Hello friends! 

And welcome to a new format for the Weekend Update. I am moving my Sunday newsletter over to my website/blog so you can easily access past editions from one place. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there – as well as the dog/cat-moms, special aunts, and really, ALL you lovely ladies out there. I hope you can kick back and do something special for yourself today. My boys are all still at school, but I’m having a great day, and we’ll all be together next weekend in Ohio for our first (of two) graduations! 

I was able to spend several days last week with my bff Jamie (of FlirtyFinds fame;) in New Jersey.  Time with Jamie (and her fab hub Mark, and ridiculously cute pup, Emma) always fills my cup and leaves me feeling rejuvenated, motivated and happy. Do you have a girlfriend(s) like that? I hope you do, and I highly recommend making a date to spend time with her soon.

Of course, on this Mother’s Day, the #1 person on my mind is The Fabulous Mary. I miss her every day, but am full of joy and gratitude for her beautiful life and the 10 years we had with her here in our home. We still feel her presence all the time (it’s almost eerie – but in a really good way).

And, as we go through our house purge, I hear her voice in my ear whispering one of her favorite mantras: “Pitch it. Pitch it.” Needless to say, Mary was the opposite of a packrat, and was famous for getting rid of things when we weren’t looking. Except for Kleenex and paper towels. She held on to those, almost to a fault;) 

As I always say, ladies, “Be Like Mary” – and let’s all take a page from her book, and not hold on to “stuff” that doesn’t serve us.

And in honor of Mary, I had to share this classic pic from a Mother’s Day morning from our days living in Hawaii in the early 70’s…And yes, that’s a miu miu she’s wearing! 


Now for what you may have missed this week!

1. Tipsy Tuesday! 6 Easy Spring Swaps to Look More Modern & Hip

Links from Tipsy Tuesday:

2. The Power of a White Tee & Jeans….plus Accessories

Jamie and I took a slew of pics of the Spring FlirtyFinds collections, and I made a reel to show how a white tee and jeans can be totally transformed just by switching up the accessories.

Make sure you’re following me on Instagram @b.styled as I’ll be posting tips and tricks and motivation there daily. 

You can find the reel over on Instagram here.

Ponchos, Kimonos, Jewelry and Bags are all FlirtyFinds.

White Stretch Denim Jacket

Neutral Flat Sandals

Mother Jeans (pricey – I got mine for less on Poshmark)


3. Finding my inner high-schooler, circa 1984

Check out my Mother’s Day gift that has me so very happy as I click clop down the hallway. Anyone else hear that sound and get taken back to those high school hallways and our Mia clogs??? Love ‘em or hate ‘em, clogs are back and “having a moment” and I’m loving these so much. They’re still available now and on sale. 

4. Spring/Summer Event & Occasion Dress Ideas

I’m constantly adding dress ideas to this shopping guide.  IF you need to shop, here are some ideas for graduations, weddings, and showers. My advice is to decide what you can/will wear as soon as you get the invite. Look in your closet and see if you own something first. That will take a lot of pressure off. Emergency shopping rarely ends well, so plan ahead, and don’t forget shoes, wrap, a clutch, and jewelry

Thanks for being here today.  Enjoy your Sunday and have a wonderful week ahead.

And,  #justgetdressed.