One Outfit, Five Days

Do you think you could wear the same “outfit” every day, Monday through Friday?

I’ve done it – jeans and a white top – 5 days straight, and no one even noticed.  And it was easy.  The hard part was keeping the white top clean and getting the pictures taken.

Jeans and a white (or other plain, neutral top) is the perfect foundation for just about any look.  If your work or lifestyle negates wearing jeans, you could replace black slacks, ankle pants or a pencil skirt and have the same result.

The secret is the third piece that makes an outfit special.  It can be a jacket, a cardigan, a vest, a scarf, a statement necklace, a wrap, a poncho…. The third piece is the game changer.  .

Day 1: Sporty Vest and Accessories


Day 2:  Classic Trench and Leopard Flats


Day 3: Long Cardigan


Day 4:  Grey V-neck Sweater and Tan Boots


Day 5:  Faux Leather Jacket


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Thanks for reading now, go #justgetdressed.  😉



Jeans & Shoes Pairing Guide

 “What shoes do I wear with that?”  is probably one of my most asked questions. As we enter jeans-wearing season, I wanted to help answer this question as it relates to different styles of jeans. So below is a handy dandy visual to help guide you.

And speaking of jeans and shoes and your fall wardrobe….The B.Styled Fall Essentials Challenge is launching in just a few short weeks (Sept. 7th).

Here’s how it works:   Before the challenge begins, you’ll receive a list of classic and trending essentials to purchase, with links to where you can find them at both high-end and discount stores. The idea is to first “shop your closet” before buying new.  After you have your pieces, the challenge begins. I will send you a daily email throughout the challenge suggesting wardrobe combinations using the pieces on your shopping list. Or you can  get all the outfit combinations at one time and skip the emails.  You’ll also be able to swap shopping tips and gather advice in a private Facebook group during the challenge. By the end of the challenge, you’ll have 21 outfit ideas and lots of inspiration and ideas so getting dressed will be easier everyday.

Click HERE to make sure you are in the know when the challenge launches.  There will be a bonus for signing up early and jewelry give-aways throughout so I hope you’ll join us!

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25 Basic Wardrobe Essentials for the College Girl

Teens get a bad rap for wearing nothing but leggings and sweatshirts — and given the college lifestyle and schedule, who can blame them for falling into a comfort-seeking rut.  But you don’t have to let lounge wear (code for pj’s) become your everyday go-to.

Instead, mix things up with other items that are just as easy to throw on, and that are comfortable, cozy and still good looking.

Keeping your wardrobe simple, classic and uncluttered will make life in the dorm easier too.

Here are my top 25 mix & match staples you need to make it easy to #justgetdressed at college.

Click HERE for shopping suggestions.

Now, go #justgetdressed.

Cheers, Beth


Pattern Mixing for Beginners



Pattern mixing?  Do a search on Pinterest and you will see it everywhere, and somehow these bloggers and fashionistas make it look so fabulous and effortless.    I’m drawn to mixed patterns when I see them, but when it comes time to pulling it off in my closet, I confess, I’m a bit of a novice.

Lately I’ve attempted to incorporate more pattern mixing into my look, but my closet is a sea of solids so it can be a challenge.  Not to mention the fact that  I was brought up by a (gorgeous and stylish) mom who never, ever, in her wildest dreams, would pair stripes with plaid.  But, I’m all for adventure and trying new things, so let’s start with baby steps and some easy rules of thumb.

1.  Keep it in the family. As in color family. Different patterns within the same color family is an easy start for us mixing rookies. It’s not quite so in your face, but still a statement and look how fabulous her pairing of navy and white stripes and dots looks:

image: Cape Code Collegiate

image: Cape Code Collegiate










2.  Faux Solids.  Sometimes small prints act as if they’re the solid.  It’s a slight identity crisis because they’re very much a print, but they can totally stand in as a neutral solid.   A tight geometric print or pin stripe, a small consistent polka dot, a leopard print, even camo.  Let them act as your solid.

stripes_plaid polkaplaidstripesleopard







3.  Opposites attract.  This is pattern mixing 101. Pair together a floral and a stripe, a plaid and a polka dot, floral and geometric, animal print and polka dot, a big print with a tiny print…  Your options are really only limited by your imagination.  The key is to remember to keep a your  colors consistent, and remember proportions.  Pair a tight stripe with a larger floral, a wide stripe with a tighter floral.  Make sense?

geo_floral largepattern prints1







I hope this helps demystify the pattern matching challenge and inspires you to try something new.  Experiment, have fun, and…#justgetdressed.




“Cancel Cancel”

Years ago, my husband Bill went to a corporate sales/ motivational /psychology session.  I remember he came home rolling his eyes a bit about the entire experience  (he’s not exactly the most open to pop psychology;)  But he did relay something to me that he learned  and it totally stuck with me and we use it on each other all the time now.

When you catch yourself engaging in “self bashing”, either in your head or out loud, instead say – out loud – “cancel cancel”. To this day, if I put myself down or say something like ‘I’m such a disaster” (i.e. when I can’t find my keys or think I’ve lost my phone despite the fact that I’m talking on it) he says “cancel cancel.”

So how does this little story relate to you, to personal style and to what I do in my business?  Hang in there with me, because it totally does.  Every day I speak to women – be they clients or friends, and I constantly hear  things like:

I hate my thighs.  I hate my arms.  I hate my butt.  I hate my tummy rolls. My boobs are too big (huh? really?)  I hate my wrinkles.

You get the idea.  And chances are you do the same thing; we all do.  But I want our little world of women to try our best to replace those negative self thoughts with positive ones.  And at the very least, when the negative thoughts creep in, instead say “cancel cancel”.   Try it, and use it on your friends and family as well.  It’s a great lesson to teach our kids too.

We are half way through my B.Styled 10 Day #justgetdressed Challenge.  Saturday 6/18 is Day 6 and the challenge is:


Find something about your body that you love and embrace it and highlight it.  It could be your shoulders, your strong legs, you beautiful eyes or gorgeous hair.  Heck, it could be a great pedicure or manicure that you show off with sandals or a statement ring.  Find something positive and run with it!

And the next time the words….I hate my ______ come out of your mouth, immediately replace them with “cancel cancel.”

And click here to join the challenge and the amazing party we are having on the private Facebook group.  If you’re curious what the other challenges have been so far, scroll through them below  maybe try them yourself!

Now, go have a great weekend and #justgetdressed.

Cheers!  Beth


Olive, Blush and Gold

Sometimes breaking out of a style rut can be as easy as pairing different colors using your basic foundations.

I love my olive cargo pants and usually default to wearing  them with black or white.   Today I decided to go really crazy (ha) and instead wear them with a blush t-shirt and some gold accents.  I added my favorite denim jacket for a comfortable, casual, layered look. Nothing complicated or terribly exciting, but an easy #justgetdressed outfit none-the-less;)


Olive Cargo Pants (similar) (similar)

Blush Tank (mine) (similar in short sleeve) (similar tank)

Denim Jacket (mine)

Necklaces (short) (long)

Earrings (hoops)

Wedge Sandals (similar) (similar)

Cheers!  Beth


One $20 Dress Five Ways

The “one and done” dress is a wardrobe staple this time of year.   I found this simple black tank swing dress at Target and created 5 easy, #justgetdressed looks using what was hanging in my closet.

The flirty, flattering A-line style is as comfortable as an item of clothing could be.  And as you can see from the slideshow, this little number can go from sporty-casual to dressy-chic, to casual Friday office-appropriate.   Heck, you could even throw it on over your bathing suit and head to the beach.

How’s that for easy, affordable and versatile??

Click here to shop all the looks (including an option for a maxi dress and a t-shirt dress with sleeves).  Now go #justgetdressed. 😉 Beth


5 Fashion Mistakes That Can Make You Look Older

The term “age appropriate” has become a standard line when talking about how to dress, how to wear our hair, and even the polish we pick for our toes. In fact, I bet if I asked you to list the dressing “don’ts” of women over say 40-ish, you’d have a pretty easy time:

  • Too much cleavage
  • Jeans with too low a rise, exposing even more cleavage (ouch)
  • Wearing legging as pants (and not to work out)…..with a top that doesn’t cover the crotchal region
  • Wearing stilettos with jeans and a plunging neckline…too much vavoom is never a good thing and looks like you’re trying too hard.
  • Donning a crop top, any kind of crop top
  • Showing VPL’s (visible panty lines)
  • Wearing a ponytail, every day, all day (guilty here)

At B.Styled,  the problem I see more often is the opposite one.   I find the fashion mistake women tend to make is dressing too old rather than too young and  It is so gratifying to help women find a personal style that is just right for them.

The reasons many women spiral into the rut of dressing beyond their years vary. The short list includes:

  • weight changes
  • foot issues
  • what they define as “comfortable”
  • a lack of time and/or interest in keeping up with what is current
  • letting themselves fall to the bottom of their priority list.

Many women tell me they are at a loss as to where to shop and what to shop for.  Even though women account for 85{4459afbc2bae7cce36afa98505acda452d7cfe9eff579bae0d40077b3c526282} of consumer purchases, approximately 40{4459afbc2bae7cce36afa98505acda452d7cfe9eff579bae0d40077b3c526282} of them hate to shop, citing feelings of overwhelm and lack of self-confidence. Dressing room depression is real and a very common issue. My goal is to help my client find that sweet spot – a look that is comfortable and easy, while helping her look and feel her absolute best, no matter her age.

Here is my list of the top 5 fashion mistakes that can make us look older and how to easily fix them:

1. Wearing black, black, and more black: Raise your hand if you have a closet full of black clothing and accessories and have the irresistible urge to always “buy it in black”. There’s no doubt that black has always been the wonder drug when it comes to looking slim and sophisticated. But let’s face it ladies, as we age, our skin tone tends to go paler, so we need to brighten ourselves up a bit. Go ahead and wear black, but not so close to the face. Add scarves, jewelry, colorful tops and jackets to accent your black foundation and provide a needed palette pick-me-up. Not only will this allow you to show your personality, it will take years off your looks and improve the image you are projecting.

2. Over draping: Weight gain and weight “redistribution” is probably the #1 issue I hear from clients as a reason for getting into dressing ruts. They want to cover up and hide the added pounds, but adding more volume with clothing is not the way to go. If you are draping to hide a fuller-on-the top or fuller-in-the-middle proportion you are only creating a more obvious imbalance, making you appear even larger on the top and smaller on the bottom. Instead, opt for something that follows your curves, not hides them. This is where a great fitting, tailored, (not stuffy) jacket is your secret weapon. Don’t believe me? Let me help you find one and you’ll see for yourself;)


A fitted jacket is a game changer. It adds structure to this flowy blouse, and the espresso color is softer than stark black. (Say “hi” to Tessie the photo bomber;)


3. Shoes that weigh more than you do: I am the (former) owner of clunky dansko clogs. Yes, they are comfortable. Yes, they are great for nurses and new moms and working in the garden. No, they don’t look good. If you insist on wearing them, please stick to long wide leg jeans or long boot cut yoga pants. Anything else is just wrong. Find a cute flat or pair of comfortable,  low heeled booties instead.  I will get hate mail for this one I know, but I’m standing firm. Sorry, Dansko.


I speak the truth.

4. Outdated eye glasses: Glasses are an accessory – and an area to have fun and show your personality. They are also a focal point, so you want to make sure that you pick a pair that doesn’t age you. You want to avoid boring and outdated frames and frames that droop downward.

Go to a reputable optometrist with professionals who can help you find the best pair for you.. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing eyewear:

  • Try to add warmth and softness to your face. Translucent colors are often better than hard metals.
  • Add color: one of the easiest ways to add a bit of hipness to your style.
  • After 40 you want things to go up not down, so choose frames that are horizontal and have a slight tilt at the outer edges. You will want the eye to be drawn upward!
  • Get glasses that suit your face shape.
    Great glasses are the most functional and important accessory you will own.

    Great glasses are the most functional and important accessory you will own.

5. The sisters need a new bra: Eight out of ten women are wearing the wrong size bra. Seriously, would you walk around in the wrong size shoes? This is an an easy fix to make you look ten pounds lighter and ten years younger. A well-fitted bra will also help you have better posture, a perkier looking chest – and you will just look better in all your clothes. Clients who have had their first professional bra fitting swear by it as a real game changer. Need a referral? Contact me.



So, there you have it….Conquer these 5 issues and take 10 years off your look;)

Seriously, growing older is a blessing and I know I wouldn’t want to go back in time (well maybe to college…but just for a weekend or two). You deserve to look and feel your absolute best at every stage of life, so make yourself a priority, and rock your best personal style. I’m here to help!


Stripes and Dots

Today is Day 19 of the #21daychallenge and it’s all about stripes and polka dots — probably the most classic and versatile patterns out there and a great way to add interest to your look.  Similar to leopard print, you can think of dots and stripes as you would a neutral  since they blend and mix so well.   I decided to combine both dots and stripes, tying the contrasting elements together with a unified color scheme.   I started with jeans and a Splendid navy and white striped t-shirt.  I decided to bring in hot pink with this fabulous new scarf I found at none other than Target for $11.99!    The  hot pink cardigan  ties it all together.  Finally, I added this fun belt and I like how the geometric print works with the other patterns and it works since it uses the same color scheme.

So as you experiment with pattern-mixing this spring and summer, remember your dots and stripes and have fun!


Now is a great time to go through your t-shirts and see if you are all set with this closet essential for the spring/summer.  I’ve found these solid, slub T’s by Madewell and it’s my new favorite.  The cut and neckline is flattering and functional.   And right now (until 4/9)  you can take 25{4459afbc2bae7cce36afa98505acda452d7cfe9eff579bae0d40077b3c526282} off with code SPRING25, bringing them to $18.75 with free shipping for a quality t-shirt. Not bad!  Click HERE to shop them:

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 9.14.49 AM

Now, #justgetdressed.