The Problem with Most Men’s Wardrobes

This morning dilemma is not limited to just us women: 

He wakes up and needs to get ready for work.  He  jumps in the shower, then heads to the bedroom and opens the closet.

It’s full of clothes. There are  wire, wooden and plastic hangers tangled together. Shirts are mixed in-between jackets. Pants are folded on shelves, hung on hanger and/or strewn on the floor.

He grabs the same shirt and pants as every other day, looks "meh", and is out the door feeling less than inspired by his appearance.

“You  need new clothes.” you tell him -  or he tells himself. 

He heads to the mall. Maybe you go with him.

It's annoying.  You argue and are on each other's nerves. He decides on a couple of shirts so he can get out of there.

The next day, he wakes up to the same cramped closet of clothes he hates.

It's deja vu  all over again.  

Two things are at work here: 

  1. There’s a good reason why we can stare at a closet full of clothes and not find anything to wear. It’s called the paradox of choice. That is, the more options we have, the less likely we are to make a choice. You know how when you go to a  restaurant with a huge menu and it took you forever to decide what to eat? That’s the paradox of choice working against you.
  2. Shopping for clothes out of frustration is a huge mistake. I talk about it all the time and refer to it as  “Panic Mode Shopping”. When you shop out of frustration, you’re going to make some poor choices. When you’re starving and have nothing to eat at home, what do you do? Are you heading over to Whole Foods and buying some salmon or lean chicken breasts and kale? No, chances are you're grabbing fast food junk. And a pint of Ben and Jerry's please.

So if he's heading out and just buying more bad clothes, he's making the Paradox of Choice problem even worse. 


When I work with my 1-on-1 clients, the first thing I  do is help them purge their closets in order to rebuild it.

It’s like a nutritionist going through your fridge and pantry and tossing out all the junk food.

We want to make room for the RIGHT stuff. And just like proper nutrition, there are certain guidelines to a great wardrobe: 

  • Versatility Pieces will need to do double or triple duty. We can’t have many of those one-hit-wonders in a functional wardrobe.
  • Solid, neutral colors  I've talked about this often.  The foundation of an amazing wardrobe is the basic ESSENTIALS. This is the case with a man's wardrobe too.  Think solid neutral colors like black, navy, white, and khaki. No graphics, no logos, limit the  crazy patterns. 
  • Appropriateness His wardrobe needs to be appropriate for his lifestyle. He can't decide to only wear jeans and  t-shirts if his job requires a blazer.
  • Quality When you're building a functional wardrobe, it pays to invest more in higher quality clothes, especially items that you’ll be wearing back-to-back like jackets and shoes.

Depending on his lifestyle and needs,  his wardrobe might lean more casual or more formal. Whatever the case, my Men's Spring/Summer Business Casual Style System will help him have a closet that’s 10x more stylish with 10x fewer clothes.   

Best of all,  it will help him #justgetdressed and out the door feeling much more confident and polished - and we all know the ripple effect that has on the rest of his life, and even his career.

So treat the guy in your life with this easy-to-follow guide, and know that I'm here to help him (and you) find specific things as well. 

For example, a member wrote to me asking for a good weekender bag for her son who travels a lot and needs something a bit more polished now than his old college duffle bag.  I added suggestions to the program's clickable catalog so that all members can benefit from the question.

When you order the program for your guy,  you'll receive a link and password to the entire program immediately.  You'll also get a printable PDF you can give him as an affordable, clever, unique and thoughtful gift.  

This will be much more fun  - and less expensive - than that annoying, directionless trip the mall.  

Any questions? Drop me a note!



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