Weekend Update 9/18/23

A wedding story, jeans & shoes🤷‍♀️, YOUR shade of red, and versatile soft pants for Fall

(shown on Petite and Plus sizes too).

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TIPSY TUESDAY: Jeans & Shoes: Perfect Pairings:

One of the most common questions I get, especially during the Fall, is about what shoe/boot to wear with different denim styles. I talked about that on this week’s Tipsy Tuesday and made a one-page guide to help you. Click the video to catch the replay… 
(and enjoy the fast-forward button you don’t get live. 😉


Also, the FALL Style Program is NOW OPEN for sign-up!  Make sure you sign up .



Tuesday was the first time I put on jeans in ages (and I admit I took them off immediately after the Jeans & Shoes video;)  
Even if it’s hot where you are, I recommend at least trying on your fall jeans and pants to make sure they’ll work for you this Fall. Pants (and shoes) are the hardest, so don’t put off this exercise. 
is a place to get help and recommendations on this! 
This time of year, I like to balance long pants with sleeveless or short-sleeves.
In reverse, if I’m baring my legs in shorts or a dress, I’ll wear light long sleeves.

What I’m Wearing:

…including finding YOUR best colors, versatile soft pants (on petite and plus sizes too)

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xo, Beth