Weekend Update 4/30/23

Spring is taking her time getting here this year, and I’m regretting packing away so many warm winter sweaters and coats. Layering is the name of the game this time of year – and cranking the heat when inside. Nicer weather is coming and when it does, we’ll truly appreciate it, right? That’s what I keep telling myself.

Last week I road-tripped to NJ to see Jamie (of FlirtyFinds Accessories) and get her help accessorizing…my home…specifically this bookcase in my foyer/office nook. We had a great time scouring her local Homegoods and playing around with some pieces I already owned.

Here’s a snapshot of our handy work.  What’s great about the decor in this new little house is that all the rooms have the same basic color scheme and vibe, so I can move accent pieces around to change things up and create new looks.

It‘s a lot like having a functional mix-and-match wardrobe, right? Something to think about the next time you’re considering adding a  one-hit-wonder to your closet. Stop and rethink and make sure you can wear it 3-5 different ways before hitting “add to cart”.

Be sure to join the free, private #justgetdressed Facebook group to see more pics of the house work-in-progress and maybe even help me with the exterior paint color! 

FYI, here’s the bookcase/etagere.

1. Tipsy Tuesday Live From FlirtyFinds in NJ

This week Jamie and I are sharing 1)a travel capsule for jewelry/accessories, 2)adding texture and color to your spring looks and 3)accessorizing your dressy looks.

For Mother’s Day, Jamie is offering 20% off SITE-WIDE (very unusual!) with code MOM…includes free shipping, gift wrap and even a personalized note card if you wish!  

20% off at FlirtyFinds site-wide, free shipping – code MOM

My cream knit sweater

My yellow tank

2. Get More Bang for your Dressy-Blouse Buck

 I always have clients tackle their “pant situation” first – because pants really are the most challenging. And without a couple pairs of just-right-for-you pants, it’s really hard to #justgetdressed. But because they’re hard, we often skip them, and instead impulse-buy bargain tops and blouses like drunken sailors. 😜🚫✋

That habit can lead to clutter, over-consumption and waste. So instead, I recommend being really choosy about your blouses and going for quality over quantity, and then wearing them in multiple ways. Don’t pigeon hole your pretty blouses and save them for dressy occasions.  A “dressy” blouse is a great way to elevate more casual looks and stretch your wardrobe.  Here’s a quickie style tip showing how to style a blouse 3 ways.


(FYI, it’s not too late to join the SPRING program.  Outfit prompts go out each evening and personal style help is available in the group (i.e. find those illusive pants!) Click HERE to grab the planner and join the program. This season, I am also including my Closet Edit Bootcamp for free with the Style System Purchase!

3. A Netflix Find! 

In the market for a new show to binge? Look no further. Bill and I are watching Keri Russell in the new Netflix series The Diplomat – and it’s SO good. I don’t know who the actor is who plays her husband Hal, but he’s priceless. It’s a political thriller with a healthy dose of intrigue, humor and dysfunctional marriage-romance. We are almost finished with the first (and only season) and I am so annoyed to see it end. The Americans is still my all-time favorite show ever, and anything with Keri is a must-see for me.   Some of the funniest scenes are when Ambassador (and tough-as-nails) Kate  (Russell) has to get dolled up – which she loathes— as you can see from her body language here:


That’s it for this week. 

Have a great week and remember to #justgetdressed.

xo, Beth