Stitch Fix: The Pros and Cons

Shopping and subscription box services are popping up everywhere, and Stitch Fix is the one most people are familiar with...probably because they do a really good job...for the most part.

Let's start with what I LIKE about Stitch Fix.

 It can be a great way to freshen up your wardrobe, try new things you may not otherwise try, break out of a rut and discover new brands that aren't on your radar.

Now for what I see as the downsides. Buying a bunch of what I call "one-offs" it can be a great way to build a wardrobe of nothing to wear. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤔

This "slow drip" way of shopping makes it so you're constantly buying a few pieces here and there. Problem is... they don't necessarily make sense or help you get dressed each day. I think it's more effective to shop LESS often and get more things at one time and have everything make sense.

Having a list and a plan, ladies...that's the you can check things off and be DONE - and always have what you need - so you can #justgetdressed.

My biggest issue these box services is they can make it easy to settle for "fine".

I see a lot of closets with $68 tops that in theory are fabulous - unique, cool tops that are a great find...BUT maybe it doesn't fit, or the color is off...but you keep it because it gets you to the discount level or it helps justify the $20 fee, or it's just easier to settle.

A closet full of FINE is not the goal. And most importantly, a closet full of "fun" tops doesn't help you get dressed if you don't have the right pants to wear with them;)

So I think Stitch Fix (or any of the other similar services) is a great way to have fun with clothes (and these days especially- if it's fun, I'm all in;) and try new styles and REFRESH an already fabulous and functional wardrobe.

But I don't see it as a good way to BUILD a fabulous and functional wardrobe.

So what is?

Having a list and a plan...and ditching the willy-nilly shopping.

And that's what I give you. We'll be starting up for winter on December 1st with a focus on having a CozyChic Winter/Holiday Season. Be notified when my next Style System launches by clicking here:

Now dear friends...go #justgetdressed. 😘

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