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I aim to only recommend items that I would personally buy or have had clients buy successfully.

Note that these are affiliate links, so if you click through my links I do make a small, tiny commission - and there is no cost to you at all.

 I appreciate your support of my business.   Note that I add to these catalogs and update them frequently so check back often!

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My Partners & Preferred Vendors

I partner as a stylist with some preferred vendors that I know, trust and feel confident using myself, and recommending to you.  You can access my personal websites with these vendors below.  I'm also always looking for like-minded people to partner with, so if you're interested in a side-gig or learning more about these opportunities for yourself, drop me a note!


Peach marries amazing athletic fabrics with sophisticated design to deliver contemporary, insanely comfortable apparel for gym, work and play. Their versatile style boosts confidence and simplifies dressing every day.



I'm very excited about this new, retinol-alternative line for reducing and reversing signs of aging:

I most recently added Beautycounter to my suite of products that I represent. I was interested in learning more about make-up and skin care and came across Beautycounter through a good friend who is also a health coach.  I realized "I didn't know what I didn't know" when it came to the safety of the products I was putting on my skin - and having my family use.  

I realized how naive I had been, assuming that our government wouldn't "allow" companies to put harmful chemicals  in the skincare products we use everyday.  The more I learned, the more I knew I needed to make a change.

I have since switched over to only safe products and am happy to recommend and work with this exciting company.

At Beautycounter, their mission is to get safer products into the hands of everyone. The want us to feel completely confident in our daily routine, so every one of their innovative and high-performing products is made with an industry-leading standard of safety. 

Contact me for recommendations.  I'm here to help!


Stella & Dot

I became a huge fan of Stella & Dot products years ago when I placed my first order on a whim.  I was  blown away by the quality and styling that it has become my go-to accessories source. From the designs, to the quality to the packaging, to the customer service, this is a winning company.

Some of the ways Stella & Dot is different:

No retail stores.
Their  storefronts are a pop - up shop in your living room -  or in your instagram or facebook feed... instead of expensive retail stores.

Direct Sourcing.
They travel the world to work directly with the finest stone cutters and component makers, sourcing their own goods to eliminate the markup of a middle man.

And now there is even a line of unique, flattering statement tops.   
Click here to view the tops.

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