Weekend Update 5/6/23

Praise be, SPRING appears to have arrived here in New England! Enough complaining about the weather…get the razer out ladies, slap on some self-tanner, and let’s get ready for SUMMER!

In my mind, June 1st is the (unofficial) first day of summer (Memorial Day weekend is a biggee too…but June 1st gives us an extra week – and it’s Mary’s B-day;)

With the nicer weather comes fewer and lighter layers, shorter sleeves and hemlines, and, dare I say – bathing suits.

While I’m definitely opposed to crash diets and setting unrealistic goals…I do think these next 3 weeks are a GREAT time to get ready for summer in a way that can make us feel more confident in our newly-bared skin….all with the goal of developing HABITS that continue to serve us. 

To help us ALL🙋‍♀️ get and stay motivated and held accountable (so key for me) I am running a FREE 3-week Summer Prep Accountability Group.

It’s private, free, and fun – focused on the small habits and routines we can commit to over the next 3 weeks (and beyond).  Everyone will have different goals and areas they want to work on – but examples include things like skincare (face and body), healthy eating habits, hydration, movement, summer hobbies, organization – and of course #justgetdressed!  

Join me and let’s get ready to make this summer one for the books!

Summer Prep Grouip

Tipsy Tuesday Live – The Four Pairs of Pants that Make #justgetdressed Easier

Reminder: 20% off at FlirtyFinds site-wide, free shipping – code MOM

Tipsy Tuesday – change your pants, change your life 🙃🤔

And here’s a tip if you have a REALLY hard time finding pants that fit and well….When you do find them, consider getting these 4 colors in the same brand if possible.

👉🏼LINKS to some suggestions. 

👉🏼Spring Style System sign up – a great idea if you want personal recommendations! 

The Tone-on-Tone-on-Top Style Trick

Here’s a quick style tip to try this week when you are wondering how to #justgetdressed.

Shop your closet first, and here are links to what I found in mine.



(I noticed I’m using this “trick” in the Tipsy Tuesday video above using this sweater and jacket in navy and the silver link necklace from FlirtyFinds).


A 30th Anniversary to Remember! 

Monday May 1st was our 30th wedding anniversary. Back in September when we moved to Newport we were at the IA (Irish American Club/Bar) where we used to hang out when we were very young (and very silly). If you’re my age-ish, and you spent time in Newport in the 80’s-90’s, you probably spent time there too? Anyway, we saw this sign on the wall and immediately decided that THIS would be how we would celebrate our big day. Ha! Some good friends were there and the amazing staff of the IA made it so very special…we all had a blast. John and Jackie have nothing on us, right???


That’s it for this week. 

Have a great week and remember to #justgetdressed.

xo, Beth