several outfit pictures to show various ways to style the classic JCrew version (currently 40% off with free ship from Nordstrom).  In my Essentials Catalog, I've included various styles including a more feminine pop-over version.  

What do you think?  Do you have a chambray shirt and consider it a must-have or are you skipping it? No judging here!  

These are some examples of Chambray Shirt  looks you can create from your closet. Don't feel like you need to "copy" the looks exactly!  Use your building blocks and basic essentials and have fun mixing and matching.  See below for shopping links, but chances are these wardrobe essentials, or something similar, are already in your closet! 

Affiliate Links:

White Jeans  •  Navy Blazer  •  Taupe Booties   •  Leopard Belt (back in stock and under $20) • Taupe Booties (my #1 must-have shoe)  Layered, Adjustable Two-Tone Necklace

Black Ponte Leggings (shown throughout, this one pair is replacing all my other leggings...never going back...these are almost pants too - not what the high school girls wear;)  • Cognac Tote (an investment but worth every single penny)  •  Cream Pullover (similar) 

Floral Scarf  (on sale) •  Olive Jacket  (on sale) •  Suede Boots (same brand, same color)

Blush Poncho Top   •  Favorite Pendant Necklace  • Heeled Booties (similar)

Poncho Wrap (see above for white jeans, booties and leopard belt)

Slip-on Sneakers  or Budget Slip-on Sneakers  •   Color Cardi (magenta is really hard to find...I did find this highly rated cardi that comes in several colors on amazon prime wardrobe.  I'm trying it and will keep you posted!  Make sure you follow me on facebook so you can see my review). 

Thanks for reading...now go #justgetdressed 😉 

xo, Beth

Easy Tips for Fall Transitional Dressing

In the fashion world, “Fall Transitional Dressing” is a buzz word, and you can find lots of blogs and articles about how to make this transition in style.

I’m here to boil it down to some simple, easy to remember rules of thumb.

First of all, just to be clear, “Fall Transitional Dressing” (FTD;)  is basically a fancy way of saying:

“How do I #justgetdressed when it’s deep into September but the weather is still hot, sticky, rainy, and basically unpredictable???”

Here are some easy tips to keep in mind:

1.  It’s all about BALANCE:  Wear long with short, and short with long.  Make sense?

If you’re wearing shorts or a skirt,  go with a long sleeve top.   If you want to wear a sleeveless top, go with pants or a longer skirt.

2.  Next, let’s all say it together, “YES, we can indeed wear white jeans after labor day.”   Put away linen or light cotton pants, but your thick white denim can be worn all year round.

Remember, It’s all about BALANCE.  Just like in all forms of dressing, balance is the key, and white jeans are a great way to illustrate this concept:

When you wear your white jeans, balance them out with your choice of shoes and tops.  Skip the flip flops or summery sandals and instead opt for suede sandals or mules, open toe booties — or regular boots/booties, especially in tan, taupe or cognac.


Go ahead and wear a sleeveless top if the temps are high, but opt for more fall-ish or neutral colors to balance out the white on the bottom.

3.  The Magical Power of Layering.  Magical may be an overstatement, but when the weather is so changeable, layering just makes sense.  At the very minimum, make sure you have a neutral cardigan, a denim or twill jacketscarf, and a fabulous blazer.  Any of these layers can be added to just about any outfit and not only finish it off, but also provide practical warmth and coverage.

Now, how about that favorite summer one-and-done dress (that I wore 2x per week minimum all summer long).  I’m not ready to retire this dress yet since it feels like a nighty, has a built in bra, (!!!)  is great- looking and cool, and requires no shaving.  So here’s how I transition it:

Everything here is “old” from my closet….except for this fabulous suede moto jacket.  You won’t believe where it’s from or the price tag on it!

Be creative and use items in your closet in new and different ways so you can stretch your wardrobe, create new looks and get out of the “I wear the same 5 things every day” rut.

I’m here to help you do just that, and it’s the rationale behind my signature program – The B.Styled Style System.  It’s not too late to join for the fall, and I’d love to have you.  Click HERE to learn more and sign up!

Any questions at all…send me a note!  I love hearing from you.

Now go #justgetdressed.



My Peach Picks!

Ok…getting right to the point here (shocking, I know;)  Peach sales are few and far-between, and one is running right now…The entire site is 20% off…no code necessary and includes new and sale items!  A great time to stock up on undies and essentials too!

Here are my picks right from my closet.  Click on the picture to shop the items or search by item name.  Sale ends July 23rd at midnight.   Feel free to message me with any questions or if you need advice…beth@bstyledbybeth.com

Lola Dress and Cropped Flyaway

Camilla Dress

Reversible Capris , Lotus Tank, Scuba Jacket

Anna Tee and Moto Ponte Skirt

Modern Bohos in Navy, Carioca Hoodie and Strappy Sports Bra

Scuba Vest, Ponte Skirt,  Ponte Slim Pants, Modern Bohos, Savasana Top, Alina Sleeveless Top, Valerie L/S top in Amazonite

Anna Tee, Savona Hoodie (both on double sale!!)

Scuba Jacket, Savasana Tee

White Crop Flyaway Cardi, Modern Bohos and Simply Soft Essential Tank, Black

Lotus Tank (in 3 great colors) and Strappy Workout Bra

Alina Hi-Low Tank (in 5 great colors!)

Ponte Slim Pant, Savasana Top, Coral Reversible Capri Leggings

Carioca Vest and Black Flyaway Cardigan (long version) - Dress by Old Navy;)

If you've ever been curious about PEACH as a company, or curious to try the products, I am more than happy to help.  I have so much fun representing this company and would love to have you join my team if you are interested in a flexible, fun work-from-anywhere opportunity.    

And this sale is a great time to try some of the fabulous products and get a feel for the quality and style of the products.

Now go #justgetdressed;)



Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Tips and Picks 2018

CLICK HERE to  find my complete catalog of curated picks from the

NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE 2018 (check back often to as I add and update!)

Hey gang! As many of probably know the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts this week (early access for cardholders starts TODAY Thurs. 7/12). The internet tends to go insane over this sale and I’d like to make this spot a sane oasis for information, advice, and SMART shopping.

Here’s a link to the LIVE video I did Wednesday with my philosophy and tips for the sale.

My ADVICE, in a nutshell:

1. Use this sale to shop for your season-less ESSENTIALS.  Click here for my list of these and clickable catalog. (Note that I’ve added items to this catalog from the sale as well)

Go through your closet first and check off the items on this list that you are missing or that need updating.  Consider SELLING items you have that you want to replace.  I love using the POSHMARK app for this.  Use code bethroy3 when you sign up for a $5 credit.

2. Focus on smart investments like cashmere, quality boots, coats and jackets, denim, handbags.

3.  This is a great time to shop for GIFT too…think: Longchamp tote, Patagonia, Uggs, Barefoot Dreams

3. There are also deals to be had on make-up and beauty products that you may use anyway, so a good time to stock up.

4. Keep to a LIST and a PLAN – and maybe even a BUDGET!?! Yes. That’s a good idea too;)

I’ll be adding to my picks throughout the sale, so check back often…maybe bookmark the link!

Now, let’s get back to SUMMER and #justgetdressed;)


P.S.  Here are the dates to remember:

July 11, Level 4 cardmembers get to pre-shop the sale in stores only.
July 12 to July 19 is Early Access for all cardmembers to shop in stores and online.
July 20-August 5, Nordstrom’s biggest sale of the year opens to the public.


Frame Your Face and Instantly Elevate your Style

Have you grabbed my FREE download??  Click here for immediate access!

Today I want to focus (pardon the pun;) on Step #2 — probably the most important accessory you can wear….Your eyewear.

When it comes to glasses, there’s no doubt fashion is important, but that doesn’t mean it should trump functionality.  You know I believe in the power of a funky necklace or gorgeous handbag to elevate your look, but there’s no way either comes close to  providing the benefits of eyeglasses…right???

The eyewear you select can have an important impact on your vision health and wellness—- from proper fit and safety, to protecting your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun.

As you look for the right eyewear, consider the following tips provided by my dear college friend and co-owner of Vision Optics in Wellesley Center, Dalita Keumurian:

Much like a killer bag, power tie, or a stunning piece of jewelry, the eyewear you choose makes a statement and is a critical part of your image. We ensure that the frames you choose complement your unique facial features but also that they are tailored for comfort and best fit.

We begin by getting to know your preferences and lifestyle as well as taking your prescription into account in order to focus on the best frame choices. The shape of your face does factor in our choices and the “rule of thumb” – to pick an opposite shape to add contrast and complement the shape of your face, whether its round, oval, square or heart shaped –  is a great starting point. However, we have found that it doesn’t always hold true. It’s not an absolute.

We want you to LOVE the frames you get from us and sometimes that take a bit of trial and error. In fact, we allow you to take frames home to try them out for a day and get feedback from family and friends. Our main goal is to make sure you look and feel great wearing your new frames!

If you’re local to the Wellesley, MA area, please join me and  Dalita along with the knowledgeable staff of  Vision Optics for a special in-store event next Thursday, July 12th, 4-6pm.  Swing by and share a cocktail with us!   I will have an exclusive collection of favorite necklaces available for purchase at 20-30% off as well!

I’d love to see you in person on Thursday!  Contact me at beth@bstyledbybeth.com with any questions.

Now, go #justgetdressed.

Easy Summer Outfit Formulas

Today I’m sharing some easy summer outfit formulas  in case you’re finding yourself in a rut when it comes time to #justgetdressed this summer!

I know I for one am ready to put the breaks on summer shopping.  Let’s face it ladies…we really don’t need any more “stuff” for this short (but fun) season, and chances are we have plenty in our closets to wear on these hot and hazy days.

The key is to look at what you own with fresh eyes.  When you see a blogger photo of an outfit you LOVE, rather than feel like you have to buy all the pieces and copy it, head to your closet and see how you can recreate it and make it your own, using what you already have.

The same goes with these formulas.  Use them for inspiration and ideas and then see what you have that can work.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy anything new that you love (God knows I would never say that😉 but BEFORE you click Add to Cart, make sure you don’t already have something you can use in a similar way.  AND…before you buy…think of MULTIPLE ways you can wear the item too.  Limit those one-hit-wonders as much as possible!  

Here we go with some easy formulas to try this coming week:
(Click link here to shop the looks…if you must;) password: freesummer

Formula #1: Pattern Play

I tend to gravitate towards solids, so this formula is a reminder to me that patterns can be a great way to add interest and personality to an outfit.  Ground a busy pattern with neutral  shoes and accessories.  But if you are wearing a whimsical pattern top or dress, why not add a pair of funky earrings too…just keep your necklace simple.

Formula #2:  Fourth of July Chic!

You don’t have to go out and buy a “4th of July Outfit” – in fact, please don’t;)  Instead, search your closet for a top or dress in red, white OR blue and then have fun adding accents without feeling the need to go over the top — unless you want to…in which case I’m all for it;)   Whatever you do, enjoy the holiday and have FUN celebrating and getting dressed.

Formula #3: Pattern / Color on Bottom

In keeping with the pattern theme this week…here’s a formula using pattern on the bottom.  Most of us are used to pattern tops and dresses, but adding color and / or pattern in a skirt, shorts or pants is a great look too.   See what gems you may have hanging your closet!

And don’t over complicate it!  Notice how in all these retailer photos of pattern and color pants, they are shown with a simple black top.  It looks great, you probably own one, so why not copy it!  For shoes you can never go wrong with nude/neutral shoes, or black often looks great, especially with a black top.

Formula #4: Bathing Suit and Cover-Up

This weekend and next week it may be very hard to avoid wearing a bathing suit. I hear the cries, trust me, I do.  Hopefully you have at least one swimsuit you feel comfortable in, although I would argue, the true comfort comes in the COVER-UP that goes over the suit.  Keep your suit simple and flattering to your body…and then give serious thought to the dress or cover-up you put over it.  Find something you feel great in and ideally something a little more fun and flirty than a stretched out t-shirt and shorts.  Believe me, you’ll feel better putting on that bathing suit when you also have a cute dress or cover up to wear with it.

All that being said,  it’s really about time we embrace our bodies in all their glory (and all their cellulite, veins and extra lbs).  Don’t let bathing suit phobia keep you from going to the beach, pool or lake and jumping in!
ENJOY!  xoxo

Happy Independence Day!

Don’t forget to #justgetdressed 😉


The Case for Wardrobe Workhorses

If you know me, you know I’m all about  funky accessories, fun tops and colorful add-ons.  But you may also know that I constantly harp on the value and importance of versatile, classic wardrobe essentials.…aka, the WORKHORSES.

Well, today  I’m making a case for investing in these pieces and how their versatility will  SAVE  you money in the long run (and a whole lot of “what-to- wear??” stress).  I’m going to show you how 4 BASIC ESSENTIALS  are the foundation for a zillion looks that work  in multiple situations from work to play.

Black Skirt, White Top, White Cardigan/Jacket, Color Cardigan/Jacket

First let’s talk about the  foundation:  black  skirt + white top….Two things you may (should?) already have in your closet.

I hear you out there in internet-land...”ho hum…borrrrr-ing”.

Stay with me…

We’ll start with the skirt.   Remember those black “yoga pants” with the thick waistband that we used to wear in the 90’s (with our danskos;) because they were so comfortable?  Well this is the skirt version of those…in a  smoothing,  stretchy ponte fabric.  And unlike those 90’s yoga pants, this skirt is sharp and classic.  No schlump factor what-so-ever.

I’ve tried many pencil skirts over the years (since they always show up on the “must-have” lists).  But, until this one, I’ve never actually worn one;)  They just seemed too corporate, dressy or stiff – and didn’t work with my lifestyle.

This skirt has changed that for me though.  If  I had a job interview, I’d probably wear it with a blouse,  jacket and pumps.  But today (as I sit on my patio writing this and throwing the ball to my relentless dog, Freddie,) I’m wearing it with a tee shirt and sandals.   Bonus:  it’s more comfortable than shorts, with more leg coverage – without looking frumpy like some longer shorts can.



Here’s the same skirt and white top shown dressed up and down.  All I did was remove one of the strands from my 2 in 1 silver and black necklace and switch from pumps to flat sandals.


And here it is with the addition of the best 3rd piece on earth — the new peach flyaway cardigan (now in a shorter length).  The look on the left is sharp enough for an important meeting, and the right is casual, cool, and put together.  BOTH are uber comfortable and easy to wear.

(Top can be worn tucked or untucked)

Add some color or pattern with your choice of 3rd pieces…cardigans, jackets, scarves, kimonos, jewelry, pattern shoes…There are no limits to the options for jazzing up the basic foundation.

Silver Jewelry:  necklace (2 in 1)   earrings   ring   bracelet


Are these the most exciting, cutting edge and trendy outfits on the internet?   Heck no.  But these pieces are workhorses that will take you just about anywhere, looking and feeling comfortable and confident…and never schlumpy or frumpy.

The best part is that it’s the perfect canvas for all  your favorite jewelry and accessories….AND it works with pretty much every 3rd piece in you closet, from a jean jacket to blazer to kimono.

To help get your Closet Essentials in order, here’s a free catalog of my picks for the TOP 10 Wardrobe Essentials.   Don’t chintz on these items either.  Get the highest quality you can afford and make sure the fit and cut is right for YOUR body.

Trust me, someday you’ll thank me;)

Need help finding something on the list?  Just shoot me an email: beth@bstyledbybeth.com

Now, go #justgetdressed.

Happy Summer!



The Fabulous Mary Turns 93

As many of you know, I am blessed to have my wonderful mom, Mary, living in our home with us for the past 5 years.  Some of you have even had the pleasure of meeting her in person.  You can catch her first video interview here.   She is an internet sensation 😉

Today she turns 93, and despite being almost completely blind, and very hard of hearing, she is still the most upbeat, positive, loving and glass-half-full person I’ve ever known.

She has been such a blessing to our family, and especially to our boys as I hope much of her attitude and outlook has rubbed off on them.   If only her cleanliness and lack of clutter would rub off.  Instead she shares a bathroom with the animals which is just unfortunate — but she never complains.

Since this is a style blog, I wanted to share some fun pics of Mary through the years.  She is my first and favorite style icon and proves to this day that classic style is timeless and that less is more.    But her style also shows that clothing and “just getting dressed” should be celebrated and fun and is great way to express yourself.

Click on the picture to enlarge and see caption.

Here’s to Mary…Happy Birthday!  xoxox

Now ladies…Keep it simple, have FUN with clothes — and go #justgetdressed.

xo, Beth

4 Tips to Fight the Funk

This has been one of those weeks.  I feel like I was in a funk most of the week; not sleeping well, feeling tired, and just all around bleh.  Nothing really “bad” (knock on wood) but you know the feeling. And God knows the awful weather hasn’t helped.

Anyway, yesterday when I woke up to snow flakes the size of golf balls falling from the sky, I said enough is enough already.  I was tempted to hide under the covers with my coffee until it was time for wine, but instead, I got up and got dressed.  And I made a video.

I shared my 4 free, fool-proof and fast ways to get out of funk.

In a nutshell, these are the 4 things I do, and I swear it helps.  Try it and let me know if they works for you too.

  1.  Actually #justgetdressed.  Get out of your jammies and “work out wear” and put on real clothes.  Or if you are already getting dressed because you have to leave the house, put on something different than your usual go-to’s.  Maybe throw on a fun, cheery pattern blouse that you’ve been saving.  You may not feel fun and cheery, but wearing the top may turn the tide.
  2. Wear real pants.  I love a great pair of joggers or leggings and know how they can be part of a fantastic look. But I also know that “real pants” will be more helpful in fighting a funky mood and will make you feel more put together.
  3. Wear some make-up. Even if you aren’t a make-up person, I recommend putting on some mascara, blush and lip gloss at the very least.  I LOVE this no-smudge mascara, and just got this awesome product that works as a cheek AND lip stain in one handy dandy applicator.  Genius. Easy.
  4. Put on a necklace.  Earrings are great too (I always were either studs or hoops every day, no matter what), but there is POWER IN A NECKLACE.  Don’t underestimate this!  Throw a cool necklace on and I guarantee you will look and feel better, more pulled together and less “bleh”.Easy, right?  And notice there was no mention of wine, spa visits or vats of chocolate.

    These things WILL make you feel  better.  I guarantee it.  Try it, and let me know.Now go #justgetdressed and have a FUNK-less weekend!

    Cheers!  Beth


One Dress Five Ways (and counting…)

Hey Friends!

It’s time to start ignoring the weather and instead focus on all the SPRING invites heading your way.  I’m sharing a dress that is not only insanely soft and comfortable, but also can work for any number of occasions…not to mention the office too!

 Note that I’m featuring this dress, but maybe you have a solid color, fits-you-perfectly dress in your closet and you can apply these same principals to what you already own.

I think everyone in the western hemisphere is now familiar with Erin, and her blog, Living in Yellow…probably the hottest blogger/facebook sensation out there.  I love following her and feel like we’d be friends (even though I was in college when she was born) . She is down-to-earth, KIND and funny in a very real way.  She may be about a zillion years younger than I am, but I love her style and get great ideas from her that I can adapt to work for me and my clients and readers.

She has collaborated with Gibson, a favorite brand of mine, and created her own Gibson x Living in Yellow  line.  It has some fantastic pieces that are easy-to-wear, versatile and work for a vairety of sizes, shapes and age groups.

It would be my DREAM to create a line of easy-to-wear, affordable, inclusive and great-looking clothes for my demographic (the over 45-50 to  70 plus crowd who wants to dress and feel our best).  Our demographic often gets overlooked or typecast, and I for one refuse to go down Frumpville Lane, no matter my age. Mary is almost 93 and she feels the same way;)

I digress… But Nordstrom – if you’re listening…I am totally open to working with you.  HA!

Now, let’s talk dresses.  I don’t have many occasions to wear them, so when I buy a dress, I like it to be — say it with me people…V- E -R-S-A-T-I-L-E.  I sound like a broken record, but I do think the key to a successful wardrobe is versatility.    Before you hit “add to cart” for anything – think of at least 3 different ways/occasions you could wear the item.  Deal??

The Hannah dress  by the Gibson x LIY line is a great example.  It comes in a full range of sizes from petite to plus and is designed to fit a wide variety of body types.  It caught my attention when I read this LIY blog post and saw this picture of “the dress”:

It comes in gray and black, but this “fuchsia red” color jumped out at me as it is such a powerful, flattering color.  Let’s just take a minute to look at these women.  All different shapes and sizes, ages and coloring.  Wow.

Many of us are hesitant to wear a color like this…fearing that it is too bold, or stands out too  much.  I say  – challenge yourself.  Get out of your comfort zone,  recognize that you are powerful and bold and GO. FOR. IT.  Try it and see how you feel – and then let me know.

Now for the specs on the dress. It is a  crazy soft stretch-jersey and it’s ruched at the side to create elegant drape—and a more forgiving fit—for the body-con cut.

34″ regular front length; 36 1/2″ back length (size Medium)

32 1/2″ petite front length; 35″ back length (size Medium P)

Now, when I say this dress is versatile, I’m not kidding:

  • It can be worn alone with a statement necklace for a dressy look.  (This is the same necklace, the Sullivan, worn two different ways).
  • I added the Gibson x Living in Yellow Claire Cardigan in poppy for a contrasting tone- on-tone look I love.  The Claire has a very subtle stripe in it and the stripe color is the same as the dress…to my eye at least!  I think it works and gives some coverage while maintaining the bold color.
  • Add a black blazer or convertible  fly away cardigan and pumps for an office look.
  • It can also be worn with flats or trendy sneaks for a casual look.  And your jean jacket and a scarf make for a great seasonal transitional look too!

Last but not least, even though this dress has very strategic ruching,  a little bit of spanx under it is a good idea for smoothing and lifting;)

There you have it!  Enjoy the rest of your week and here’s to welcoming SPRING to our world.

And speaking of SPRING…if you haven’t already…there’s still time to join my SPRING 2018 STYLE SYSTEM.   Outfit Formulas begin on Monday April 9th.  I’d love to have you join us!  Click HERE for more info or HERE to go straight to the sign up!

Cheers, my friends.  Now go #justgetdressed.

xo, Beth