The 5 Minute Challenge

Helloooo!  Who’s up for a little #justgetdressed challenge?


Over the next few days, I want you to time yourself each time you get dressed.

Don’t rush, don’t do anything differently.  Just go about your routine as usual, but keep track of how long it takes you to get dressed – from head to toe…shoes included.  (We’re not including hair or make-up – that’s a different challenge altogether;)

What’s the verdict?  On average, how long does it take you to #justgetdressed on a typical day??


I want you to imagine you have to get dressed for the following FOUR activities.  Time how long it takes for you to pull together a head-to-toe outfit from your closet for:

  • An interview for your ultimate dream job, or a major presentation in front of an import client/co-workers, etc.
  • A party or reunion where you’ll run into that ex-boyfriend from high school, college, etc. who broke your heart.  I’m just kidding about this one (sort of;) but you get the idea.
  • A business dinner with an important muckity-muck from your company or your significant other’s company
  • A funeral

It’s no surprise that the most common B.Styled SOS calls/texts I get revolve around these type of “special” events.

This is what I’ve found working with countless women like you, and receiving countless (and often humorous) texts and SOS calls:

The frustration of every day dressing can make us become apathetic, convincing ourselves that:

a) we don’t care how we dress   (If you’re honest, deep down you do care)

b)  it doesn’t matter how we look  (Newsflash: it does matter, and it impacts your career, your relationships and your mood.)

So we end up wearing the same 20% (or less) of our wardrobes day in and out.  Or we default to yoga pants and tee shirts, without the yoga.  I’ve been there, done that, and know how it feels.

What about when you HAVE TO get dressed??

On the flip side,  when a “special event” comes around  we go into panic mode, sending SOS calls to our favorite stylist (that’s me, and feel free, I’m here for you;) and making desperate, emergency purchases.

Or even worse, we end up opting out of the event and staying home.

No. More.

It can, and should, be different…and better.

What if you could get dressed everyday,  and for just about any occasion – in 5 minutes flat?

And more importantly, what if you could feel confident, beautiful and comfortable with both the process and the outfits?

This is a skill that can be learned by anyone,  and my B.Styled Style System™ will teach you to master it.

We are going to practice, and make it a habit – so it becomes easy (and actually fun) to #justgetdressed.

When you eliminate the stress and frustration and feel confident that what you’re wearing works for you, you can forget about your clothes.  Then you can put your focus and energy on the important things in your life —  and conquer your day, dazzle your boss and  make that ex rue the day he dumped you.  Ha!

Getting dressed can become your secret weapon that helps you carry yourself with more confidence, feeling beautiful and comfortable in your own skin, and your own clothes.

“Sure Beth, sounds great, but I need to lose weight first…then I’ll start dressing better.”

Here is where my psychology degree kicks in and I start throwing around smarty pants terms like neuroplasticity and the concept of  what we focus on – grows.  

When people start to dress better, they immediately start to feel better…. and I would argue eat better too.. and this has a ripple effect in terms of health and wellness.     I joke that we’re less likely to eat that box of donuts when we’re wearing a great outfit versus when we’re in yoga pants and an old t-shirt.  Am I right??

When you give yourself the opportunity to be well dressed everyday – without the struggle and stress – you change that negative or apathetic  inner voice into  one that tells you “I’m worth it”,  “I’m polished”,  ” I deserve to look and feel my best.”   Just the way you are.  

The idea is to spend LESS time, not more, getting dressed…

…and the B.Styled Style Systems™ lets you do just that.   You can learn all about the Spring Style System HERE. 

This is NOT a cookie cutter, everyone- wear- the-same-thing program.

The Style System™ helps you create unique outfits using what works for YOU,  and what you already own.

The outfit formulas leave plenty of room for individual style, taste, budget and body type -while giving you the roadmap and focus to make it easy to #justgetdressed each day in 5 minutes or less.

Learn more about the Style System HERE, or  better yet, go straight to the sign up HERE.  😉

The affordable price of the system, and  the 14 day money back guarantee really make it a no-brainer.  I hope you’ll join us!

Now go grab your timer and #justgetdressed 😉



Packing for a European Vacation

Nope, I’m not going on a European vacation any time soon, but several of my clients are, so I’m living vicariously through them with this post.

The last (and only) time I was in Europe was in the fall of 1987 when I spent a semester in London during my senior year in college.  I spent 4 month jet-setting through Europe — and by jet-setting I mean taking overnight trains, staying in sketchy youth hostels and eating “french” fries for dinner.  And drinking beer. Lots of beer…but we called it lager so it seemed more sophisticated.

These days I have clients who have kids studying abroad and they have an excuse to go visit them, or maybe you just have a fun trip planned.  When you google “packing for European vacation” most of what you see are tips for backpacking geared toward the younger crowd.

For grown-up European travelers, the same packing tips I give for other trips or vacations still apply:

  • Pick a neutral palette as your base and add 1-2 accent colors.
  • Don’t overdo it on the shoes…bring a pair of comfortable but cute walking shoes, (I would wear these booties in black or taupe) and another pair (maybe an open toe bootie that can be worn a bit dressier at night or day).  Add a pair of cute, neutral sneakers too if you wish.
  •  Wear multiple layers on the plane, including heavier items like your jacket,  so you don’t need to pack them.  Make sure your travel outfit consists of layers that you will be able to wear often during your trip.  I like to stick to dark colors like black, gray and denim as they are more forgiving to the inevitable travel spills and stains.   I always wear a scarf or wrap on the plane too that can double as a blanket or pillow.
  • Think versatility when choosing what to pack.  For example, in the summer a mid-length or maxi length dress in black or gray can take you so many places and can be completely switched up with different cardi’s, wraps, jackets, jewelry, scarves and shoes.  I swear I could wear a dress like this all week long and make it look different each time:

I’ve created a capsule packing list with several outfit ideas.  You can find it HERE.

Click on FINDS to see the packing list and LOOKS to see the outfits.

I include outfits for travel, casual looks, day-to-night looks, and dressy looks.

Don’t get hung up on getting the exact items I show.

Find these pieces in your closet first and fill it what is missing.  All the items I use are basic closet essentials, so good things to have no matter what!

The B.Styled Style Systems™ are based on this same approach.

I give you a list and suggestions for a seasonal capsule and then 21+ mix and match outfit formulas based on the capsule.  I am very involved every step of the way, providing personalized attention and support.

So for example,  if you’re having a hard time finding pants that work for you…you can can ask for what you need and I will help you find it.  Chances are if you have a need, others in the program do as well, so everyone benefits.  Access to a personal stylist (that’s me;) for $49; an amazing bargain!

The FALL STYLE SYSTEM will roll out later this summer so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading, and happy travels, happy SUMMER, and go #justgetdressed;)



Good Looking AND Comfortable Shoes

Raise your hand if you hate uncomfortable shoes?

Raise your other hand if you hate frumpy shoes?

This one’s for you.

You may know about the magic of Vionic shoes, and if not, you should.

They are known for their orthotic arch support, amazing footbed and all around comfort. In the past they were less than fashionable.  though. that has changed with the introduction of some new, classic and sleek styles.

“Vionic shoes provide essential stability and addictive support. With a contour seamlessly engineered into each shoe, sandal and slipper, Vionic helps support natural alignment from the ground up.”

I actually wrote to them a year or so ago begging them to translate their comfort shoe technology into some more flattering and on-trend yet classic styles. I’m sure I had nothing to do with it, but I’m so happy to see they have heard the cries of women who refuse to kill their feet in the name of fashion – and who also refuse to “give up” in the name of comfort.

Their tagline is now:  Style.  It doesn’t have to hurt.  How good is that??

Here are my recommendations (click on the picture to shop):

  1.  Kitten heels are BACK this spring and very on trend, and you will also being seeing a lot of black spring shoes this year. These classic pumps are a no-brainer for year ’round perfection.  The black suede are a must-have, the snake print are a fabulous addition and can be worn as a neutral.






2.  Check out these slip-on sneaks.  These are the perfect shoe for your ath-eisure looks. Picture about them with these Modern Bohos from peach.  Also wear them with cuffed jeans, shorts, crop pants, t-shirt dresses, etc.











3.   Leopard flats are a closet staple and you can think of them as a neutral.  They work with any solid color, stripes, plaids and most florals.  I own these and can attest to their comfort and support…and you can’t beat this sale price:

4.  Classic wedge sandals are a spring and summer must-have, in black and/or tan leather.  These have the perfect heel height.

5.  Another year-round no-brainer, – nude, suede pumps (these are Trotters, also known for comfort technology).

6.  More of a fun-to-have then a must-have, block heel sandals that are fashion-forward AND comfortable?! In saddle suede? YES.


7.  Last but not least, let’s not forgot our flip flops and flat sandals.  Remember, the simpler the better.  In these styles, I recommend staying away from black, and sticking with leg flattering and versatile neutrals like the saddle, rose gold and tortoise.






Now it’s your turn.  Everyone’s feet are different, but we’d love to hear what foot “issues” you have and if you’ve had luck with any particular brand of shoe.  Please share!

As always, thanks for reading!





One Shirt, 7 Ways

Hi my friends!

Many of us have been on a Shopping Detox for the past month or so and today is the last day.  As you know, I pretty much shop for a living, but I made a conscious effort not to buy anything for myself during this time.  January and February are a pretty easy time to do this, but the retailers sure make it tempting with all the clearance sales.

I confess I had some moments of weakness, including a lavender sweater from Loft that I bought and kept…and love (and it’s on sale now for about $20).    I almost forgot about that one until I sat down to write this post.  Oops.   I did cave on a couple other items, but returned them; no harm no foul.

The top I’m talking about today was my other cheat that I bought several weeks ago with Valentine’s Day on my mind.  I made a deal with myself  to keep the tags on it and decide after the Detox if it was a keeper or not.

My hub and I are celebrating Valentine’s Day tonite instead of tomorrow (2/14 is also Ash Wednesday – not the best night for this Catholic girl  to go out to a decadent dinner;)

So today I decided to pull out the Cheat Top as I am calling it.  I have to say, I LOVE it too.

Nordstrom calls it “The Perfect Shirt” and I can see why.  Besides the hot pink check that initially caught my eye, I love the button up styling.

Unlike traditional button up shirts that can be stiff and wrinkly, this little number is made of 100% viscose so it has a nice drape and flow to it.  Easy to wear untucked, tucked or half tucked.

I noticed in the reviews that many people recommend sizing up for shoulders and arms. I got a small and like the fit.  I also noticed the care instructions are  hand wash, line dry which may be deal breaker for some.  But for hot pink checks, I’ll deal with it;)

I’m wearing my trusty peach “undershirt”  as it’s still cold here, but it’s not too sheer to wear without as well.

I put on my (old) paige dark wash jeans and grabbed a bunch of wardrobe staples from my closet to come up with these 7 looks (and I could have done many more… this is all without changing my pants;

Look One:  I buttoned up the shirt, added a funky  on the outside, a classic black belt with gold buckle, my trusty flirty ruffle wrap, and vionic leopard flats (on sale for 42% off).

Look Two: I tied the front of the shirt for a different look, added my and my hot pink suede loafers and my  Kendra Scott Rayne Pendant.

Look Three:  All I did was add a white blazer to make a more polished look.  You could wear this to the office with black ankle pants and black pumps or flats.

Look Four:  Next, I dressed it down with a grey v-neck sweater and slip on sneaks!

Look Five:   Ready for spring showers with  classic trench  and my Hunter boots (on sale HERE!)

Look Six:  This jacket got a lot of interest in my Facebook Live video from today (catch the video  here).  It’s the new peach anorak and it replaces my Old Navy cargo jacket that I’ve had for about 5 plus years (which is getting pretty ragged).

I love the chic, sophisticated,  yet sporty look of this jacket.  It would be great in an office environment too, and is perfect for travel.  It has great drape, won’t wrinkle and can be cinched on the sides for flattering look.  Wear it open or zipped too.   Versatile.


Look Seven:   Last but not least is the outfit I’m wearing out to dinner tonite.  I’ll wear some  heeled booties, and my (old) faux leather jacket.

My layered necklaces can be found here and here.  And my hoops and right hand ring here.  Phew!  That does it!

Thanks for hanging out with me and have a very Happy Valentine’s Day!  ♥





How to Cleanse Your Closet and Build a Wardrobe You Love

Happy New Year!
If you’re  like me, the beginning of the New Year has you in organizing, cleansing and decluttering mode.  Having too much “stuff” around can cause stress and crankiness, right?  Just looking at this picture (of my very own, pre-cleanse closet) makes me tense.
Imagine starting the New Year with a clean and organized closet filled only with items that fit the body you have today, work for your lifestyle and make you feel confident,  comfortable and put together.
No more opening your closet door and feeling stressed out and annoyed by how jammed packed and disorganized it is –  yet still having “nothing to wear.”
This is my closet AFTER I followed my Closet Cleanse step-by-step process.
  I don’t pretend to be an organizing guru.  However,  I developed the B.Styled Closet Cleanse program after spending years helping other women get their wardrobes under control and filled ONLY with items they love, need and actually wear. Over the years I’ve read books and signed up for organization challenges and programs.  However, I’ve always found that what was missing was the real nitty gritty; the detailed, step-by-step tasks to keep me focused and on-track, and not overwhelmed. I loved the message and intent behind Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and her philosophy that every item needs to be touched, keeping only those that “spark joy”.  What has kept me from implementing her program though is the thought of spending several consecutive days pulling every single thing out at one time. I understand the benefit of this approach, but for me it was too overwhelming and became an excuse to delay getting started.  .    My own struggle with the process is what prompted me to create the B.Styled Closet Cleanse Program. I’ve broken the Closet Cleanse down into very clear, simple, and manageable tasks that can be accomplished in 15 minute blocks of time.  The program includes a printable checklist (and just enough bossiness;) to keep you on track. You can choose to do several 15 minutes tasks at one time, or do them daily as your schedule permits.  The program is designed so you don’t have to live in a state of total disarray during the process.   And although I had my clothing closet in mind when I developed the cleanse, I have applied the process to other closets and areas of my home as well.
CLICK HERE for more details and to sign up.  Included in the $14.99 fee is all the info you need:
  • A (very short & limited) list of simple, inexpensive supplies
  •  Instructions for each step in the process
  • A printable step-by-step checklist
I won’t lie, the Cleanse is the hard part, but it gives you the freedom to move on to the next stage which is the FUN part…Building a wardrobe you love. This is where the B.Styled STYLE SYSTEM come in….Once you’ve ruthlessly purged your closet and gotten rid of all the stuff you don’t wear and don’t love, you can start to rebuild your wardrobe into one you will love and makes you feel confident and comfortable. Here are some highlights of what the B.Styled Style Systems can do for you:
Learn to shop with a purpose and gain confidence through easy “done for you” outfit formulas. It’s about changing your relationship with your clothes and through that, your relationship with yourself. You can finally end the cycle of always having to buy more things, but finding you still don’t have what you really need or want. The B.Styled STYLE SYSTEM give you everything need to shop smart and look stylish. You’ll know exactly what pieces you need to build a capsule wardrobe that works for most occasions, what the current trends are and how to choose things that fit your personal style and flatter your figure. I provide the shopping list and show you exactly how to pair up the outfits. You pick the pieces and decide the budget.  Most of our members shop their closets first. My goal is to empower you to take risks and discover your own unique style. You’ll get all the tools you need to build a capsule wardrobe of flexible, functional pieces that you can pair up in multiple ways. If you’re ready to rebuild your wardrobe and try new styles outside of your comfort zone, I’d love to have you join us.  The FALL STYLE SYSTEM   is going on now.  We’ve done one “round” of 21 outfit formulas, but because fall is really just kicking in now (and we’re having so much fun) we ‘re starting the cycle over again so you can jump in anytime!  
  ** For a Limited time you can join the B.Styled  FALL2017  STYLES SYSTEM  and get the CLOSET CLEANSE PROGRAM for FREE.   PLUS – take $10 off registration with code ROUND2

One Dress, Four Ways

My usual go-to in the Fall is jeans and sweaters, but there’s something to be said for the “one and done” dress.  This Sylvie dress by peach meets all my criteria for a winning “day dress”:

  •  It’s great- looking (comes in this fun wine color and also classic charcoal grey)…And check out the cool tie detail that you can highlight in the front or tie in the back for a different look.
  • It’s SO comfortable (made from the softest,  french terry –  like your favorite sweats but so much better.)
  • It doesn’t cling or bind anywhere but has just enough shape to be flattering on many different body types.
  • It can be worn in either direction making the neckline a subtle scoop or a high neck with the scoop in the back.
  • IT HAS POCKETS!  Need I say more?  A dress with pockets = a good thing.  And, the pockets are designed to work either way you wear the dress.  So smaht.;)
  • Most importantly, it’s uber-VERSATILE…Wear it to run errands with sneakers.  Wear it to work with flats or boots.  Wear it out  for drinks with booties, and change it up completely with different jackets, vests, sweaters, wraps, scarves and accessories.  In the winter, add tights and tall boots for another great look.


You can  use these same formulas with any simple solid dress too…T-shirt dresses, shifts, fit and flares – find a dress that works for you in a versatile,  color and have fun transforming it with your “3rd Pieces” and accessories!

Thanks for reading…now go #justgetdressed.


3 Steps to Get Dressed in 5 Minutes (or less)

You’re standing in your closet,  staring at the jumbled mass of clothing called your wardrobe.

Running late, you grab the same old pants and top, throw them on,  and leave the house feeling less than inspired about you how you look.

Yes, technically you’re “dressed,” but words like confident, pulled together, and stylish do NOT come to mind when you think about how you’re dressed.

Let’s face it,…not the ideal way to start your day, is it?

What if you could spend 5 MINUTES in your closet,  #justgetdressed,  and walk out into your day looking and feeling your best.  Then  you can STOP thinking about what you’re wearing, and  instead focus on the important things in your life.

Maybe you’ll be more productive?  Be in  a better mood?  Show up with more confidence?

My goal at B.Styled is to help you build a great wardrobe that expresses YOUR style and supports YOUR life.  And when you #justgetdressed, it has a positive ripple effect on other areas of your life.

See the video below for 3 Steps to take to help you get dressed looking and feeling your personal best — in less than 5 minutes:


Thanks for reading/watching!

Now, go #justgetdressed. 😉



Jeans – Spend vs. Splurge

This must be the biggest year yet for hype surrounding the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  If you’re new to this crazy phenomena…here’s a live video I made on the eve of Early Access for the sale.  In a nutshell, yes, it’s a special sale, there are great deals to be had on BRAND NEW styles, but you need to keep you wits about you;)

That said, this sale is a great time to save if you’ve been thinking of investing in a pair of premium denim jeans.    I’ve been lusting after a pair of (soon to be named) jeans, so when they popped up on the Early Access Sale (#NSALE), I decided to splurge.  I figured I’d try them and if they didn’t live up to all the hype, I’d just return them; no harm no foul.   Let me be clear….. these jeans are normally insanely expensive, and on the #NSALE they are only ridiculously expensive.  But in the interest of Market Research (and free returns) I clicked BUY (I even ordered 2 sizes to make sure I got it right).

I got my first #NSALE shipment today, including the jeans. I tried them on with my favorite, basic white t-shirt (also on the sale and I ordered another one since I am so rough on them).

As soon as I put the jeans on, yes, I LOVED them, but something felt strangely….familiar.  I went to my closet, and found a pair of budget-friendly jeans I own, tried them on, and decided to take side-by-side comparison photos.

The only thing I changed was my jewelry….gold vs. silver, just so I could keep the pictures straight.


So, you’re  dying to know which jean is the spend and which is the splurge, right?   Well just  to complicate things, I ask my unsuspecting, work-from-home husband to look at them both in person and decide which was which.  He, of all people, nailed it, noticing  a clear difference,  and thought the splurge pair looked considerably better.  Go figure.

So, here you have it:

  1.  Splurge:  AG The Legging, Raw Hem Skinny Jeans Retail $225, #NSALE $149.90
  2.  Save:  American Eagle Denim X Jegging  Sale $39.99, buy one get one 50{4459afbc2bae7cce36afa98505acda452d7cfe9eff579bae0d40077b3c526282} off

Both pairs are very stretchy and comfortable and with a slightly higher waist.  However…

I admit I do really LOVE the AG’s and there are some features that make them stand out to me.

  • They have the on-trend raw hem, but if I get sick of that I can cuff them.
  • I love the color of the wash…it’s the perfect shade of denim for me…not too light, not too dark. They could be worn very casually with flops or wedges, or dressed up with heeled booties.  The difference in color and fading is more obvious in person than in the pics. My husband noticed it immediately.
  • I admit I really love the small distressed detail at the hip.  I’ve tried more distressed jeans but just don’t feel like myself in them, although I love how they look on others.  These have just enough to make to me happy and feel slightly cool (which I’m not).
  • Another thing my husband noticed (being a man) is the rear view.  I think AG has pocket placement down –making for  more flattering hiney on the AG’s.

I’m going to hold on to them for now, and decide in September whether to keep them or send them back.  They are available to order on sale now, but with a backorder date of November, which is a drag.  But, if you think you want them, best to get them at the sale price and wait to receive them (you can always change your mind).

Here are some of the other #NSALE items I received this week.  Unfortunately sizes are limited on some of them, but there’s a good chance of restocking on Friday July 21st when the sale is open to the public –  and when all the Early Access returns start coming in.  Here’s a link to my complete catalog of picks.

My Verdict and Links:

Leith Circle Cardi – Got it last year in charcoal – love that one.  This new version is cut differently (slightly so) .  I like it a lot but don’t love it as much.    Update: Going to hold out for the barefoot dreams circle cardigan  in cream and hope that comes back in stock.  This one going back…

Caslon Hooded Cardi – This is really cute and soft…I don’t need another grey sweater though, so back it goes.

Mural Herringbone blazer – So torn on this (and it’s sold out). IF I worked outside the home I’d keep it in a heartbeat.  It’s such a great color, love the herringbone, love the tailored but “cool” fit, and love the navy lining when I fold the sleeves.  Plus, could wear it all year ’round.  What to do?  Update:  Decided I have enough blazers given my casual life style.  As sad as it makes me…back it goes…. Holding out for a really cool “statement blazer”.

Caslon Cowl neck Sweater Definitely keeping this baby.  I’ve been looking for a cozy cream sweater since last year’s Winter Style System.  I love this one…oversized, long slouchy sleeves, Love the neutral color that’s light and soft.

Free People Peplum Jacket This was the first thing I pulled the trigger on in the sale.  It’s still available too.  I do love it…but I’m on the fence whether I “need” it and can justify it.  Thinking if I lived in a more mild climate I’d keep it in a heartbeat.  It works really well with my casual lifestyle and is fun and different from any of my other jackets.  Update:  Having a hard time letting this one go….so versatile and so different at the same time.   Hmmmmm.

Caslon U-Neck T-shirt  My favorite tee is baaack,  and on sale  – too good not to stock up.  I already own 2 of these tees in white  (one is pretty ragged looking so I’ll retire it).  I like to have 2 of these tops on-hand all year long.  I also recommend the black, grey and navy/white or black/white stripe as essentials to stock up on at this great price ($17.50).  They even come in petite!  The neckline is open and flattering without being too low. Looks great with long and short necklaces.    It has great shape without clinging.  Can be worn out, tucked or half tucked.   I wear the white with a nude bra with no problem.

Blondo Booties  These are the booties I’m wearing in all the pics above…Got them last year and paid full price with NO regrets.  They are on-sale now with stock available.  They aren’t as fun as the perforated styles that I also love, but they are more practical (as you can wear them with socks in the winter).  They are waterproof and I think as comfortable as sneakers; no joke.  They are the perfect taupe/neutral color “mushroom suede”.   I highly recommend this color over black.

The last link is the AG Jeans  that I am still “sleeping on” –  but think I’ll  end up keeping.  I’m wearing them in all the pics above.  To justify the splurge,  I’m making a deal with myself to clear out my jean collection and sell the ones I don’t wear regularly.  I’ve had great luck selling on the  Poshmark app.  If you sign up, use my code HEANE and we’ll both get free money.

I hope this rundown has been helpful.  If you’ve been disappointed with out of stock situations at the Nordstrom Sale, hang in there — they will be restocking.  But remember,  popular items will sell out quickly…so don’t snooze, lest you lose;)

Again,  If you’re new to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale,  check out my live video about it here.

Finally, one important note.  I think most of you know this, but in the interest of total transparency, I wanted to make it clear that my links are “affiliate links” so if you do purchase from them, I get a tiny commission.  When I say tiny, I mean literally pennies.  My business model is not based on affiliate commissions but rather on my paid programs and consulting work, but every bit does help, so thank you for using my links when you shop.  Of course, you don’t pay a penny more to do so.  

Oh, and speaking of my programs…..I am working on Early Access to the Fall Style System…so make sure you are on my list and following me on Facebook, and in the private Facebook Group for all the information when it becomes available in the next few days.

The Fall Style System has some new and special highlights:



  • Integration with the Fall Essentials from the past so you aren’t reinventing the wheel if you’ve been following my programs.  I will be updating the list with new links and suggestions to fill in where you are missing items.
  • A new list of Fall Trends and Add-Ons.  These are mostly optional, but they are on-trend additions to add new life to your Fall Essentials.
  • An emphasis on ACCESSORIES, with inexpensive and high-impact ways to freshen up your Fall Essentials.
  • Tips, guides, videos and special guests to help you “get B.Styled” in more areas of you life besides just clothing:  make-up and beauty tips, hair tips, dressing your body tips, and even health and exercise tips!  You deserve to look and feel your best from the inside out, so let’s all work to do that together in this wonderful, supportive group of like-minded women.  Early access will include shopping catalogs so you can take advantage of the Nordstrom Sale and get started this summer.  The Fall Outfit Formulas and daily emails will start right after Labor Day.In the meantime, get back to enjoying SUMMER, #justgetdressed….and  no more talk of Fall for a little while;)


Dressing Tips: Arms Edition

Just like we talked about how we aren’t going to say we “hate” our legs…same goes with those arms.   Remember to say “cancel cancel” when start bashing  yourself  and your body parts.

That said, arms can be tough, and for many it’s the first place they put on weight or show lack of toning.  But hot weather is here ladies, so let’s talk about ways to be comfortable and confident in summer clothes when you aren’t wild about baring your ARMS:

Click HERE for my Facebook Live videoSummer Dressing Tips:  Arms Edition.  

It’s nearly impossible to avoid bare arms in the summer, so here are some tip to make it easier:

  1.  TAN:  Everything looks better with a tan, even less-than-toned arms.  I love to get a professional spray tan occasionally – there is really no better way to get an air-brushed tan that is natural-looking.

     If you are local to me, I highly recommend Kara and Aglow in Acton and Bedford, MA.  Tell her I sent you;  It really is life changing;) 

    To make a real or spray tan last, or to get gradual color, I use Jergen’s Gradual Tan.  I slap some on when I get out of the shower a few times a week.  No streaking, no blotching.  Easy.  Remember to wear sunscreen!  People have also told me they love the Jergen’s gradual tan mousse and in-shower version.

  2. STYLE:  Look for tops that highlight the most flattering features of your upper body.  For example, an Off the Shoulder top will highlight your shoulders and clavicle bones (in my opinion, the most beautiful part of a woman’s body).   They often come with light long sleeves so your upper arms are covered but you are still showing some summer skin for a pretty, romantic look.  This top from Target can be worn on or off the shoulder and has a fun summer vibe, while still giving arm coverage:
  3. CUT:  I’m NOT going to tell you to stop wearing short-sleeve tops, especially in the summer.  But keep in mind   that short and cap sleeves are actually LESS flattering to larger arms than sleeveless tops.   When your sleeve ends at the widest part of your arm (or your pant leg ends at the widest part of your calf) you are drawing a horizontal line and emphasizing the width.   On the other hand, a sleeveless top, especially one that cuts in at the shoulders similar to a halter or t-back style is extremely flattering, accenting those shoulders and clavicle bones that you know I love;)Check out this halter dress that will not only flatter your arms, but the pattern makes it very forgiving to a midsection as well:
  4. 3/4 LENGTH SLEEVES:  The most universally flattering sleeves are 3/4 length.  They are goldilocks sleeves…not too long, not too short;  just right.   They show your forearm and reveal some skin which has a naturally slimming effect too.
  5. Finally, movement is the key to feeling better about your body, and your arms will respond to simple exercises.  If you make a commitment to exercising your arms a few minutes a day, you will see results in a just a couple of weeks.  Here’s an article with tips to get you started.Thanks for reading, and now go #justgetdressed.Cheers,