It's About Time!

Develop a personalized system for maximizing productivity & focus,

and create a lifelong time management habit.

I've partnered with Dr. Carol Perlman, Psychologist and Health Coach, to offer her
Time Management Course to my B.Styled audience!

These are the same steps and techniques Carol uses with her private counseling clients (at $200/hour), delivered to us virtually at the amazing price and value of $99.

Are you ready to  a whole new level?  

I sure am and so excited to learn along with all of YOU!

Follow along with me (LIVE!) as I document the process of learning and implementing this system with Carol. I will show you it CAN be done, and you will implement YOUR system as we go through the course.

I reached out to Dr. Carol because I need help with time management and focus, and I know I'm not alone. 

Can you relate?

  • I'm constantly spinning my wheels, feeling overwhelmed,  and not making progress on my goals.
  • Covid-19 and quarantine has led to days of unstructured time, and to-do lists that aren't getting done. 
  • I keep trying every new and beautiful planner or system that catches my eye, but then I don't actually use it because I'm missing a personalized formula and the daily habits to make them work for me.
  • I feel scattered and distracted by techonology/family/home demands... .and often lose  track of time - and then my goals and priorities get lost as well.   inter 

  • I'm Beth Roy, your Personal Style Coach and I provide the tools & inspiration to make it easy and satisfying to #justgetdressed..... so you can get on with the important things in life.

    But in order to do that, we need to take control of our time...and that's where

    Dr. Carol Perlman comes in!

    Carol is a Psychologist and Health Coach who specializes in helping women like you and me, with habit formation and time management so we can 


    What's Included in the Course: 

    • A system for maximizing productivity and focus.
    • A personalized formula for daily scheduling.
    • Tutorials on habit formation so you USE your system and create a lifelong habit.
    • Daily assignments to help you tailor your system to YOUR personal needs.
    • A daily hack for mastering the habit of following your plan.
    • A discount code for Carol's recommended planner.
    • Video sessions between Beth & Carol to demonstrate Beth implementing the master system. Witness Carol helping Beth to problem solve around the common barriers that are sure to come up for you.
    • Daily office hours with Dr. Carol to ask questions and get advice along the way!
    • All videos and materials are yours to access at any time and will be available in the private Facebook group,  as well as emailed to you to reference at anytime.  

    What Can I Expect? 

    • At the end of the 21 day course you'll have a personalized time management system in place along with the daily habits needed to make it work for you. 
    • You will increase your daily productivity, make greater progress towards your goals, and live each day with much more ease and excitement. 
    • For best practice, Carol recommends spending 10 minutes each day for daily scheduling and 20-30 minutes one day a week for weekly planning.  Plan on checking in to the Private Facebook Group at least 1x per day to get the information you'll need for the day. 

    About Dr. Perlman...

    Dr. Carol Perlman is a Licensed Psychologist specializing in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), an approach that helps clients achieve their goals and reduce symptoms by examining sabotaging thoughts and making behavioral changes. Dr. Perlman is a staff psychologist at Brigham and Women's Hospital, a former staff psychologist at Massachusetts General Hospital and maintains a private practice in Massachusetts.. She is also owner of an online health coaching business, Healthy4Life.  She is a graduate of Emory University and received her doctorate from the University of Miami. 

    What Dr. Perlman's Clients Say...

    Thank you so much Carol. I have loved your Goal Getters group. You do an amazing job and cover so many facets of goal setting that really help inspire, challenge and help folks better understand barriers and improvements. and you focus on recognizing the good work we are accomplishing which I sometimes forget! I look forward to your next group and your business idea! Thank you so very much Carol. You are very special and impact folks in such a positive way.

    ~Melissa A.

    I’m sad to see the 4 week Goal Setting group come to an end. It was tremendously helpful to check in with you daily for tips, encouragement and support and I also enjoyed the support and ideas from the others in the group. You gave me a great foundation to build upon. I’m looking forward to participating in more of your groups in the future.


    Carol, Your Goal Getters Group was fantastic!  I enjoyed and learned so much in the last 4 weeks.  You guided, taught, listened and inspired.  I am excited to use the new tools you shared and feel ready for success in achieving my goals.  Thank you so much!  You are truly a phenomenal woman that leads by good example and are such as inspiration, thank you.  I highly encourage folks to join the Goal Getters group, you will be happy that you did!

    ~Melissa T.

    Don't miss out on this special opportunity for B.Styled followers to join this course at the special $99 rate (valued at well over $500). We start on Monday August 10th, so sign up now! 

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    Take control of your time and take 

    #justgetdressed to a new level.

    Let's Do This!

    We start on AUGUST 10TH....
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    Still have questions? We've got answers! Ask away....  

    See you inside the group! 

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