Your Summer Wardrobe Checklist


How about a simple checklist or roadmap to help you build a summer wardrobe that makes it easy (and fun) to #justgetdressed. Sounds good, right?

Well, almost every woman I’ve ever worked with starts out with this same or similar issue: 

“I have a mish-mash of clothes, a closet that’s bursting at the seams, and most days I end up feeling frustrated and completely uninspired by what I finally put on my body.”

When I ask her what she’d like to achieve with our time together, her answer is usually some variation on this theme: 

“A stylish, mix and match wardrobe  that makes it easy and painless  to get dressed each day feeling stylish, comfortable and confident."

The key is that despite what you may think,  you don’t need more clothes. But you do need the right clothes. 

And that’s what the B.Styled Summer Wardrobe Checklist does for you.  I’ve put together a checklist of items that all work together to create innumerable chic, modern and comfortable looks. EASILY.

Remember the goal here: Less stuff, more style, smarter shopping. 

24 Pieces to a Stylish, Fun and Easy Summer


Now that you have the list, let's go through the step-by-step process of making it work for you.  And scroll down to see how I can help you personally if you wish.

Into Your Closet You Go....

First, head to your closet with the checklist and look for the pieces you already own.  

But ladies, let's do this with a critical eye. For example, If the pants you're checking off are 3-5 years old, there is a good chance they're dated. I know it sounds harsh, but I’m here to give you the straight talk. Like it or not, styles change - especially when it comes to pieces like pants and shoes.  It’s probably a big conspiracy by the retailers and fashion-designers, but it’s reality. And if you want to look and feel current and modern, you need to update key pieces every few years.

That said, if you’ve been following me and taking my advice over the years, chances are many of the items on the list are pieces you bought in prior seasons - and guess what? They probably still work (if they are in good shape and they fit and flatter you - today).  


We need to get out of the habit of feeling like we’re “starting over” each season.  Did you get white jeans last spring or summer that you LOVE? That's a major coup... Check them off the list.  Do you have khaki capris with pockets on the legs from 5 years ago? Give them away.  And please don’t send me hate mail;)

Identify What's Missing

The next step is to circle  the items you're missing on the list - that you actually LIKE. 

If you hate florals though, you are NOT to circle the floral dress or top.

No one is saying that you have to wear florals just because I put it on the list or a trend blog says it’s a “must have”.  

But be open-minded...If you like the idea of floral patterns but feel like you “can’t” wear them because of some arbitrary rule you’ve imposed on yourself - that's no bueno. 

But maybe you just don’t like florals, or you don’t like the ones I picture. NO worries!  

Maybe you’re more of a geometric pattern girl like me….Look to add interest and pattern to your wardrobe that way instead.  You do you!  (And my shopping recommendations include alternatives as well). 

Consider Adding Some Seasonal Trends

Next, pick a few seasonal trends that you’ve been eying and want to introduce. Maybe you only want to add one, none, or all of them....Or maybe you have "trends" from this spring that you love and look forward to wearing.  Check them off!

Build Your Outfits

Finally...the fun part.  It's time to #justgetdressed. 

WEAR your clothes, don’t save them. Have fun with them, mix and match, and accessorize. Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing the outfits I’m wearing based on this checklist.  

Visit the free #justgetdressed Facebook group and share your looks, get advice and shopping tips.

 Play along with me and #justgetdressed  - and love the way you look (and feel) this summer - and beyond. 

Here are a few looks from life over the past weeks built from the checklist:


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Blue Top (lots of colors)   •    ponte blazer (white, black, navy)   •    tan leather sandals   •     White Joggers (new full-length version)   •   black ponte ankle pants  •   White Jeans

  Nude low heel sandals   •    Colorful Bracelets   •    Snake Print Flats   •    White Strappy Bra   •    Pendant Necklace   •    Straw Crossbody Bag   •   Black Athletic Sneakers


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Pattern Top (many options)  
   New Straight Leg Jeans   •   White Sandals

White Dress   • Fun Earrings   •   Colorful Bracelets   

Solid Color Top (many options)   •   White Strappy Bra (may colors, looks great showing under tops)   • delicate gold hoops and necklace (beautiful solo or layered) 


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Maybe you've reached the end and still feel confused and overwhelmed. Fear not! If you want some personal help assembling your summer wardrobe, I've got you. 

I’m introducing a bite-sized, virtual,  1:1, personal shopping service at a special rate:  30 minutes  for $30. We'll decide based on your needs how many 30 minute slots it will take.  

I'll provide recommendations for the items you’re missing based on your unique body, taste, style and budget.  Email me with questions and click here to sign up and get the process started:


Here's my last lecture words of advice/encouragement:

Summer is an easy time to let getting dressed slip - and being in the midst of a pandemic and social distancing certainly doesn't help.

But remember, #justgetdressed is more than just an alternative to nudity;) 

Spending a few minutes each day to put yourself together will pay dividends in terms of your mood, productivity and even relationships. So get to it ladies! 


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