The Case for Wardrobe Workhorses

If you know me, you know I’m all about  funky accessories, fun tops and colorful add-ons.  But you may also know that I constantly harp on the value and importance of versatile, classic wardrobe essentials.…aka, the WORKHORSES.

Well, today  I’m making a case for investing in these pieces and how their versatility will  SAVE  you money in the long run (and a whole lot of “what-to- wear??” stress).  I’m going to show you how 4 BASIC ESSENTIALS  are the foundation for a zillion looks that work  in multiple situations from work to play.

Black Skirt, White Top, White Cardigan/Jacket, Color Cardigan/Jacket

First let’s talk about the  foundation:  black  skirt + white top….Two things you may (should?) already have in your closet.

I hear you out there in internet-land...”ho hum…borrrrr-ing”.

Stay with me…

We’ll start with the skirt.   Remember those black “yoga pants” with the thick waistband that we used to wear in the 90’s (with our danskos;) because they were so comfortable?  Well this is the skirt version of those…in a  smoothing,  stretchy ponte fabric.  And unlike those 90’s yoga pants, this skirt is sharp and classic.  No schlump factor what-so-ever.

I’ve tried many pencil skirts over the years (since they always show up on the “must-have” lists).  But, until this one, I’ve never actually worn one;)  They just seemed too corporate, dressy or stiff – and didn’t work with my lifestyle.

This skirt has changed that for me though.  If  I had a job interview, I’d probably wear it with a blouse,  jacket and pumps.  But today (as I sit on my patio writing this and throwing the ball to my relentless dog, Freddie,) I’m wearing it with a tee shirt and sandals.   Bonus:  it’s more comfortable than shorts, with more leg coverage – without looking frumpy like some longer shorts can.



Here’s the same skirt and white top shown dressed up and down.  All I did was remove one of the strands from my 2 in 1 silver and black necklace and switch from pumps to flat sandals.


And here it is with the addition of the best 3rd piece on earth — the new peach flyaway cardigan (now in a shorter length).  The look on the left is sharp enough for an important meeting, and the right is casual, cool, and put together.  BOTH are uber comfortable and easy to wear.

(Top can be worn tucked or untucked)

Add some color or pattern with your choice of 3rd pieces…cardigans, jackets, scarves, kimonos, jewelry, pattern shoes…There are no limits to the options for jazzing up the basic foundation.

Silver Jewelry:  necklace (2 in 1)   earrings   ring   bracelet


Are these the most exciting, cutting edge and trendy outfits on the internet?   Heck no.  But these pieces are workhorses that will take you just about anywhere, looking and feeling comfortable and confident…and never schlumpy or frumpy.

The best part is that it’s the perfect canvas for all  your favorite jewelry and accessories….AND it works with pretty much every 3rd piece in you closet, from a jean jacket to blazer to kimono.

To help get your Closet Essentials in order, here’s a free catalog of my picks for the TOP 10 Wardrobe Essentials.   Don’t chintz on these items either.  Get the highest quality you can afford and make sure the fit and cut is right for YOUR body.

Trust me, someday you’ll thank me;)

Need help finding something on the list?  Just shoot me an email:

Now, go #justgetdressed.

Happy Summer!


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Becky Ward - June 21, 2018 Reply

Will that skirt even work for my thick waisted apple shape?

B.Styled - June 21, 2018 Reply

Yes, Becky, I think it will..Looks great with untucked tops and will flatter your great legs! Returns are free and easy if you don’t love it.

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