Weight and Wardobe

What do you think the #1 roadblock is that keeps most women from having a wardrobe they love?

Is it Money?  Time?  Desire?

No, no and no.  

When I ask women  the  #1  why they  don't have the a wardrobe they love, most answer something along the lines of their weight or body image. 

It's the (mistaken) belief that you can’t have the wardrobe you want until you have the body you want.  

Disclaimer…..This post is not about weight loss or how to dress different body types.  I’m not a weight loss expert, and the body-type dressing lesson is coming at a later date - I promise.

Instead, this is about building a wardrobe you love regardless of the number on the scale or the size of your pants.  

It’s about valuing yourself enough to care for yourself. Today.  As is. 

That’s what I mean when I say #justgetdressed.  

It means dressing the body you have right now, in clothes that make you feel great right now, without waiting until you’re happy with the number on the scale.  

It means buying great jeans, even if they’re a size bigger than you’d like them to be. 

And, by the way,  it also means some days leaving the house in sweats and no makeup because you know you don’t need to #justgetdressed in order to feel good about yourself. 

But Instead, you #justgetdressed (most days;) because you enjoy it, it makes feel more confident, and it’s become a habit.  

One of the main "why's"  behind B.Styled is my desire to give women the freedom and joy that comes when they #justgetdressed today,  not putting it off until they’re the “right” shape or size. 

I’ve never met a woman, either through my business, or in my life, who doesn’t have body image “issues”. Never.

The closest I’ve come is Mary, my 95-year-old mother.  I’ve never heard her beat herself up about her body, or even really put it down. The only exception is that my dad used to lovingly tease her about having “thick ankles”. This makes him sound like a jerk, but trust me he wasn’t. He adored Mary and I think it was just an inside joke they had because in his eyes she was perfect.  

She also had (and still has) an irrational obsession with her ears...She thinks they stick out. Whatever. I don’t see it...but she does, and always will.

Now, I know, both Mary and I are blessed with genetics or metabolisms that keeps us pretty thin. And some would say I have no credibility on this topic because I don’t have weight struggles.  Believe me, both Mary and I count our blessings for this.

But the fact is, unlike Mary, I do have body image issues. I grew up with a body that looked more like a boy's (with the lovely nickname of "Bones")  and I was so envious of the more developed girls.  Then in college, I gained weight and was heavy for the first time in my life. I felt awful in my own skin for many years.  I spent some time digging out old pictures - which brought up some VERY fun memories --but I also vividly remember how yucky and self-conscious I felt.

Here's just one doozy I found.

Can we ignore the dress for a moment (it was a loaner) and focus on the awful tan, ridiculous make-up, not to mention the hair?

And does this prove that girls have been sticking out their tongues to the camera since the beginning of time?

I'm sure I was having a great time though based on the friends whose faces I cropped out. You're welcome, girls. 😉

I did end up losing the weight in my early 20’s and swore I’d never go back.  Since then (aside from pregnancies) I’ve stayed within a few pounds of the same weight.  

All this to say, we're all sisters here, and though our struggles are different, I say let’s just support each other, and not judge or discount one another's experiences.  

Ok, now, back to the connection between weight, wardrobe and style...

Through my business I speak to women all the time about this topic and few themes come up over and over.

The first thing I hear frequently is “I don’t want to invest in clothes at this weight”.

The question then becomes, how long is too long to put off investing in yourself?  A year? 5 years? When the kids grow up? When the kids get married? You get my point. 

Focusing on what “could be” next month or next season, keeps you from enjoying clothes and prevents you from appreciating and enhancing how you look and feel right now. 

Another point about not “investing” in clothes you love until you’re a size you love, is that most of us here aren’t shopping at Barney’s, buying thousand dollar pieces meant to last for "a lifetime". 

Even if you had your dream body, the clothes you’d buy today at Loft, Banana Republic or even Nordstrom, are going to need to be updated at some point. 

Face it, these clothes aren’t going to truly last forever, so no need to wait until you’re a size you’ll be happy with forever

The second thing about weight and wardrobe I hear all the time is, “I have SO many clothes – I just need to lose x pounds to get back into them”.  

And I get this...it’s painful to think about getting rid of perfectly good clothing that may fit someday. 

So, what should you do?  Should you buy clothes now, or just wait until you can wear the things you already own?? 

That’s a tough question, but let’s review what a WARDROBE really is.  

Your wardrobe is NOT all the clothes you own.

Your wardrobe is all the clothes you can wear - right now. 

So, what about all those clothes you love but can’t wear right now?

First of all, staring at those clothes every morning is not an effective #justgetdressed strategy, and will not help you feel good about yourself.  And, I dare say it will also NOT motivate you.

Instead,  try this:  box up everything you still love, is still in style, but that you can’t comfortably wear today. What’s left in your closet is your wardrobe.  

Will this wardrobe enable you to #justgetdressed every day and make you feel confident? 

If the answer is no, then you really don’t have “SO many clothes”.   


Go buy things that you can wear right now, and that make you feel good right now, and will make it easy to get dressed - right now. 

PSA: My Seasonal Style Systems will help you do just that, with a step-by-step list and plan, and NO willy-nilly shopping. Click here to be notified when the SPRING program launches. 

When and if you get back into those beautiful things you boxed up, great. But in the meantime, they won’t be taunting you or taking up valuable real estate in your closet.  

Here’s another consideration. You know that when we feel good and  like the way we look, we are more likely to treat ourselves better as well, right?

Have you ever noticed that when you #justgetdressed, and put a tiny bit of extra effort in...maybe real shoes instead of slippers? Maybe pants with a button instead of elastic? How about a little make-up too? There’s no doubt we feel more confident and carry ourselves differently than when we’re schlumping around feeling like a hot mess.   

Which version of you is more likely to eat healthful, nourishing food? Which one of you is more likely to dig into “comfort food” and a gallon of mint chocolate chip? 

Photo: Steemit

Now, this is NOT to say that the answer to weight struggles is a better wardrobe (wouldn’t that make me rich?)   But I do know that looking and feeling frumpy is never the answer either.

Today is the day to start valuing and appreciating and dressing the body you have.  

Today is the day to give yourself a break and show yourself some self-love (personally not a fan of that trendy term, but it is true;)

And, today is the day to make your closet a boutique customized to YOU and your life, your body and your style. 

I’m here to help!

Ok ladies...Philosophical Beth is done.  

For more, see the LIVE video below where we discuss the topic. 

Now go  #justgetdressed. 

Fight the Frump: Shoulders!

Ladies! This week I'm sharing an important but easily overlooked fit and style tip. We are focusing on the often-overlooked shoulder zone! Exciting?  No? Critical? Very.

With very few exceptions, the shoulder seam of the garment should sit on the outside edge of your shoulder.

If it extends down your arm, you'll start to look both slouchy and schlumpy.  No bueno, right??

What's important is to notice where the shoulder seam hits on your body. That's how you determine if the top fits you.  It may feel like it fits, but there is more to this than feelings;)

If you have a larger frame (and/or bust) and relatively narrow shoulders, you'll have to go up in size on the top to fit your largest part, and then tailor the garment to fit your shoulders. 

Yes it's a pain, but it's so very worth it when you get it right.

Now, what if you have proportionally large or broad shoulders? Here are some tips to balance things out:

  • Don't choose very fitted blazers and jackets that only add to the definition of your shoulders.
  • Avoid cinching the waist of your dresses and skirts--it'll draw attention to the inverted triangle shape you're trying to avoid.
  • Skip spaghetti straps and go for wider straps in you tanks, dresses, etc.
  • Wearing scoop neck and V-neck tops that show some skin will break up the expanse of your chest area.
  • Wide-leg pants are hot now, and can work to balance out your broadness up top.
  • Same goes with full skirts, which also help give the appearance of a more even proportion.
  • Look for jackets and blazers that are a little longer and hit at the magic hip-bone zone instead of the waist.

The BEST advice related to shoulders though it what mom always told us.  Stand up straight, shoulders back and carry yourself with confidence. 

Now, go #justgetdressed. 

What to Shop for (and what to skip) in January

A lot of us are all shopped out after the holidays and looking forward to the upcoming B.Styled Shopping Detox that starts February 1.  And maybe your spending freeze has already started.  👏🏼 But some of us (raises hand) are looking forward to taking advantage of the great sales going on right now. 

Now one thing we don't want to do is what my friends and I used to do in college just before Lent. Stay with me here; there is a connection. We'd decide on all the things we were going to give up (usually involving  junk food). Then for the days leading up to Lent, we'd gorge ourselves on all. the. things.  It was gross.  Can you relate?

So let's NOT look at the days/weeks leading up to February 1 as an excuse to hit add-to-cart for every shining object that grabs our attention this month.  Instead I'm here to help you focus your shopping efforts.  FOCUS is my Word of the Year, and God knows I need more of it in my life, so let's do this together: 

Three Things to Shop For in January: 

1.  Boots 

January is a great time to grab Winter boots if you need a new pair. There are sales going on and the selection is still pretty good.  Come February the selection will be pretty bleak (but you won't be shopping then anyway;) If you need a pair of boots, now is a great time to start hunting. And remember, the more basic, versatile and wearable the shoe, the more you want to invest in quality brands and styles that stand the test of time.  Here is a collection of some great boots on sale:

2.  Sweaters

The fashion world deemed this winter the Year of the Sweater (I thought every winter was the Year of the Sweater, but what do I know). Anyway, there were/are LOTS of great sweater options out there and many good sales. This is a great time to invest in a sweater that was too much of a splurge at full price earlier in the season.  A great source for fab and unique sweaters is  Anthropologie. They are a splurge but right now many are on sale including the gorgeous fair isle number shown below...going fast though!   The white and chartruese sweaters are 2 that I have and love and both are on sale now too!  And they are available in more colors as well. 

3. Ponte Pants and/or Joggers:

This time of year I spend much more time in ponte pants, leggings, and joggers and less time in jeans. Call it hibernation-mode, hygee, or just extra lbs., but it's a reality --and you can still #justgetdressed when you don't have a button on your pants. 😜

For leggings, I do still wear my old Hue leggings, especially when lounging at home, but when I'm taking my look up a notch, I go for my Peach moto leggings in thick (yet still stretchy) ponte. They are definitely more like pants than your basic leggings and make for a more sophisticated, polished look. I like them best with tall boots (black or tan, brown, etc) but they also look great with booties or even cool sneakers. 

Joggers have actually surpassed leggings as my favorite winter pant for lounging or casual-wear.  I do love my Peach bohos the most, but in the dead of winter in New England, they aren't quite warm enough. I've been reaching for the peach velvet joggers all season, wearing them to parties with booties as well as casually with sneakers.  I also live in my fleece joggers from Target...They are on my body at some point almost every day.  

A third option for non-denim pants are ponte pants.  I have three recommendations in this category.  

Click pictures to shop:

Peach Ponte Straight Leg

Peach Ponte Ankle Pants

Kut from the Kloth Ponte Skinny Fit Pant

Target Joggers

Peach Velvet Joggers

Peach Velvet Joggers

Peach Moto Leggings

Peach Moto Leggings

Three Things I'm Passing On in January:

1. Warm Weather Items:

Unless you're lucky enough to be going on vacation this winter and NEED warm-weather items, don't give into the temptation to buy things you can't wear right now. "Resort Wear" tends to be priced higher, so if you don't need it now, take a pass.  

EXCEPTION: You know one of my B.Styled mantras is #buythedress. So if you come across the perfect warm-weather dress that you love, that fits and flatters your figure today, and you can get a good deal on it - you have my blessing. For example, I wore this Isla dress in royal blue all summer long (over and over again). So when it went on sale, I grabbed it in white.

2.  Animal Print

Don't get made at me. I love my leopard print as much as the next girl, however animal prints (especially in clothing) are beginning to feel just a bit overdone (IMHO). So while I'm not telling you to stop wearing what you have (far from it!) I don't think it's necessary to get more this season. My guess is that leopard print will continue to be hot for many years to come (I think it has passed into the classic-neutral zone),  but zebra/tiger/snake will start to cool off. 

But again, I repeat...I am NOT saying to stop using/wearing the items you have and love.  It was awesome when you bought it and it's still awesome today. What I am saying is you probably don't need to add any more. Capiche?

3. Denim

You may not like this one either; sorry.   I'm not going to take a hard line on this, but I will say that I predict denim styles and cuts (that can be worn with a variety of  shoes) will start appearing as we approach spring - so I say, let's wait.  Plus, like I said above, right now I'm reaching for my joggers and ponte pants (and cookies) more than my denim. That said, if you need a pair of perfect-for-you jeans in a versatile, classic cut like skinny, straight or even boyfriend - and you can get a good deal -- who am I to stand in your way??  Below are some sale denim ideas.  If you don't have a go-to pair of perfect-for-you jeans (ideally in a sleek, simple, classic dark wash, keep an eye out for sales at Loft and try these (modern or curvy cut, petite, regular....size down!)

Loft Slim Pocket Skinny Jeans 

What are you shopping for this month? Or have you instituted your shopping freeze already? Let me know below, or head over to my private VIP Facebook Group and share over there. We can help you find just the right thing. 

And don't forget to sign up for the  FREE February Shopping Detox.  We'll hold each other accountable, get motivation and support - AND best of all, #justgetdressed in looks we love, while wearing what we already own. 

I hope you found this helpful and that you can use some of these shopping tips to save you time and money. As always, I'm here if you need any personalized help!

Thanks for reading. Now go #justgetdressed.

28 Day Shopping Detox

I'm happy to report that with 2 days until Christmas, I am feeling quite chill and relaxed. I've realized that a big part of this is having older kids and none of the pressure and expectation that comes with good ole' Santa Clause.  I miss the guy, but it does reduce the stress level, don't you think??

My guys want very little in terms of gifts (clothes and cash sums it up) and it's just fun having them home. This year I promised myself to not sweat the little-ish irritations that come with having college kids home for 6 weeks, and instead just enjoy the chaos.  So far so good. 

Talk to me on January 22nd.

 Oh, and the food situation is a problem. The grocery bill is ridiculous and "there's never any food in the house."

 But anyway, now that all the holiday gift shopping is (hopefully) behind us, and our winter wardrobes are (hopefully) in place and fabulous....guess what it's time for???

In mid-January and February, I have something really special for you....the 


Together we are going to commit to using what we OWN, saving money (and tracking the money we save) and giving up any gratuitous, unnecessary shopping.

And, of course, we're going to #justgetdressed in outfits that make us look and feel our best.

Are you in?

Click here to get on the waitlist and be notified when the Challenge launches.  

In the meantime, please enjoy this special time with your family and friends, and know how grateful I am to have you on my email list - and in my life.

Thank you for reading my emails, following me on social, and being a part of my paid programs. Your business and support means the world to me.

If you haven't already, I invite you to join my free, private 

#justgetdressed VIP's Facebook Group

Ask questions, get advice, inspiration and tips!

Happy Holidays and I'll "see you" in 2020!



Unique Gift Ideas for the Women on your List

This week's tip relates to shopping for the stylish women on your list, and includes some unique, practical and fun gift ideas and tips.  Mary joins me for the Facebook LIVE (as do the the dogs) 🤪.  

You can find my entire Gift Picks Catalog by clicking the button below.  I cover men, women, teen boys and girls, games, under $25 and $50 and gifts for the family.

Remember, a list, a plan and no willy-nilly shopping!

See below for links mentioned in the video. Happy watching! 


Links: Holiday Gift Piks Catalog: https://hueandstripe.com/cat…/224H&SDq0u

Registration for the Winter Style System is now closed, but you CAN get the printable Wiinter Style Guide..click here for infor: https://bstyledbybeth.com/winter-holid…/

baguettes: https://www.stelladot.com/p/the-baguett…
celestial: https://www.stelladot.com/p/gold-celest… magnetic clasp converter: https://amzn.to/33O5JxK

Stylish Wrap: https://www.stelladot.com/p/leopard-sca…

Rose Arden wrap: http://www.discoverpeach.com/s/bethr

FlirtyFinds wraps! Http://www.flirtyfinds.com

Billie Razor: https://mybillie.com/
Quip: https://www.getquip.com/

Make-up Brushes: https://amzn.to/2Rj6IU8

Socks: https://www.discoverpeach.com/…/under-5…

Lux Beauty Products:

overnight resurfacing peel: https://www.beautycounter.com/bethroy…

A Go-To Holiday Outfit Formula

If I had to pick just ONE item to be my #1 Holiday Wardrobe Workhorse...I'm going with the black velvet blazer.  It's the start of one of my favorite, easy, go-to holiday formulas too:

Black Pants or Denim  + Festive Top + Black Velvet Blazer + Statement Earrings

I talk (all the time) about the Magic of the 3rd Piece for pulling an outfit together and elevating your look.  This baby is the easiest item to add to so many looks and can take you so many places.  And nothing says FESTIVE like black velvet!

1. Work Event/Party: Add instant polish and arm coverage to a sleeveless top or dress.  Sophisticated jewelry and elegant heels finish the look. 

2. Casual House Party: Your dark wash denim and top instantly becomes party-worthy (but not over-the-top) with the addition of the black velvet jacket.  A pair of heeled booties and some whimsical statement earrings - BAM. 

3. Black faux leather pants or black coated denim(also in petite) are my go-to party uniform along with a fun top.  The velvet blazer is the finishing touch - adding warmth, chic style and polish. Easy! 

Links from video and pics above:

petite velvet blazer: http://bit.ly/2KFkaxE
reg velvet blazer:

Festive Top examples:
CHEERS tee: http://bit.ly/2OrXPoa
plaid ruffle collar: http://bit.ly/2D0PJh9
Purple fuzzy (video): http://bit.ly/35jgFEE
Blush cami (video):  https://www.discoverpeach.com/products/erika-tank…

Ivory cami (video): http://bit.ly/2s7RIxV

Green halter top (pic #3, no longer available). Here it is in olive and black: http://bit.ly/37wNgcn and RED: http://bit.ly/2raq5Ul  And here's a similar top in velvet, coral or black: http://bit.ly/2QFO88s

Another fab halter top alternative: J.Crew Factory plaid halter top: http://bit.ly/2KHfnvp

The flare leg sweater pants (pic #3)  were a find from Anthropologie, on sale. They are the first high-waist pants I LOVE...unfortunately they are sold out in most -but not all-  sizes.. regular and petite: http://bit.ly/2QIqGr4

Ivory Sweater (pic #4) boucle turtleneck (similar) https://amzn.to/2OAdT7f

"Dane" faux leather and ponte pants:  I was skeptical about these at first, but I've worn them the last three times I've gone out and absolutely LOVE them.  They have a slim fit and look great with tunics and long sweaters, but they aren't traditional leggings (like the famous spanx faux leather leggings) so you don't HAVE to wear long tops ...they are "real" pants. I love the flattering slant zippers in front too. 

Statement Earrings:
www.stelladot.com/ts/4zf6p (then enter earring name in search bar)
French Twist Feather earring, navy
Fireworks Statement (what I'm wearing - chapagne)
More simple option but still a modern statement, gold or silver: Georgia Hoops

Favorite silver-tone statement suggestions:
Crystal Burst
The Showstoppers (convertible)

Phew! That's it! Now when you need to #justgetdressed for your next holiday event,  you are ALL SET.👍👌💋✅

Thanks for reading/watching/playing along.

Cheers to YOU!

What to Wear on Thanksgiving

This week I'm LIVE with a very special guest talking about what to wear on Thanksgiving so we can be comfortable and practical but also look and feel our absolute best.

The Fabulous Mary joined me this week and we're talking Thanksgiving dressing (not to be confused with stuffing;) 🦃


My sweater: https://www.stelladot.com/p/the-chevron…Renegade necklace and Rhett earrings.. love the versatile two-tone and adjustable necklace https://www.stelladot.com/p/renegade-ne…

Know exactly what to wear this holiday season by joining my Winter Style System and B.Styled Challenge. Click below for the details, and for less than that new sweater you really don't need, you'll have a list, a plan, and done-for-you outfits for every occasion (and everyday life) all season long: 

Happy Thanksgiving, ladies! I am so thankful for YOU, your business and your support. Thank for playing along with me, and #justgetdressed.


Dressing Tips for Short Waist Figures

Have you been told by someone (maybe your mom?) that you're short-waisted? Or maybe you figured it out yourself just by the way clothes fit you.

There's not a body type out there without inherent challenges when it comes to getting dressed. We are all born with certain inherent body proportions and none of them are "right" or "wrong". The key to looking our best in clothes is creating the illusion of balance and proportion, even when it isn't really there;)  The good news is that clothing is a tool that can help us look and feel our best and I'm here to help you use it to your best advantage.

So, if you were born with a torso that is short relative to your lower half, here are some tips to help.  And if you aren't sure whether you're long or short-waisted, or neither - I give a simple 5 second trick for finding out in the beginning of the video. 

 Tips to Help Elongate a Short Torso:

  • Make sure you have good bras that are lifting your girls up off your waist!
  • Bypass the waist altogether with longer jackets and cardigans. The longer layer elongates and pulls attention away from your short waist.
  • Avoid cropped tops and cropped jackets that are shorter than your hipbone. They make your top half look squat relative to your bottom half - exactly what we are trying to avoid. Instead, choose tops that hit in the Magical Hipbone Zone - 2 to 3 inches below your hipbone.  You could always layer a shorter jacket over a longer top if you love that layered look!
  • You don't have to wear low-riders but you may want to avoid the oh- so- popular high-rise trend.  Instead, opt for mid-rise pants and jeans. They will give the illusion of the high-waist trend on you without having to wear pants that go up to your boobs:) Mid-rise pants generally have a rise between 7.5-10 inches and hit 1-3 inches below your belly button. My advice is try many different rises until you find you sweet spot. Mirror selfies are the best way to tell how well an item fits.  And feel free to ask for my advice over in the free private #justgetdressed Facebook Group.
  • Avoid high contrast colors between your top and bottom as that just draws attention to the issue. Monochromatic or similar hued tops and bottoms create a longer-looking torso. Add a jacket or cardigan in a brighter, lighter, or more eye-catching shade than your pants and top -- another way to detract from a short a waist. 
  • Vertical lines, stripes and seaming are your friend!
  • Look for tops with some shape at the waist (vs. boxy or wide) that fall within the Magical Hipbone Zone. Avoid lots of ties, wraps and belting at your midsection as these just cut you off.
  • Avoid boatneck tops that create a horizontal line across your shoulders...this will visually shorten the area between your neck and waist - the opposite of what you want! If you have a boatneck top you love, you can reduce this shortening effect by adding a long scarf or necklace or a jacket or cardigan that creates a vertical line down your torso.  Make sense??
  • Tops with vertical zippers, button-ups and V-NECKS are your friends!!
  • Don't tuck in shirts! You can however, play with a half tuck, especially an off-center half-tuck that creates a flattering diagonal line. 
  • If you want to wear a belt (I.e. leopard belt with your jeans that peaks out of a half-tucked shirt) go with a thin to medium width.  Wide  belts are not your friend!
  • Accessories are magical!  A long pendant or lariat necklace creates a torso enhancing  vertical line - and is an outfit maker to boot! Oval hoops and longer earrings are another great trick! 

Do you see yourself in any of these tips? I hope you found it helpful! 

Now go #justgetdressed;)

Your Clothing Budget: When to Splurge, Spend, and Save

Usually when we struggle with our wardrobe, it’s not because of a lack of clothing. In fact, many of us have way too much stuff cluttering our closets, and the sheer volume of random clothing makes it difficult to focus and #justgetdressed.

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 9.54.25 AM

We’re constantly bombarded with images, special sales and can’t-pass-up deals that make it easy to acquire more and more stuff.

Heck, I go to Target to buy light bulbs and end up with a cart filled with everything from bananas to new pajamas.
Instead, what we need to do is shop with a plan,  a purpose…and a well-defined list (hint: this is just one of the features included in the  B.Styled Style Systems.

We also need to allocate our clothing budget in a way that makes sense. To help, I created this graphic showing where to spend your money, and where to save.  And see below for the live video I made on the topic:



    • Jeans: Cheap denim is tempting I know, but it also loses its shape and fades much more quickly than premium brands. I think everyone should own at least one pair of high quality, perfectly fitting jeans. When you find a brand you love, keep a look out for sales. I’ve even bought my favorite Paige jeans on eBay!
    • BRAS: Don’t skimp on the foundation. Invest in perfectly fitting bras – and get undies that show no VPL’s (visible panty lines). While only a few people will see them, their effects are obvious. 😉 I recommend going to a favorite, dependable department store’s lingerie department (Nordstrom is my top pick) and ask for their most seasoned, experienced bra-fitter. You can even make an appointement in advance. Or, if you are local to me in MA, I highly recommend the ladies of Jo-Karen in Acton.  Tell them I sent you;) they will hook you up – literally;)  
    • Jackets/Blazers: Don’t underestimate the power of a fitted blazer. It can complete a work outfit and gives shape to your casual looks, providing a polished finishing touch.
    • Shoes: Fabulous shoes can transform and upgrade a $20 dress.  On the flip side, cheap shoes can instantly downgrade an otherwise fabulous outfit. Shoes (and handbags) are an area where quality over quality rules (my apologies to you shoe collectors out there;)
    • Coat: Your coat is something you may wear every single day and it makes a statement as you enter and exit. Invest in a coat you love that has classic staying power so you can resurrect it year after year.


    • Statement Jewelry: If you know me, you know I love a funky necklace. Take your wardrobe foundations and transform them completely with the  jewelry you add. The options for fabulous, affordable jewelry are endless. The key is to find pieces that are inexpensive without looking “cheap”. After years of resisting it as being “too expensive”, I am now  a firm believer in Stella & Dot jewelry, and chose to represent them as a stylist too. I love their high-end looking designs, incredible attention to detail and quality and phenomenal customer service. I have pieces that look exactly as they did they day I bought them, several years ago.

      So, while you don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on 18k gold,  diamonds, and other expensive gemstones – quality, on-trend costume jewelry gives your wardrobe a huge bang for the buck. 

    • Occasion Items: Special Occasion = Infrequent Use. Don’t spend a fortune on glitzy bags, earrings or metallic heels when there are plenty of inexpensive options out there. Instead invest in a fabulous dress that’ll be ready for you when the invitation arrives. Or, borrow from a friend or rent those rare special occasion dresses.


    • Tee, Tanks & Knits: Premium knits made from fine, soft fibers often get holes and stains (think armpit) quicker than their bargain alternatives. It’s a good idea to have a couple of quality cashmere sweaters, but for tees and layering pieces, make sure they fit and flatter — but go for the bargains.


    • Scarves: When you see a scarf that speaks to you and it’s a good deal, grab it. Like statement jewelry, scarves are a fantastic and affordable way to add color and pattern to your wardrobe essentials….and display your individual personality.

In a nutshell:

  •   SPLURGE AND SPEND: Frequent Use • Durable • Classic  • Essentials • BRA’S & COATS  • Signature Items

  •   SAVE: Delicate • Low Use • Trendy •  Accent Pieces

Now, go #justgetdressed 😉


Tights or Bare Legs: How to Style Both

Tipsy Tuesday this week helps you decide how to wear tights or bare legs, with simple tips on how to style each look. 

Here are some  tips to help you decide what to wear on your legs and your feet when you #justgetdressed - in a dress - this fall and winter:

  1. Bare legs are totally acceptable and some fashion gurus argue they are even more "on-trend" than tights.  A shoe in a color that blends with your skin tone will be the most flattering to your bare leg.
  2. Take it from Kate Middleton -- when it's cold or you hate to bare your legs, tights are completely acceptable.  These are the nude tights  she wears because they look bare, but provide coverage and at least a little warmth.  Stick to closed- toe pump-type shoes when wearing nude tights:

3.  If I'm not going bare-legged in the late fall and winter, I personally opt for black opaque tight like this highly rated pair that's only $8.

4.  When wearing black tights with black shoes (I.e. loafers, booties, knee-high boots or pumps) I think it looks best to balance out all the black on your legs and feet with some black in your outfit. For example, in this outfit I swapped out my light denim jacket for a black cardigan when I added the black tights:

5.  How about a little compromise? During the fall, I love the look of tall boots with bare legs...giving just enough leg coverage. Then when it gets colder, just add your black tights. Notice how I added a black scarf to tie in the black boots (see #4).

A one-and-done dress is a great piece to have at the ready to help you #justgetdressed with ease. If you have dresses in your closet that you love, don't ignore them! Learn how to dress them up and down to work with your every day style. I'm here to help if you have any questions!  Drop me a note at beth@bstyledbybeth.com. 

For answers to all your #justgetdressed questions, including "what to wear" on a daily basis, join the Fall Style System.  The Fall Challenge starts up again on 10/29 and I'd love to have you! Use code spice15 to take 15% off registration.  Click HERE to sign up or HERE to learn more.

Now, go #justgetdressed.

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