Snake Print Accessories for Spring

I just read an article about a "hot spring trend", and I'm happy report, that a few months ago I bought something from this "trend" without realizing it was going to be HOT this Spring. 

 In fact, I consider this item to be a classic, traditional piece.. Go figure.  

Can you guess which recent purchase of mine I'm talking about?

Yup, these shoes:

Snake print is a timeless, classic animal print and its having a moment this Spring.  

The beauty of a "trend" like this, is that it has staying power, and won't be going anywhere anytime soon.  In fact, it's always been here, right?  Like leopard, it really is a neutral and works well with all the Essentials, and  most colors and neutrals.  I'd also wear it with a floral top like this one:

Like my much-worn leopard print belt,  also have a snake print belt that I wear all the time - and it has to be close to 10 years old.  I found some suggestions in various price points for shoes and accessories you may want to consider adding to your spring looks.  They are versatile, neutral and add an element of chic and cool to any look: 

My March #justgetdressed Challenge kicks off on March 4th with the first Outfit Formula and runs the entire month.  I hope you'll join us and find new and fun ways to mix and match your Essentials with seasonal add-on's and trends. 

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