Weekend Update 7/16/23

Hello and welcome to the Weekend Update!

Here are some of the things that went on this week. And if you aren’t already, be sure to follow me on Instagram @b.styled, Facebook, and in the free, private #justgetdressed VIP’s Facebook Group.  

And don’t forget to grab the  …. And speaking for myself – I designed the program and create all the outfit prompts – and even I rely on it each day to #justgetdressed – in 5 minutes flat. It keeps me from wearing the same thing every day, or staying in my “workout” clothes all day long. 


1. Tipsy Tuesday – Common Sense Sales Shopping Pep Talk/Lecture;)

The summer sales are out in full force, so this is a great time to talk about sales shopping…and shopping in general.

This week I talked about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (still going on and open to cardholders now, and to the public TOMORROW, 7/17.  Have you shopped it? Did you have any luck? I’m waiting for my order to arrive and will try everything critically and decide what to keep. I am trying to keep up with sell outs and new additions, but trust me, it ain’t easy.

HERE is my catalog of picks, but watch the pep talk first if you missed it on Facebook;) 

My Dress    –   Pendant Necklace  –   Summer Watch Band (gets dirty, so skip if that’ll bug you)  –   Hoops  –  Lipstick

To help you navigate this somewhat overwhelming annual sale, I created a catalog with my personal picks.

Find it here, and bookmark it to refer back. Items do sometimes come back in stock due to returns or re-stocks – (especially Nordstrom house brands).

This sale creates A LOT of internet hype because it’s on hot, NEW, FALL items…..But, keep your wits about you and be prepared for items to sell out – and remember, that’s NOT the end of the world;)

Focus on quality items that you need or really, really want and have several ways/places to wear them.

Just because it’s popular or “hot” doesn’t mean we need it -right??

My advice is to spend some time in your closet before the sale starts and look for glaring “holes” in your wardrobe basics…

Make a list of key pieces that are worn out, dated, and need replacing or refreshing.

My favorite categories include white tees, undies, bras, denim, boots, jackets/outerwear, and sneakers. Boring? Yes. Important? Indeed. 

Use the wishlist feature now to combat impulsive, willy-nilly shopping when your date comes around.

Thanks for being here today, and have a great week ahead….

Get some stuff done, do something fun, and #justgetdressed.

xo, Beth