The Summer Style System is here.



I’ve been running the Seasonal Style System since 2015, and each season I work to enhance and improve the program….all while keeping the same low price but delivering even more value and transformative coaching.

I recognize that spring weather varies and so does the dressing and I always make recommendations to suit your life, weather and personal style.

I hope you’ll join me and #justgetdressed in looks you love. Success…and a fun time is guaranteed!

The Seasonal Style System

~The realistic wardrobe plan for grown-ups

The proven system for creating daily outfits (from your closet) that reflect (and enhance) your style… so you can #justgetdressed and get on with your day.

Beth Roy, B.Styled

As Easy as 1 – 2 – 3:

“Will this work for me?”

The Style System Works perfectly for…

Women (40-75+), who feel overlooked by the fashion industry.
Non-fashionistas, who want to look up-to-date, without chasing trends.
Professional women looking to advance their careers and enhance their image.
Women who work from home, who have lost motivation and feel like they’ve “let themselves go.”
Retirees who are ready to start taking better care of themselves, or who wish to rediscover their personal style.
Women whose bodies have changed due to menopause or weight gain, and who want to get advice on what to wear, and how to wear it.

Women in transition, who are going through a job change, a move, heading into retirement or entering the dating world again; who want to present their best self on this new stage.

Any woman who wants to look better, feel better and be happier; and who is willing to embrace positive change and #justgetdressed.

Sign up today for one low price and get a season’s worth of coaching and style help.

The Seasonal Style System is NOT for:

High-style, fashion-obsessed women. The Style System is intended for real women, with real bodies and real budgets, who are looking to improve their daily style.
Anyone not willing to break out of her comfort zone or try new things.

Imagine if you could…

Look stylish and put together every day, without spending a fortune?
Consistently feel good about how you dress, even if fashion or style isn’t “your thing”?
Create a daily #justgetdressed habit?

Dress the body you have today and develop a personal style you love – now.

Save time choosing what to wear, and use more of what you own in new ways?
Save hundreds of dollars on impulse shopping or unwise purchases?
Finally become clear about how you want to dress, based on your taste and lifestyle?
Create a functional wardrobe that contains just what you need to express your personal style – making it easy (and even fun) to get dressed.

Take it from Style System client, Cheryl:

“I love clothes, always have. But a couple of years ago I found myself standing in a store feeling ROTTEN about myself, not knowing what to look at, which stupid jeans were in style, and how to wear the trends without looking silly.

I was a grown-up woman, with kids in college—WHY did I feel this way? And B.Styled By Beth came across my Facebook, I signed up for a season and was immediately welcomed into an amazing community of women who willingly posted daily selfies (WHAT?) and generously shared tips and advice and compliments.

A year and a half later, my college girls are coming to me for fashion advice and I feel amazing. My closet isn’t stuffed full but it is stocked with things that I enjoy. I’ve even made a boatload of new friends. My husband notices and loves the changes.

There’s even better energy to my day because #justgetdressed WORKS. It works.”

So Beth, how does this WORK?

Step 1:

Check off items you already own.

Step 2:

Shop for missing items using my top picks.

Step 3:

Create the daily outfit and #justgetdressed.

What’s Included in the Style System Planner?


Wardrobe Checklist: Go through your wardrobe and identify staple items and a few fashionable seasonal pieces. Know exactly what to look for in your closet. You may be surprised by how much you already have. Includes tips and details on trends and body-type dressing.


Targeted Shopping Catalog: Shop for the missing items, using the easy-to-use, clickable shopping catalog. Be guided by great recommendations tailored to suit your personality, budget, and body type. The Summer program includes finding a BATHING SUIT and COVER-UP you love…or at least tolerate. 🤪 


21 Days of Outfit Emails: Know exactly what you’re going to wear, every day. You’ll receive a daily email, comprising a series of 21 daily outfit prompts. The prompts continue all season, enabling you to try new versions and create easy, stylish looks all season.


Digital Device Access: Follow along using the daily email prompts or access the outfits on your chosen device.


Plenty of personal help with specific outfit tweaks and advice, all in a warm, positive, fun – and totally private group.


Bonus content includes coaching on swimwear, denim, what shoes to wear, special occasion dress ideas, make-up, hair, eyewear, and more.

3 months of group style coaching included!

Receive expert input on all style-related topics from Beth as well as fellow members and group experts.

In addition to tips and advice on tweaking the day’s outfit, we help with body-type dressing tips and provide advice about topics such as hair, make-up, eyewear, and more!

Because of the variable weather this Spring/Summer, I am now giving full FREE access to the SPRING Style System materials and outfits to all Summer purchasers.

The group coaching starts immediately, and SUMMER outfit emails start June 9 and  arrive each evening at 7:30pm est.

a $1200+ value


Daily outfit templates will have you looking fabulous every day, without the frustration of deciding what to wear.

The system is fun and easy to use, offering all the necessary tools and support you need. I take a hands-on approach to customer service and won’t leave you struggling for help! 

But Beth, will the Style System work for ME?

Whether you work remotely, or in an office; even if you are a full-time mom or caregiver, or you’re retired, or somewhere in-between…. you owe it to yourself (and those you love), to look and feel your best…even when you are home alone. Yes. Even then.

An intentionally chosen outfit (even a very casual one) will boost your confidence and set the stage for a productive day. Look better, and you’ll feel better. And when you feel good, you tend to make more positive choices that will incrementally shape your day.

And it doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming.

Five minutes is all it takes when you have a plan!


You can keep settling for the same-old, same-old…

OR you can learn how to (easily) leverage the power of fabulous everyday style to have a better day — and a better life.


You don’t have to be a fashionista to be stylish.


You don’t have to spend a fortune on new clothes to look chic every day.


You can look and feel fabulous, no matter your body type, weight or age.


You can impact how you feel and how your day goes by taking control of this one daily routine.


You’re a recreational shopper. You enjoy buying new clothes and try to be stylish. Yet when you stand in front of your closet to get dressed, you seem to have nothing to wear.
The voice in your head tells you you’re too old, too heavy, or don’t have enough money to look stylish.
You feel overwhelmed by all the choices of fashions, styles, fabrics, and colors. You don’t want to look like a “try-hard”, so you end up settling for the same-old-same-old default outfits.
Your body has changed, and you have no idea what will look good on you, and still be comfortable.
Many days end with you still wearing your “workout clothes” or the same old “go-to’s” that make you feel blah and uninspired.

With the Style System you will…

Look stylish and put together every day
Create great-looking outfits, by using the items in your closet
Spend up to 70% less time and money on clothing
Boost your image, confidence and posture, from DAY ONE!

Photo Credit: Style at a Certain Age


It’s not about losing weight or applying some magical cream. It’s simple tools, strategies, and plug & play outfit prompts that will make you look more modern, fresh, and beautiful.

Style at your fingertips

I consistently over-deliver, and the value received for this small investment is enormous. You don’t just get a bunch of pictures of outfits to weed through. You get a DAILY OUTFIT PROMPT– delivered the night before – including tips, strategies, and suggestions for making the look work for YOU and your day.

Or, click on your phone and find the daily look there too!

“Since using the Style System, I have gained so much confidence in my style, and it has made my life so much easier – and better. I rarely leave the house these days without feeling put together and fabulous. And on days that I don’t leave the house, I still hear Beth in my head, so I grab a template, and #justgetdressed – and it makes a difference! It’s like having a personal stylist (who totally gets me) on call 24/7!”
“Are you considering signing up for one of Beth Roy’s programs such as the Style System? Short answer: do it. Longer answer: I discovered Beth when I was doom scrolling on Instagram just after New Years’ this year. I needed a mid-winter pick-me-up, especially this year. Bleh. What struck me was the before and after photos: women over 40 who looked transformed not by make-up or weight loss or haute couture but by choosing stylish, flattering clothes and combining them with a good eye. Beth has a good eye and she helps you develop one, too. She and the group of women she gathers are kind and supportive (and funny) but honest. She’ll tell you that you really do look good in purple and that, no, you really don’t need another pair of suede booties— if it’s true. She makes specific shopping suggestions and offers special discount codes. And here’s the most profound thing she offers: a change in attitude. When you become part of Beth’s wonderful community you will WANT to get dressed to do errands or just to hang around the house because, as she’ll show you, this simple and intentional act is mind-blowing and life-changing.”
“Before the Style System, I read countless posts that described clothing to buy and outfits to wear. These generic suggestions never helped me! With the Style System, you gain access to a catalog of recommended clothing items with actual shopping links! In addition, you receive personal and constructive feedback regarding the clothes that you are actually wearing (whether old or newly purchased). Overall, the Style System has increased my confidence and knowledge regarding my personal style.”

My Commitment to You:

I know that the last thing you want to do is waste your money on something that you could have found on Google, Instagram or Pinterst.

This is why I am offering a 7-day, money-back guarantee.

No questions asked, no hard feelings.


Is this right for me?
If you are ready to put some time into YOU and take simple, manageable steps toward improving your personal style – and your day…this is for you. If you’re willing to try new things, accept feedback and tips, and get out of your comfort zone this is for you.
Do I have to be on Facebook?
The private Facebook group is the best way for me to interact personally with Members and share advice, tips, and pictures. Many women who aren’t on Facebook create a Facebook profile just for this purpose.
What if I decide this isn’t for me?
I stand by my 100% money-back guarantee within 7 days of purchase. That’s how confident I am that you will absolutely love this high-value, lost-cost resource. If you don’t like it, just email me and I’ll refund you; no hard feelings!
Is this a monthly membership or a one-time purchase?

This is a ONE-time payment for the season, there are no additional charges. You get access to the Style System checklists, shopping catalogs, 21 daily emails, and the seasonal Style Group for just $47.

What if the outfit formulas don’t mesh with my style?
The outfit formulas are geared toward everyday women with everyday style. The beauty of this system is that the outfits can be adapted and customize to suit your taste, your budget, and your lifestyle. But this is NOT for high-fashion, runway-style looks.
What if I need more personal 1:1 help?
I specialize in helping women like you develop and enhance their personal style and making your wardrobe a powerful tool. I have limited openings to work 1:1 with you in person or virtually.
When do I get access to the catalogs and Facebook Group?

You’ll receive a download and email immediately after your purchase, giving you access to the wardrobe checklists, and shopping catalogs. Daily outfit emails begin at 7:30pm EST on June 9th. The Style Group starts immediately and is incredibly high-touch, high-value.

What if I still don’t know how to create outfits after receiving access?

This is why I include a daily email with the outfit description and give you exact instructions for making the looks work for you. Outfit emails go out at 7:30 pm so you know what you’re wearing the next day. The emails give specific tips for making the looks work for you. And I’m right here answering questions and giving support and ideas.


Hi, I’m Beth.

Many years ago, after being a stay-at-home mom for several years, I found myself in the common rut of wearing the same black yoga pants and Dansko clogs every day. That was back in the early 2,000’s. I felt like I had let motherhood and caring for others cause me to lose any sense of personal style or self-care.

In 2008 I decided it was time to do something for myself. I co-founded Flirtyfinds, an online accessories business, with my college best friend. Seeing the transformation in women’s lives inspired me, and I loved to see the change as they started to take simple steps to look and feel their best.

At Flirtyfinds, our mantra was: “You don’t need a lot of clothes, but you do need great basics. From there you can switch things up and use well-placed accessories to reflect your personality”.

Ten years ago I realized my true purpose lay in style coaching. This enabled me to help women figure out their personal style, and guide them on what to buy, and how to combine it to look and feel fabulous. This is how B.Styled was born. This is also how my online programs emerged, based on the needs I saw in my clients’ journeys.

My signature program, the Seasonal Style System, was developed because I realized that many women seek direction. They want to know what to buy and how to combine it. They aren’t fashionistas, and they aren’t looking to chase every fad or trend. But they want to look and feel beautiful and pulled together, without spending a fortune or putting too much time or effort into it.

The Style System gives you a list and a step-by-step plan and puts an end to willy-nilly shopping.

I look forward to sharing this valuable tool with you, too!

It’s finally time to stop listening to your inner critic… that “mean-girl voice” in your head that keeps telling you you don’t have the body, budget, or “sense of style” to look your best every day.