White After Labor Day? Yes.


It’s time to hash out the annual question about the  No White after Labor Day “rule” that many of us grew up following.  I saw this graphic on Pinterest and thought it said it all:

Do you find yourself asking WWJOD (What Would Jackie Onassis Do) when getting dressed this time of year? To end the style debate—here is the definitive answer on when wearing white is appropriate. Design and copy by Amy Sly for BuzzFeed

So, if you’re wondering if this a rule you can break without the fashion police coming after you, take a look at how fabulous white jeans after Labor Day can look..Thank you pinterest for the images.  And see below for some tips on how to make the look work of you.

Denim under v-neck sweater; fall or spring  whiteafterlaborday whitejeansboot whitejeanstan

White after Labor Daywhite jeans for fall/winterIn The Fashion World, We Wear White After Labor Day


Tips for how to make this look work for you in the “real world”:

Change out  your accessories. A rich colored handbag, leather riding boots or suede ankle booties all  help to transition white denim into your fall wardrobe.

Add some heavier seasonal items to your white. Think wool or cashmere sweaters and blazers in substantial fabrics.

Watch your fabrics. White denim or corduroy, and “winter white” pants in wool blends absolutely work. Anything linen or in light weight cotton need to be relegated to your summer wardrobe.

So, go ahead, keep those white jeans in the front center of your closet.  Need to update your white jeans? Click here to shop my favorite brands and styles.

Now go #justgetdressed.




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